Top 10 Best Electrical Multi-Outlets in 2019 Reviews

Electrical multi-outlets provide several outlets/sockets for charging devices. And this has made them highly preferred by more than a few people. They are great for places like living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, kitchens or anywhere with several electric appliances but limited number of outlets. Considering that they are multi-outlet gadgets, they make it possible to charge or power numerous devices at a go. Basically, they are really handy when you are on the go and you need to charge more than one device. However, not all electrical multi-outlets work the same. And that explains the need to go through the following top 10 best electrical multi-outlets in 2019 reviews.

Checkout the Best Electrical Multi-Outlets in Reviews

1. TOPGREENER USB Charger Outlet (TU2154A-W-MCB-2PCS) – Pack of 2

1. TOPGREENER USB Charger Outlet (TU2154A-W-MCB-2PCS) – Pack of 2 Buy now from Amazon
These electrical multi-outlets will let you charge two devices at the same time. And this obviously brings the much-needed convenience. Another great feature that these units bring to the table is the intelliChip technology, which ensures smart and safe charging. The technology enables the outlets to recognize the power your device needs and then deliver maximum power that your device can take in. These outlets also feature tamper-proof duplex receptacle that prevents unwanted materials/objects from being inserted into them.


  • Outlets charge two devices simultaneously
  • UL-listed for safety and quality
  • Outlets come with 2 USB cables
  • Easy to install and look nice


  • The receptacle is large

2. GE Grounded 6-Outlet Wall Tap (50759)

2. GE Grounded 6-Outlet Wall Tap (50759) Buy now from Amazon
The unique design of this electrical wall tap outlet improves convenience by enabling the unit to accept three standard plugs and three transformers. Because of how it is designed, the wall tap is ideal for rooms that have many electronic devices but limited outlets. That being said, it is perfect for such rooms as home offices, living rooms, home theaters, dorm rooms, and even bedrooms. You can use it temporarily or have it installed permanently for long-term use.


  • Accepts up to 6 devices at one go
  • Has good spacing for easy use and convenience
  • Very sturdy and easy to install


  • Only has one plug/power source

3. GE White 6-Outlet Grounded Tap (54947)

3. GE White 6-Outlet Grounded Tap (54947) Buy now from Amazon
We are thrilled by the fact that this grounded tap has the ability to turn a two grounded outlet into 6. It is a 6-outlet grounded tap that accepts both polarized and grounded plugs. As a result, it makes a great purchase for any home with limited number of outlets. To prove to you that the GE White 6-Outlet Grounded Tap is safe and quality, the manufacturer has made sure that it is UL listed. They have also protected its parts from defects by providing a 90-day warranty.


  • Screws into the current outlet
  • Makes plugging in several devices much easier
  • Eliminates the need for extension cables


  • The plugs are very snug

4. GE 2 X Grounded Adapter-Spaced Six-Outlet Tap

4. GE 2 X Grounded Adapter-Spaced Six-Outlet Tap Buy now from Amazon
GE has other electrical multi-outlets, which, like the others, will convert your ordinary two grounded outlets into six. They feature a well-thought design that allows them to accept three adapter and three standard plugs. What’s more, these multi-outlets can be used temporarily with the existing wall plate or permanently, although, this will require you to remove the wall plate. Considering how they are designed, these six-outlet taps promise to completely cover an existing wall plate in order to give you a seamless look.


  • Simple and very useful
  • Arrive faster than expected
  • Great for places (like the bathroom) with only one outlet


  • Only uses one input outlet in the back

5. BESTTEN Multi Outlet Surge Protector

5. BESTTEN Multi Outlet Surge Protector Buy now from Amazon
Four USB ports and 3 AC outlets; what more do we need to say about this wall mount adapter surge protector? It is a convenient unit that you should not miss if you want to protect your gadgets from power surges. Its USB ports are high speed to help charge your devices as fast as possible. In addition, each of the 4 USB ports supplies up to 2.4A charging current and this makes them perfect for smartphones, tablets, and other devices.


  • ETL approved and certified
  • USB ports charge faster
  • Great for living rooms
  • Has lots of USB ports and outlets


  • Tends to make noise when devices are plugged in, but this is nothing

6. Jasco GE Side-Access 6-Outlet Tap (54543)

6. Jasco GE Side-Access 6-Outlet Tap (54543) Buy now from Amazon
This simple unit is well designed to help you adapt or add extra outlets to your current receptacles. It has side outlets, and this makes it perfect for tight spaces. Additionally, this gadget has up to 6 outlets to let you charge multiple devices at a go. With it, you will be able to convert two grounded outlets into six. Its vertical design is well thought and will keep all of your plugs close to the wall. The 6-outlet tap is UL listed for safety and quality.


