Top 10 Best Compound Monocular Microscopes in 2019 Reviews

When thinking of traditional microscopes, compound microscopes come to mind. These are laboratory equipment that is used to enlarge and magnify small and tiny objects thus allowing close inspection and analysis of their components. A good compound microscope can achieve very high magnification using then the dual lens that comes with them. They are good for viewing very tinny objects that cannot be seen using our naked eyes. They can be used for viewing plant cells, the microstructure of rocks, textile, and metals.

These types of microscopes are easy to handle and use thus no training needed on how to use it. There are several applications of a compound microscope. That is why in this Best Compound Monocular Microscopes in Reviews, you will learn on how to pick the best one and also have a look at the best ten in our list.

List the Best Compound Monocular Microscopes in Reviews

1. AmScope M150C-I 40X-1000X, LED Student Biological Compound Microscope

1. AmScope M150C-I 40X-1000X Buy now from Amazon
AmScope M150C-I 40X-1000X is good for people who are learning some basis of microscopy. It can be used in schools, breeders, and veterinary workshops. It has a fixed condenser which you can transfer to the contrast of dark field condenser. The AmScope is good viewing specimens under bright light thus ideal for checking plants cells and cell smears. It has two control knobs on the mechanical stage that you can use to move your glass slide in the X – Y directions. That will give you an amazing view while trying to view your spacemen. The good this with this microscope is that it does not pick the image of the mechanical stage.


  • Has a magnification power ranging from 40x to 1000x
  • Comes with an adjustable LED light
  • Uses a trinocular as a viewing head
  • It is highly adjustable giving you an inclination of 45 degrees which is equal to a swivel of 360 degrees


  • It is too heavy
  • Does not provide power rectification

2. AmScope Optical Glass Lens All-Metal LED Compound Microscope

2. AmScope Optical Glass Lens Buy now from Amazon
The AmScope Optical Glass Lens microscope is also good in for all applications. The quality of the provided optics is very reasonable as compared to the price range. It also comes with neon- plan lenses which give a slightly covered objective thus giving a small field of view the small field of view that gives a wide magnification. If you have long-term experience of using microscopes, this type is ideal for you because it gives more details. The microscope has a tungsten bulb which gives a good amount of light that can be used for illumination. It is also compatible with any USB camera that you may have.


  • Come with many magnification powers of up to 1000x
  • It has a totaled head which is monocular inclines at 45 degrees
  • Has disc diaphragm with a single lens condenser
  • Comes with a built-in LED light Illumination source


  • The LED light does not have a light controlling knob
  • It has a somehow poor focus

3. AmScope M158C-E Compound Monocular Microscope

3. AmScope M158C-E Buy now from Amazon
AmScope M158C-E is a digital microscope that is compatible with window operating systems. It has a 0.3MP camera that can be connected to the output device with a 2.0 USB. It is good for storing images for future reference thus good for study. With the camera, you display the images on your computer or even use a projector. It also has two interchangeable eyepiece lenses that give 10x and 25x wide fields. For quick and easy sharing of the viewed images, the microscope can rotate for at 360 degrees. It has a 45-degree vertical inclination capability thus reducing neck straining. The nose piece is forward facing with 4x, 10x and 40x objective lenses that can give color images.


  • Its eyepiece range from WF10x to WF25x
  • Has a wide and bright field
  • The presence of led illumination gives easy viewing job
  • Has a 0.3MP camera


  • The microscope need some parental help
  • It is somehow hard to use with some computer OS

4. OMAX 40X-2000X Digital Compound Microscope

4. OMAX 40X-2000X Digital Compound Microscope Buy now from Amazon
It is well-built microscope that was voted number in 2016 the best USB microscope. It comes with many features which are very easy to set up. The OMAX 40X-2000X Digital Compound Microscope has a built-in camera is very nice. It also gives you a chance to edit and post them online. Their objectives lenses are easy to mount and use. The objectives are protected by an upward moving stage which is also double layer and very resistant to rusting. The digital binocular head gives it the power to give the best images while using optics objective which is coated with achromatic thus making them very durable.


  • Comes with a five years warranty
  • All the metallic parts are stain resistant
  • It has a range of magnification power from 40X to 2000X
  • It can be used capture both still and live video pictures


  • May bring some problems with Mac operating systems
  • Needs some knowledge while taking the camera


5. AmScope 2016 BEST STUDENT MICROSCOPE Buy now from Amazon
This product of AmScope was voted the best students microscope. It is good for making blank slides. Its dual light optical lenses are made of glass thus durable. Instead of having one LED this AmScope product is made with two LED lights one from the bottom and the other from the top. For better magnification, it comes with five different powers of magnification ranging from 40X to 1000X. This microscope also comes with a durable metal frame which holds fine and coarse focusing coaxial. It has a single lens condenser that has disc diaphragm with six holes. For student application, it comes with introductory tools that are used for slide making.


  • Provides sample slides that you can use to make yours
  • It is very durable due to the metallic body
  • It is heavy and stable thus good for students
  • It is affordable and pocket-friendly.


