Top 10 Best Cabinet Locks for Baby Proofing in 2019 Reviews

Once your baby starts moving around there is almost
no stopping home unless you plan to follow him around the house throughout the day. And as the baby moves around the house he will want to explore everything around him by touching and tasting which means that he will always be opening cabinets and drawers. This can be quite dangerous as things might end up
falli8ng one him or he may end up consuming something that is unsafe. Since you cannot follow him around and it is never a good idea to keep the baby confident the best thing is to baby proof your home and buying cabinet locks is always a great starting point.

Cabinet locks help to prevent the child from opening
cabinets and they are always a great way to keep the baby safe around the house. But, these locks will comes in different designs and types and so sometimes it is not always easy to determine what you need for your home. However, in this piece, we review ten of the best ones and provide some useful buying tips.

Checkout the 
Best Cabinet Locks in Reviews

1. Jambini
Magnetic Cabinet Locks

1. Jambini
Magnetic Cabinet Locks Buy now from Amazon
If you prefer the convenience and ease of
installation of magnetic locks here are some high-quality ones for you. They will ensure that you never have to drill your expensive cabinets as they use a 3M adhesive that also makes them fast and effortless to install as each will only take about three minutes to install. Also, there are lots of locks in the package to give you some great value for money and these locks will be completely concealed once you install them.

. Door Monkey Lock and Pinch Guard

. Door Monkey Lock and Pinch Guard Buy now from Amazon
This door lock will operate on both sides of the
door which makes it quite convenient and it will work with most door types. Also, it is a fast and easy lock to install that is very effective in ensuring
that the baby never opens the door or cabinet no matter how much effort he puts into it. You will not need any tools or adhesive to install this lock and it
should only take a few seconds to do it.

. Safety First Magnetic Lock System

. Safety First Magnetic Lock System Buy now from Amazon
With a total of eight locks and one key, this
magnetic locking system will be an ideal choice for those that have lots of cabinets in the house. And once you install the locks they are hidden and out of sight to ensure that they do not affect the appearance of your cabinets and drawer. The locks are easy to operate with the key and also have an indicator to tell you whether they are engaged or not.

. Secure Home Baby Safety Locks

. Secure Home Baby Safety Locks Buy now from Amazon
These locks are an excellent choice for use anywhere
you need to keep the baby out or prevent him from opening something and they are also quite easy for adults to access the cabinets using one hand. These
locks come in a pack of six to offer you great value for money and they install easily and quickly using the 3M adhesive

The Good Stuff Cabinet Locks

The Good Stuff Cabinet Locks Buy now from Amazon
You will not need any tools or hardware to install
these cabinet locks and this makes them very convenient. But besides from the incredibly easy installation they also extra secure and quite durable. The high-quality 3M adhesives and lock material are a good assurance that your baby will always be safe around the house. And it is also possible to remove and
reuse these locks using different fitting stickers or adhesives.

. Ecobaby Cabinet and Drawers Safety Locks

. Ecobaby Cabinet and Drawers Safety Locks Buy now from Amazon
These extra strong magnetic locks will help to keep
your little one safe and prevent accidents as they make it impossible for them to open the drawers or cabinets. The super strong 3M adhesive makes the locks easy to install and the best thing about them is that you can install them at
the top, bottom and even on the side of the cabinet. And the installation will only take a few minutes.

. Bebe Earth Anti-Tip Child Safety Anchors

. Bebe Earth Anti-Tip Child Safety Anchors Buy now from Amazon
Large falling objects like cabinets, TVs, and other
furniture types pose the greatest danger to the safety of your baby. But with
these anchors, you can help to prevent these bad accidents. The anchors come with adjustable straps to suit your particular situations and they are also
reusable. They will also come with all the hardware that you need for mounting and the company will provide a limited lifetime warranty.

Ellas Homes Multipurpose Child Locks

Ellas Homes Multipurpose Child Locks Buy now from Amazon
You cannot always be sure where else you will need
to use a safety lock beside from the cabinets. Hence some multipurpose ones like these are always a great buy as they can work almost anywhere and they come in a pack of 12 to ensure you have more than enough locks. They use a strong and reusable 3M adhesive and they will also allow for easy adult access. And it only takes a few minutes to install them.

. Ellas Homes Adjustable Earthquake Resistant Straps

. Ellas Homes Adjustable Earthquake Resistant Straps Buy now from Amazon
For those that leave in earthquake-prone locations
and want child safety locks that can also help with this, these ones from Ellas Homes will be perfect. They are top notch quality locks with adjustable straps and with no cheap plastic components. Installing them is also straightforward as it only takes three steps and there are some detailed instructions to guide you.

Babyezar 10-Pack Cabinet Locks

Babyezar 10-Pack Cabinet Locks Buy now from Amazon
Cabinet locks like these ones from Babyezar that can
bear a lot of weight are a great choice if you have a super active toddler.
They are easy and convenient to install and it will only take about five
minutes. These locks use the stringer 3M adhesive and they come with buckles that make it possible to use them on cabinets with or without inside edge. And they will have an invisible design once you install them to maintain the aesthetic
appeal of your cabinets.

Choosing the 
Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks

When looking for the best baby proofing cabinet
locks there are certain things that you need to keep in mind to ensure that you choose ones that suit your particular needs. Despite these locks being relatively affordable you do not want to have to buy new ones after every few weeks and so it is important to consider the following four things when shopping.

Cabinet Lock Type

Safety locks for cabinets and drawers will come in
various styles. And while all are effective in keeping the cabinet locked they are suitable for different types of cabinets and situations. The three most common safety lock types are magnetic locks, spring-style locks, and the external loop locks. Before you decide to buy make sure you know the pros and cons of all the types.


You do not want something that is complicated to
install or takes a lot if your time to do it because a parent you already have a lot to do. It is always a good idea to go for those that use adhesive or magnet for installation as they will not require you to drill and ruin the face of your expensive cabinets.

Locking Mechanism

It is always important to make sure that the locking
mechanism that the locks use is hard for your baby to unravel but easy enough for you and other adults in the house to unlock. Remember that the main purpose of these locks is to prevent kids from opening the cabinets and so they need to have a good locking mechanism.


Safety cabinet locks are not very pricey but you
will need lots of them if you have many cabinets in your home and so how much they cost also matters. But, the best ways to ensure that you get great value
for your cash is going for an affordable package that comes with many safety locks.

Cabinet safety locks are a must have if you have a
toddler in the house. But, finding the right ones for your cabinets and drawer is even more important and with the points in our buyer’s guide above to help you out this should not be a problem. And once you get the best locks it is also important to make sure that you install them correctly to avoid putting your child at more risk.

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