  • Displays a low profile for easy installation
  • The price fits the budget
  • Fits in tight spaces perfectly


  • Fitting larger plugs can be a little difficult

7. Sunco Lighting High Speed 2 USB Port Charger (4 Pack)

7. Sunco Lighting High Speed 2 USB Port Charger (4 Pack) Buy now from Amazon
We love the 5-year warranty Sunco provides to protect these units from original defects. We are also thrilled with the fact that these chargers are certified by UL, as this shows that they are quality and very safe. Another reason why we have included these 2 USB Port Chargers in these reviews is that they are side and back wired to make installation a breeze. Moreover, they come with 2 USB ports, with each port rated at 3.1A. As a result, you will be able to charge two devices at the same time.


  • Chargers work great for the price
  • Made of great quality
  • Charge phones/devices with no issues


  • Instructions could be better

8. LOVIN PRODUCT Power Strip Surge Protector Electric Charging Station

8. LOVIN PRODUCT Power Strip Surge Protector Electric Charging Station Buy now from Amazon
We believe that this is the ultimate electric charging station; thanks to its incredible 14 outlets and 4 USB ports. Because of the innumerable outlets and ports, this unit promises to charge as many devices as possible. Well, considering the many ports and outlets, there is a likelihood of congestion. Fortunately, that is not the case with this surge protector since all of its outlets and ports are distributed vertically on the 4 sides of the tower. And this helps provide enough space amongst these sockets.


  • Made of durable and reliable materials
  • The handle makes the outlet handy
  • The length of the cord is perfect


  • Cheaply made, but gets the job done

9. Poweradd 5-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

9. Poweradd 5-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip Buy now from Amazon
Most customers prefer using the Poweradd 5-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip because of its AC and USB combo. It has up to 5 standard American outlets and 2 USB ports that enable it to charge up to 7 devices at one go. Because of its strength, this surge protector power strip can charge many different devices including printers, lamps, hairdryers, laptops, tablets, and cellphones, among others. The power strip features a wall mount design for easy mount on the wall.


  • Comes with a warranty and guarantee
  • Has 2 USB ports and plenty of sockets
  • Fits well and tightly during installation


  • Outlets are a little close to each other, making it difficult to charge devices with wide plugs

10. DEWENWILS 4 Outlet Surge Protector

10. DEWENWILS 4 Outlet Surge Protector Buy now from Amazon
Apart from providing an ample place to charge devices, the DEWENWILS 4 Outlet Surge Protector offers visible surge protection. To be specific, it boasts a surge suppression rating of up to 1080 high joules. The unit also comes equipped with an LED indicator light that will let you know that your electric appliances are under ideal surge protection. As if that’s not enough, it is built with premium quality and long-lasting fire-resistant PC shell. Plus its outlets are well spaced to ensure easy use.


  • ETL certified for quality and safety
  • Charges many different devices
  • The angle adjustment works great
  • The green surge protection light is helpful


  • Charges some devices slow

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Electric Multi-Outlet

We said earlier that not all electrical multi-outlets work the same. On that note, it is important to go through a buyer’s guide like the one we have prepared here. Let’s get started.

The Wattage Produced

This depends on the devices you plan to charge using the outlet. That means if you have devices or electric appliances that draw a lot of power, go for an outlet that has high watts and vice versa. Observing this factor will protect your outlet from blowing up or underperforming.

The Number of Outlets/USB Ports

If you have several devices that you always use at a go, consider an electrical outlet with as many outlets and USB ports as possible. Nevertheless, you must be prepared to part with more cash than someone set to go for an outlet with fewer sockets or USB ports.


It is important to buy a certified electrical multi-outlet. This is because they will not just improve your safety but also will protect your devices from undesired wattage. So, before you choose an electrical multi-outlet, make sure it is ETL certified and/or UL-listed.

The Spacing of Outlets/Sockets

This is what determines whether an electrical multi-outlet is easy to use or not. In other words, outlets or sockets that are closely spaced are unlikely to accommodate wide plugs like those of laptops etc. They are also unlikely to accommodate several plugs at a go. Therefore, make sure the electrical multi-outlet you go for has well-spaced outlets.

Electrical multi-outlets have made it possible to charge several devices at one go. They are easy to install, with most of them coming with enough hardware for temporary or permanent installation. Besides, some electrical multi-outlets double up as surge protectors, much to your delight. We believe that this compilation will help you get the right product. So, go for it.

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