Top 10 Best Gaffer Tape in 2019 Reviews

Gaffer tapes are reputable in many niches. In the entertainment industry, for instance, they are perfect for securing musical instruments or marking floors. Even though traditional duct tape can do such jobs well, it is expensive. Whenever you are decorating for Halloween or securing items such as wires, these tapes also work well. Their heavy-duty designs secure heavy accessories well. They are also easy to handle or manipulate and, most importantly, cheaper than duct tape. To help you to find the best, we have reviewed some of the bestselling brands on the Internet.

List The Best Gaffer Tape in Reviews

1. Gaffer Power REAL Professional Gaffer Tape

1. Gaffer Power REAL Professional Gaffer Tape Buy now from Amazon
This 2 inch X 30-yard gaffer tape from Gaffer power is perfect for personal and professional use. If you handle demanding taping or boding jobs, you will enjoy using one for many reasons. Made using heavy-duty materials, it is perfect for securing cables and accessories such as guitar stands and lighting sets. It does not lose its strength and or break as easily as some cheap brands do. Moreover, its non-reflective backing is perfect for labeling. Finally, its quality adhesive bonds items well without leaving a residue.


  • Multi-functional tape
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Safe for most items
  • Long (30 yards)


  • Premium priced

2. Professional Grade Gaffer Tape by Gaffer Power

2. Professional Grade Gaffer Tape by Gaffer Power Buy now from Amazon
For bonding, security, and concealing jobs, this is one of the best gaffer tapes to use. If you are considering purchasing one, do not hesitate. It is long (30 yards) and durable (heavy duty). At home or in your office, therefore, you can use it to do most types of jobs without running out of tape. The fluorescent and backlight reflective material used to make it is also one of a kind. During celebrations such as Halloween, you can use it to decorate your home and or office with good results. You can also use it to mark floors during your performances or to secure filming and or production sets.


  • Multi-functional tape
  • Fluorescent materials
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Heavy-duty 30-yard tape


  • Questionable adhesive

3. XFasten Professional-Grade Gaffer Tape

3. XFasten Professional-Grade Gaffer Tape Buy now from Amazon
In the gaffer tape niche, the XFasten brand stands out in many ways. If you are looking for a product that does not require skill to use, this is one of the best brands. The easy to tear tape that you get is convenient. You do not need scissors or razor blades to cut and use it. The abrasion resistant rubber adhesive and anti-slip cloth-type design that it has are also ideal. It bonds to most surfaces well. Moreover, because it lacks residues, it does not stain walls or rip finishing from cables or instruments.


  • Easy to tear and use
  • Resistant rubber adhesive
  • Residue-free finish
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


  • None

4. ProTapes Pro Gaff Premium Matte Cloth Gaffer’s Tape With Rubber Adhesive

4. ProTapes Pro Gaff Premium Matte Cloth Gaffer's Tape With Rubber Adhesive Buy now from Amazon
In most of the best gaffer tape in reviews shared online, Main Stage is a popular brand. This is not by coincidence. The quality of the accessories that people get from it has earned it a spot among the most trusted brands in this niche. Take his heavy-duty 30-yard black tape, for instance. Its quality design works well indoors and outdoors. It also tears easily and bonds onto most surfaces without leaving an unsightly residue. It is perfect for securing cables, filling spaces, or marking surfaces.


  • Long (30 yards) tape
  • Bonds onto most surfaces
  • Lacks sticky residue
  • Easy to tear by hand


  • Peels off easily

5. ProTapes Pro-Gaff Cloth Gaffer Tape

5. ProTapes Pro-Gaff Cloth Gaffer Tape Buy now from Amazon
To secure musical instruments or platforms well, you need this high-quality gaffer tape from ProTapes Pro. Unlike some of the low-grade brands that people get cheap online; its performance is laudable for many reasons. The 11 mils thick tape that you get, for instance, is one of a kind. If you secure heavy stuff often or want a tape that can withstand the elements, look for this one. Its durable design withstands abrasion and temperatures of up to 200 degrees. The rubber adhesive that it uses also performs well on most surfaces and items. It does not leave an unsightly or sticky residue, as some brands often do.


  • Residue-free rubber adhesive
  • Works well on most surfaces
  • Withstands up to 200F temperatures
  • Abrasion-resistant gaffer tape


  • Not moisture resistant

6. Gaffer Power Premium Grade Gaffer Tape

6. Gaffer Power Premium Grade Gaffer Tape Buy now from Amazon
With Gaffer Power, you get a 60-yard multi-purpose gaffer tape that delivers good results indoors. If you have a tight budget but want a valuable product that will satisfy your needs, look for this one online. It secures cables, decorations, and instruments better than duct tape. Most musicians and contractors like this. The residue-free adhesive that it uses also stands out. It works well on most surfaces without issues.


