Top 10 Best Air Hockey Tables in 2018 Reviews

Although there are always countless games to play and things to do in the arcade there are few things that keep most people going back when they get some free time. One of this is the air hockey table, and it is one of the places that kids can spend many hours without even realizing it. And even after playing the entire day they will still be pestering you to take them to the arcade a few days later.

You cannot always get time to go to the arcade or take your kids there, but it is still possible to bring their favorite arcades games home. And one of the best ways of doing this is by buying an air hockey table. Unlike in the past where you could only get the expensive tournament style ones, there are now more types available and at reasonable price tags.

The many models and different types of air hockey tables in the market only make it hard for you to pick one. But it should never be an arduous task if you know what to look for and in this piece; we help you understand this with reviews of some of the best air hockey tables and a shopping guide.

1. Playcraft Sports 40-Inch Air Hockey Table

1. Playcraft Sports 40-Inch Air Hockey Tableamazon button
This 40-inch air hockey table is just the right size for many homes. It does not take up a lot of space, and so you can use it in almost any room in the house. Although it does not blow as much air as what you get in the arcade, it produces just the right amount for you to enjoy the game. And you also get a couple of hitters and pucks at no extra cost on your purchase.

2. Harvil 4-Foot Air Hockey Game

2. Harvil 4-Foot Air Hockey Gameamazon button
Kids love air hockey, and this 4-foot table will make a great present for them. It has everything necessary to ensure that the little ones get many hours of entertainment and it will be a good way to keep them busy when indoors. The table has some upgraded features that include a more stable electronic scorer, thick l-shaped legs with levelers and it runs on AAA batteries to make it ideal for use from almost anywhere. And you also get all the basic accessories including the pucks for free.

3. Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table

3. Mini Arcade Air Hockey Tableamazon button
This affordable, portable and fun air hockey table is one of those that you can be sure that the whole family will love. It uses a sliding scorekeeper to make it easy to keep track of the action, and there is also a convenient puck return technology. Also, the air motor provides some real airflow, and this is a wood and plastic table for extended durability.

4. Triumph Fire and Ice 54-Inch Air Hockey Table

4. Triumph Fire and Ice 54-Inch Air Hockey Tableamazon button
The LED light-up on this 54-inch air hockey table makes it more interesting, and your kids will love it. This table has some light up corners that will flash when someone scores to add to the fun, and you can keep track of the action with the abacus and electronic LED scoring. And this also quite a stable table thanks to the four leg braces.

5. Harvil 40-Inch Air Hokey Table

5. Harvil 40-Inch Air Hokey Tableamazon button
Here is another great tabletop air hockey table from Harvil. The 40-inch table has a sturdy construction and is also compact and portable. It has some attractive graphics on the playing surface, and it runs on a powerful motor that keeps the air blowing. This air hockey table is ideal for both tournament and casual play, and you can assemble it in just a few minutes.

6. Best Choice Products 40-inch Air Hockey Table

6. Best Choice Products 40-inch Air Hockey Tableamazon button
With the electric fan motor on this table, you can always be sure of getting sufficient supply of air blowing when playing. And it also has a sturdy and durable MDF frame that will ensure you use it for a long time. The compact and space saving design is ideal for small spaces while the low table height makes it accessible to all ages. And it also comes as a complete set with a couple of sticks and pucks.

7. Atomic Top Shelf 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Table

7. Atomic Top Shelf 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Tableamazon button
If you want to have a tournament style table or hope to play air hockey at a professional level this table is for you. It might be pricier than most others, but the quality of the construction and the service that it offers makes it worth it. The air hockey table uses a 120V motor to maximize the air flow, and it has a sleek and high-speed PVC playing surface that will provide an arcade-style experience. Also, the multicolor LED illumination and high-tempo music are a great addition.

8. Playcraft Sport Shoot Out and Air Hockey Table

8. Playcraft Sport Shoot Out and Air Hockey Tableamazon button
Playcraft Sport uses a high-velocity fan on this table to provide nonstop entertainment. The side rails are also about 1.5-inch thick to provide some live action rebound, and you also get both an electronic scorer and manual slide scoring. This stable has some sturdy legs to keep it stable, and the manufacturer gives it some appealing graphics to make things more interesting.

9. EastPoint Sports 84-Inch Sting Ray Hover Hockey Table

9. EastPoint Sports 84-Inch Sting Ray Hover Hockey Tableamazon button
You will never have to waste time trying to set up this air hockey table as it will only take just a few minutes to do it. And it also has a sleek look with some charming graphics that will be an excellent addition to any game room. The air hockey table has a scratch resistant glazier playing surface, and the cabinet coating also has a nice shine and will resist wear.

10. Triumph Lumen X 6-Foot Air Hockey Table

10. Triumph Lumen X 6-Foot Air Hockey Tableamazon button
This fantastic air hockey table has one of the best illuminating technologies that will light up the game and make it stand out in the room. There is also a cascading effect and some in-game music to add to the fun. The dual motor provides continuous airflow, and there is also an electronic scoring to make it easy to keep track of the action.

Choosing the Best Air Hockey Tables

Before you go out to buy an air hockey table, the first thing should always be to familiarize yourself with game room equipment. Understanding what the air hockey table is all about makes it easy to know what to for and hence also making your choice easy. And some of the things that you should know to help you in picking the best air hockey table include the following four.

Table Type

As you start shopping for your air hockey table, the first thing that you will notice is that all are not the same and that there are various types in the market. And of course no single table type is better than all the other, and you instead have to pick what suits your needs. The most common types are arcade-style, tabletop, regular and multi-games air hockey tables.

The Table Size

The length or size of the air hockey table is another vital characteristic that you need to pay attention to when shopping. You will need to make sure that the size you pick will be ideal for the space that you have. And here you can get the tables in sizes between 2 and 8 feet.


The fans that blow air through the perforated playing surface are what give the air hockey table its name. And what this means is that the table needs a source of power to run the fans. When it comes to power, the two options are electric or battery-powered tables. Battery powered ones are ideal when you intend to use it in a variety of places where there might not be electricity such as when camping or hiking. The electricity powered ones, on the other hand, tend to have more powerful fans that will provide an experience that is almost similar to what you get at the arcade.


You should not overlook the materials when shopping for an air hockey table as it determines both the performance and durability. Although the material depends on the manufacturer in most cases, you will have to pick between plastic and a combination of wood and metal. The wood and metal combination makes the best quality air hockey tables while the plastic one is cheap but not always very durable.

Air hockey is one of the most iterating arcade games that you can play, and it is also possible to bring it to your home where the whole family can enjoy. But, this will entail choosing the right air hockey table which our guide above aims to make things easy for you. Also, try to shop around and compare different air hockey tables before settling for one that impresses you most.

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