  • Does not a have a diming knob
  • The glass slides are not sealed

6. Koolertron 3.5″ LCD Digital Microscope

6. Koolertron 3.5 Buy now from Amazon
Koolertron 3.5″ LCD Digital Microscope comes with an LCD that is used for viewing objects. Its magnification power ranges from 20 -300x thus good for viewing small objects. With its 5 Mpx digital camera that is supported using a color LCD. The good thing with this microscope is that it has adjustable LED lights that you can use change the level of adjustment that you want. The LCD can be used without connecting the microscope to an external monitor. This makes it portable and applicable in different place and functions. For portability, it has a Li-ion battery that is rechargeable giving 2 hours of working duration.


  • The camera system is compatible with windows and mac
  • Comes with AV and USB cable ports
  • You can view images without connecting monitor


  • Cannot zoom very small objects
  • The magnification lens may not work for some orders

7. JNKEDU 21B Monocular Compound Microscope

7. JNKEDU 21B Monocular Compound Microscope Buy now from Amazon
JNKEDU 21B Monocular Compound Microscope gives monocular head that you can use for viewing giving you with a WF16X field of view. For better reduction of neck and eye-straining, it gives 45 degrees of inclination. It has a nosepiece that is achromatic coated. It also gives high-quality images. It has a plain stage that has clips for holding specimen. The stage is big enough to hold a specimen of a 97 by 97 mm. The good thing with this microscope is that you can use batteries or electrical lead illuminator.


  • It is good for quality work
  • Best grade microscope
  • Comes with two-way illumination LED lights
  • Has a magnification of up to 640X


  • Some lens may fail to come off
  • It may miss instructions on how to use

8. OMAX 40X-2000X Digital Lab Compound Microscope

8. OMAX 40X-2000X Digital Lab Compound Microscope Buy now from Amazon
The OMAX 40X-2000X Digital Lab Compound Microscope that comes with amazing features including an imaging system that is digital. For better viewing and swiveling the camera has two pairs of the wide field of view with four achromatic objectives. The mechanical stage is stain resistant to three different focusing knobs. It gives different types of LED illumination systems that you can vary. It has eight different magnification powers ranging from 40X to 2000X. You can connect the microscope to your computer, and it is compatible with all types of operating systems. Mounting both bright and dark field microscope is easy.


  • Gives a 45 degrees inclination
  • It is stain resistance
  • Gives a digital imaging system
  • Comes with an NA 1.25 condenser


  • Comes with complicated instructions on how to use the camera
  • Needs some knowledge to install camera drivers

9. OMAX 40X-2500X Digital Lab Trinocular Compound LED Microscope with USB Digital Camera

9. OMAX 40X-2500X Buy now from Amazon
As the name suggests, OMAX 40X-2500X has a magnification power of 2500X. This microscope provides a wide field of view from WF10X to WF25X. For easy viewing, the microscope gives a 45-degree inclination. In addition to that, it comes with a LED illumination that is used in most modern microscopes. Unlike other microscopes, OMAX microscopes LED lights are much brighter thus discoloring the spacemen. This microscope is good for viewing live and moving creatures. It is fitted with a camera thus making it much better than the same microscopes of the same nature. It also has a USB port that can be used to connect it to other external devices. It is compatible with all types of operating systems including MAC.


  • Come with a warranty of five years
  • Has a digital camera for taking photos
  • Compatible with both mac and windows operating system
  • It is UL approved for quality


  • It is very heavy
  • It a bit expensive

10. Radical Professional PLM Microscope

10. Radical Professional PLM Microscope Buy now from Amazon
The Radical Professional PLM Microscope is a current amazing microscope in the market. If you are planning to study mineralogy, petrology or even geology, this is the best microscope for that. It’s anti-reflection with a hard coating in most of its optical parts. It also gives a magnification ranging from the power of 40 to 600. This microscope has a nosepiece that is centered thus giving a rotating analyzer which has slots for holding plates. It also has a cross eyepiece that is centered with a linear scale that is used for linear scaling. The fine and the course focusing knobs are separated with circular rotation mica plates thus making it very durable. Most of the parts of this microscope are metallic thus making it very durable.


  • It is stainless
  • It is spring loaded with P4x to P40x
  • Come with micrometer eyepieces
  • Objective lenses are rotatable and polarized


  • Has no customer reviews that can help you in making a decision
  • It new in the market

Buying Guide The Best Compound Monocular Microscopes

What you should look for when looking for the right one. When you want to buy a compound microscope, you should consider several things. There are some features that you should look for when buying a compound microscope.

Magnification power

Some types of microscopes function well with up to 1000x magnification power. For better results, binocular microscopes are the best as they can give wide views.

Ease of use

Several people like compound microscopes that are easy and very comfortable while using. The best choice here comes with binocular scopes.


Since compound microscopes are very expensive, they should be well made to last long. They should also work well for the time you will be using it. The best way to get high-quality microscopes is looking at the most reputable brands in the market.

Most compound microscopes are used in science and medicine to achieve the best results. In most cases, they give high magnification power capability that you cannot find in any other microscopes. These microscopes give the users the ability to examine fine details that could be missed if you use other types of microscopes. Those fine details are the ones that most people need, and you can only get them if you use the right compound microscope. It is hoped that the Best Compound Monocular Microscopes in Reviews will help you in landing on the right one for your needs. Make sure you buy quality ones that will serve the purpose.

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