Top 10 Best Black Dress Shoes for Work in 2019 Reviews

Whether you are going to work, dinner or any other formal event, a suit and some cute dress shoes is always the way to go. Nothing gives a man an elegant, trendy and upscale look like a pair of dress shoes. And this is more so if you go with the traditional style black ones as they can work with almost any type and color of the suit.

While dress shoes come in various styles and designs, a simple pair of black ones always works for most men. Regardless of your tastes and preferences, black dress shoes will impress you. And because we know that there are plenty of black dress shoes to pick from out there we review some of the most stylish ones for work and also provide a buying guide to make your choice easy.

1. Skechers Alley Cat Utility Shoe

1. Skechers Alley Cat Utility Shoe Buy now from Amazon These pair of Skechers shoes might not look like typical dress shoes, but they are still perfect for your formal look. These lovely and durable shoes have a work boot design, but they are lighter to make them ideal for everyday wear. The padded tongue and ankle provide that extra support for the ankles that you need and the shoes also have a lugged outsole that ensures you always get a firm step.

2. Dockers Moc Run Off Toe Oxford

2. Dockers Moc Run Off Toe Oxford Buy now from Amazon For the gentlemen that prefer to wear classy and trendy oxfords here is an excellent pair from a reputable brand. They have a leather upper section to ensure that they will serve you for many years and a rubber sole that is equally durable and will also cushion your feet from the impact of walking on hard surfaces. Also, the shoes have a seamed toe that will combine with the padded collar and insole to ensure you get all day comfort.

3. Bostonian Wenham Dress Lace Up

3. Bostonian Wenham Dress Lace Up Buy now from Amazon The luxurious leather on the upper section with detailed stitching is the highlight of these dress shoes. These shoes come with a synthetic sole, but it is way more durable than what you get from many other pairs out there. And they also have a cushioned footbed to make them even more comfortable.

4. Cole Hann Lenox Hill Cap Oxford

4. Cole Hann Lenox Hill Cap Oxford Buy now from Amazon Here is another elegant pair of some leather oxford style shoes that will ensure that you always step out in style. And they also have a sturdy rubber sole to ensure that it serves you for a long time. These classic oxford dress shoes also feature the traditional stacked heel design and some detailed tonal stitching to enhance its overall appearance.

5. OUOUVALLEY Leather Tuxedo Dress Shoes

5. OUOUVALLEY Leather Tuxedo Dress Shoes Buy now from Amazon The sleek look and attention-grabbing shine of these shoes will make you stand out everywhere you go. They are just the perfect footwear to wear with your tuxedo, and despite it being a faux leather shoe it is still highly durable. And they also have a durable rubber sole that also helps to make it more comfortable. Unlike many other dress shoes, the fit is just right, and it also has a soft feel.

6. Nunn Bush Cameron Oxford

6. Nunn Bush Cameron Oxford Buy now from Amazon With its soft and breathable leather upper section and moc-style toe, this pair of dress shoes will be ideal for both formal and casual wear. It is also one of the most comfortable dress shoes that you can get at the price thanks to the full-length EVA footbed that will provide both support and cushioning. Also, the dress shoes have comfortable gel heel pad that will help to absorb the shock that comes from walking on a bumpy road.

7. Dockers Trustee Oxford

7. Dockers Trustee Oxford Buy now from Amazon These black dress shoes do not look anything like the traditional ones. They have a smooth leather upper section with a distressed seam that gives them a look that is suitable for men’s formal and casual wears. And the contoured outsole will also make this a proper pair for both the office and weekend wear.

8. Ecco Apron-Toe Derby Shoe

8. Ecco Apron-Toe Derby Shoe Buy now from Amazon If you prefer the apron-toe style shoes, this dress shoe pair will impress you. They are genuine leather shoes to ensure maximum durability, and they also come with a sturdy rubber sole that enhances the comfort and shock absorption when walking. Also, these lovely dress shoes have a moisture-absorbent insole to keep your feet dry even when you wear the footwear for extended periods.

9. Bruno Marc Leather Lined Dress Oxfords

9. Bruno Marc Leather Lined Dress Oxfords Buy now from Amazon Sometimes you do not need to spend a fortune to get a lovely pair of black dress shoes because affordable ones like these can still look good on you. Although they have a human-made material on the upper section, it seems attractive and durable enough. They come in a classic brogue style that gives them a very appealing appearance and with a premium leather lining.

10. Rockport Evander Moc-Toe Oxfords

10. Rockport Evander Moc-Toe Oxfords Buy now from Amazon Moc-toe oxfords are always the most popular option for men that like wearing classy black dress shoes. This pair also has a simple look that will appeal to most men that consist of a durable leather upper section with a square-toe design. And it comes with a polyurethane outsole that will provide long-lasting shock absorption to minimize leg fatigue. Other outstanding elements of this pair include the padded collar and blind eyelets.

Choosing The Best Black Dress Shoes for Work

Like any other type of shoe, every man seems to have a particular preference when it comes to picking dress shoes. However, there are some essential things that you should always consider to make sure that you get that perfect pair of black dress shoes.


Dress shoes come in various types, and so you need to consider what suits your tastes. The most common ones are oxford, derby, monk strap, brogue, and wingtip. There are still many other styles with their classifications differing depending on the criteria you use. And while you can get a trendy black dress shoe in all these types what you pick depends on your tastes.


The material is the most critical thing to consider when shopping for dress shoes, as it will affect everything from the comfort and appearance to its durability. Genuine leather is always the best material for your dress shoes as it will last for a long time. But, there are still other cheap human-made materials such as faux leather that can last for long enough.


Even as you choose the best materials for the upper section of the shoe, it might still not last as long as you would want if it does not have an equally durable outsole. The high end and expensive black dress shoe will come in a leather or rubber sole, but you can also get an affordable pair with a durable synthetic sole. But, make sure that you go for a stitched sole as it lasts longer than the glued ones.

Shoe Interior

As you shop for your pair of black dress shoes, you should also consider the interior. Make sure that it has a comfortable foot bed and the lining is also high quality. A good shoe interior makes it more comfortable even when you wear it for extended periods.


The stitching on the dress shoes is not only for keeping everything together but is also meant to enhance the look. And so it is also an essential factor to consider when picking your pair. The wise idea here is to go for something with neat stitching that is also barely noticeable.


A pair of black dress shoes and a slim fit suit is the perfect match when you want to get a flawless formal look. Whether you prefer to go for the Oxford or brogue style of dress shoes, there are many options out there. And our guide above and review will help you pick some lovely black dress shoes that are also at a reasonable cost.

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