  • Residue-free adhesive
  • Safe for most surfaces
  • Multi-functional tape
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Cost-effective gaffer tape


    • None

7. Hosa GFT447 Gaffers Tape 2 Inch White

7. Hosa GFT447 Gaffers Tape 2 Inch White Buy now from Amazon
Are you tired of your preferred gaffer tape staining your walls or tools after use? Are you shopping for a high-performance brand without such issues? Hosa GFT447 will serve you better in many ways. Made using a fine woven cloth, for instance, this real stage gaffer tape is very durable. It is also one of the best brands for heavy-duty use in both homes and commercial settings. Whether you are looking for a tape for hanging decorations or securing cables, a new roll will not let you down. Its residue-free adhesive is also one of a kind. It delivers excellent results without lowering the value or walls, floors, and personal items such as instruments.


  • Residue-free adhesive
  • Durable (fine woven cloth)
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Rips finishing

8. REAL Professional Premium Grade Gaffer Tape

8. REAL Professional Premium Grade Gaffer Tape Buy now from Amazon
Do not waste your money on one of the low-quality gaffer tapes that often disappoint people. To have quality results, devoid of the job you are working on, look for Gaffer Power instead. Even though cheap, you get a premium (non-reflective) tape for use in schools, churches, and homes. In offices and construction sites, people have also found important uses for this gaffer tape. It is easy to handle. You can cut, apply, and remove it easily without using special tools. Finally, the high-strength materials used to make it are highly dependable. This 3-inchx30-yard gaffer tape delivers.


  • Non-reflective tape
  • Easy to handle
  • Multi-functional tape


  • Not true to size

9. Gaffer Power REAL Gaffer Tape

9. Gaffer Power REAL Gaffer Tape Buy now from Amazon
Devoid of the job you are working on, this gaffer tape from Gaffer Power will serve you well. People (both professionals and individuals) like it for many reasons. First, its adhesive property (non-residue) is admirable. You can use it to mark floors and or seal cracks with good results. If you are looking for a gaffer tape for securing tools or cables, it is also one of the best to use. Its 11.5 mils design is not only durable but also able to bond to and secure most items. Buy yours worry-free. Its full refund guarantee covers all of its defects.


  • Full refund guarantee
  • Residue-free adhesive
  • Durable (11.5 mils)
  • Waterproof gaffer tape


  • Not very sticky

10. Gaffer Power Mini Gaffer Rolls

10. Gaffer Power Mini Gaffer Rolls Buy now from Amazon
The hunt for quality gaffer tapes is a never-ending venture in most homes and offices. Even though available products are diverse and functional, this pack of four mini gaffer rolls stands out for many reasons. Its price and portability, for instance, have earned it a spot among the best gaffer tape in reviews. For contractors who travel often, this is good news. People with limited storage space at homes also appreciate their value. These 8-yard gaffer tapes are also durable, easy to handle, and perfect for labeling, holding, and general repair. You will enjoy using a new package for a long time.


  • Four 8-yard rolls
  • Free gear bag
  • Residue-free tapes
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Multi-functional designs


  • For short-term use

Buying Guide: The Best Gaffer Tape

Are you having a hard time choosing the best gaffer tape in reviews? Here are a few tips that can help you to ease the process:


People use gaffer taps for marking, bonding, and securing items. The quality of the adhesive that your product of choice uses, therefore, is vital. Check it before sharing your credit card details. Does it bond onto surfaces and items well? This is important. However, make sure it is residue-free as well.


Look for a gaffer tape that you can use easily. It should be easy to tear and use. Brands that are easy to remove after use also serve people well in homes and offices. However, devoid of the brand you choose, make sure it is durable as well. It must be able to withstand physical and environmental abuse.


Thick gaffer tapes have a higher bonding strength than thin ones. Keep this in mind whilst shopping. The tape that you order should also be of the correct length.

For marking, general repair, and securing of cables, our picks of gaffer tapes are the best to use. If you cannot afford a roll of duct tape, consider buying one instead. These are cost-effective items. Most people can afford an original roll. Moreover, the residue-free adhesives that they have work well in most settings. The secure cables and most surfaces well. They are also non-staining. People who are conscious about the safety of their walls or floors like this.

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