Top 10 Best Automatic Watch Winder in 2018 Reviews

Top Best Automatic Watch Winder in 2018

A watch winder is one of those things that you must buy when you have expensive automatic watches. Your automatic watches need a lot of care to keep them in good shape. And once you accumulate many of them it means that you cannot wear all of them daily. A watch winder keeps then running to ensure that they will be ready when you need to wear them and that you do not need to do any reset.

There are many watch winders out there for automatic watches. However, they will differ in everything from the design to the number of timepieces they can accommodate and the turns that they make. So how do you choose the best one for your watches? Here are some reviews best watch winders and a buyer’s guide to help you out.

List The Best Automatic Watch Winder Reviews

1. CHIYODA Single Watch Winder

1. CHIYODA Single Watch Winder Buy now from Amazon
The beautiful CHIYODA single watch winder is for someone that values both performance and aesthetic appeal. This handmade solid wood winder box is for one watch, and it features an appealing high gloss finish. It has noise-isolating components that minimize the annoying winding sound, and it features two knobs control and 3 directions settings that make it possible to use it for different watches. This compact CHIYODA watch winder also has a soft velvet interior that will be very gentle on your watch, and it can use either battery or AC Adapter.

2. Versa Single Watch Winder

2. Versa Single Watch Winder Buy now from Amazon
Versa makes some of the best selling watches on Amazon and most other online retailers. This single watch winder model has 4 turns per day and 3 settings for the direction. In fact, you can make up to 12 different setting combinations. It will turn for about 5 minutes, and the rests will depend on the settings that you choose. This watch winder comes with a spring action pillow for the watches and attachments for accommodating larger timepieces.

3. Triple Tree Rolex Automatic Watch Winders

3. Triple Tree Rolex Automatic Watch Winders Buy now from Amazon
The Triple Tree watch winder works best for Rolex automatic watches, but you can also use it for many other brands. This watch winder features a fine solid wood shell, soft leather pillow, and tempered glass to keep your watches safe from damage and dirt. It runs on a Japanese motor, and it has 4 winder spaces with some configurable watch retention cushions that accommodate watches for both gents and ladies.

4. Versa Double Watch Winders

4. Versa Double Watch Winders Buy now from Amazon
If you have a couple of automatic watches that you value a lot and would want something efficient for winding them this double watch winder by Versa is a good purchase for you. It has 3 direction settings which are bi-directional, counter-clockwise and clockwise and it makes 4 turns per day. The beautiful black casing gives the watch winder an appealing look and makes it suitable for any decor. This two watch model also has some custom gears and motor to minimize noise and a smart timer for resetting and repeating the cycle.

5. Versa Auto Watch Winder with Sliding Cover

. 5 Versa Auto Watch Winder with Sliding Cover Buy now from Amazon
The sliding cover is what stands out on this single watch winder. Apart from giving it a unique overall design the sliding cover also means that you can store it even in confined areas as you do not need space for opening a flip lid. This automatic watch winder has multiple settings for the turns per day, and it turns for about 5 minutes before resetting. It is programmed to ensure that it does not turn continuously to prevent overwinding. The soft watch pillow is removable, and the compact watch winder uses Japanese Mabuchi gears and motor for top-notch performance and durability.

6. Triple Tree Double Watch Winder Box

6. Triple Tree Double Watch Winder Box Buy now from Amazon
The outstanding artistry and the fact that this watch winder box runs with almost no noise at all are the two features that set it apart from the others in the market. The choice of materials which include a wood shell, piano paint, leather pillow and tempered glass also helps to make this a high performing watch winder. This Versa product uses a Japanese motor and runs on an AC adapter which the manufacturer includes in the package. The super compact design makes it very portable while the hand polishing gives it a brilliant finish.

7. WOLF Heritage Single Watch Winder (Model-270002)

7. WOLF Heritage Single Watch Winder (Model-270002) Buy now from Amazon
Here is another single watch winder with a very appealing overall appearance. It features a patented rotation program with the pause and sleep modes pre-programmed. This intermittent rotation ensures that it does not wind your watch continuously to prevent damages on the watch’s spring. The winder box also has an appealing look that includes a black faux-leather outer section with a chrome clasp closure and a tempered glass over the control knobs.

8. JQUEEN Watch Winders with Quiet Motors

8. JQUEEN Watch Winders with Quiet Motors Buy now from Amazon
Any watch winder with a Japanese motor is always a good choice as it does not only perform well, but most like JQUEEN are super silent. This amazing watch winder has an appealing look, and it is also one of the easiest to operate. It is a 100% handmade product that features 4 turntables with some soft pillows for the watches, and it has 3 direction settings. Also, it has 4 program settings and a dual power supply which means that you can use both battery and AC adapter.

9. JQUEEN Automatic Wooden Watch Winder Box

9. JQUEEN Automatic Wooden Watch Winder Box Buy now from Amazon
Noise is one of the greatest shortcomings for many watch winders, but with this one by JQUEEN, it should be the least of your worries. The super quiet Japanese motor produces minimal noise, and you will hardly even notice that it is running. The space-saving vertical design will look great in any room, and you can even keep it in the office. This elegant watch winder box uses either battery or AC adapter, and it has turntables for 4 watches. Also, it is entirely handmade, and it uses acrylic glass and piano baking varnish to make it strong and stylish.

10. JQUEEN Eight Watch Winder Box

10. JQUEEN Eight Watch Winder Box Buy now from Amazon
Here is another high-quality watch winder by JQUEEN that provides enough space for up to eight watches. Although the price tag is on the higher end, the service that it offers and its quality will make it worth the extra cost. Like most other JQUEEN watch winders it is a 100% handmade product that runs on a super silent Japanese motor. It has 3 direction settings, and some of its other impressive features include the acrylic display glass and the piano baking varnish. This winder box uses AC adapter and it is still compact enough for easy portability.

Buying Guide: The Best Automatic Watch Winder

The best automatic watch winder reviews above highlight some of the top watch winder brands in the market and their best models. But when you need to pick one among them you should keep the following points in mind.

  • Design and Materials
    Apart from storing and winding your watches, a watch winder is also a classy accessory. And so it is always important to choose a good design and material. There are many watch winder designs to choose from, but the best ones are the leather boxes with cloth lining and the elegant wood handmade ones.
  • Size
    Size is one of the first things that you should consider when buying a watch winder box. Consider where you intend to place it to determine if the size is right for you. Also, check other features of the winder box such as a flip lid that might require extra space for opening. The capacity is also crucial because you can get watch winder boxes in single, double and multiple watches winders.
  • Noise
    You would not want to have a winder that distracts you during sleep time. And so it is important always to consider the noise level when shopping for a watch winder. Although the motor and gears have to produce some sound when working, you should go for something that makes the least noise.
  • Extra Features
    Some high-end watch winders will also have other features such as temperatures control, synchronized time displays and even some storage drawers. While these features might not affect the performance of the watch winder, they make it classy, convenient and more appealing.

It is always great to have some stylish automatic watches to wear when you want. But, having several of these timepieces means that you cannot wear all every day, and so you need something to keep them in their best condition. A watch winder is your best option for this. Our reviews and buying guide above will help you choose the best automatic watch winder box to keep your watches working and ready to wear.

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