Top 10 Best Game and Trail Cameras in 2019 Reviews

Game and Trail Cameras come in a variety of configurations and models. While some take pictures, others shoot videos or even do both at the same time. Regardless of your preferred option, to have a fulfilling experience in the field, you need a great game camera with outstanding features. However, with so many options available in the market, all featuring nearly similar attributes, identifying the best can be a challenging task. Luckily, you are in the right place. This Best Game and Trail Cameras in Reviews will equip you with everything you need to get the game camera that meets your needs. Read on.

List Best Game and Trail Cameras

10. APEMAN Trail Camera Hunting Game Camera

10. APEMAN Trail Camera Hunting Game Camera Buy now from Amazon

APEMAN is a hunting camera designed to take both photos and videos. It is spray water protected, has a triggering time of 1 second and uses eight size AA batteries that collectively last about six months on standby, among many other attractive features. The camera, therefore, captures every brilliant moment in the best way possible. It even senses sudden changes to the ambient temperatures of the game for even more fun. Once you return home, you can confidently use APEMAN as a surveillance system thus boosting your home security.

9. Distianert 12MP 720P Game and Trail Camera

9. Distianert 12MP 720P Game and Trail Camera Buy now from Amazon

Distianert uses 44 pcs 940nm black infrared LEDs to effectively overcome the challenge of being unable to capture satisfied images because the glow from the camera spooks the game. It doesn’t flash at all, and as such the wildlife will not detect your presence in the park. Additionally, it contains a powerful lens as well as a day/night automatic sensor whose detection area covers a 90-degree field of view. Turn on the intelligent day/night mode, and you will be able to capture fascinating and crisp images. With a resolution o 12 MP, a trigger speed of 0.8 sec and many more compelling features, this Trail camera is up to the task.

8. Moultrie A-Series Game Camera (2017)

8. Moultrie A-Series Game Camera (2017) Buy now from Amazon

Moultrie A-Series is your ultimate everyday scouting camera that you can easily afford. Despite its modest price tag, this handy tool has everything it takes to ensure you catch the best wildlife activity in action both during the day and at night. It also allows you to enjoy the exploration benefits of a long-range Infrared flash thanks to a 70-foot range as well as an Illumi-Night sensor included to boost image quality at night. It has a 12 MP resolution, 0.7 sec trigger speed and hence is capable of detecting game as far as 60 feet away. A-Series is also compact and uses AA batteries.

7. Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera

7. Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera Buy now from Amazon

High priced for all the right reasons, Simmons Whitetail Camera, integrates several premium features into a single package. The materials are battle-tested to work wonderfully in both outside and inside conditions. Customers have the liberty to either utilize the entire 6MP or downgrade the same to 5MP to load more content on their preferred card. The camera also features crystal clear date and time stamps on its LCD screen. The setup screen is conveniently available on the same screen. The camera’s Night Vision is also, exceptionally, efficient thanks to 18 low-glow LEDs capable of functioning within a span of 40ft.

6. Stealth Cam Digital Scouting Camera

6. Stealth Cam Digital Scouting Camera Buy now from Amazon

Stealth Cam provides the best solution to affordability and performance. It is a compact 12MP, 50-foot range scouting camera designed to capture exciting wildlife activities. It comes with an Energy Efficient layout, intended to extend the battery life a great deal, Quick Set for straightforward and fast set up, and Burst Rapid Mode capable of delivering 1-6 images whenever you trigger it. With Stealth Cam you can either use AA batteries (it uses eight pieces) or an external 12 volts power jack.

5. Moultrie Low Glow 12MP Mini IR Game Camera

5. Moultrie Low Glow 12MP Mini IR Game Camera Buy now from Amazon

This Moultrie Mini Game Camera allows you to enjoy all the positive benefits of the top selling A-5 game camera in a tiny and hence easily cancelable package. Besides taking high-resolution 12MP photos and remaining discreet to the passing game, Mini features a 12 invisible infrared flash LEDs in a compact water-resistant housing. It also boasts of an excellent 50-inch detection range and a fast, less than one second, trigger speed.

4. Browning Strike Force Sub-Micro 10MP Game Camera

4. Browning Strike Force Sub-Micro 10MP Game Camera Buy now from Amazon

This scouting camera has a trigger time of 0.67 sec, which is one of the fastest and hence puts it in the same league with costlier brands. It also features HD video recording whose range lies between 5 second and 2 minutes in length. Surprisingly, with just 6 AA batteries, you can keep this game and trail camera running for months at a go will all features on. Its flash range is 100ft, which is almost twice the range of its rival, equally priced, products. The camera is compact; it measures 4.5 by 2.5 b 3.2 inches and weighs just one pound.

3. Bushnell Trophy Cam High Definition Essential E2 12MP Trail Camera

3. Bushnell Trophy Cam High Definition Essential E2 12MP Trail Camera Buy now from Amazon

Besides having the capability to take 3, 8 or 12MP HD full-color images, Essential E2 comes with an impressive 0.3-sec trigger time, multi-image models and programmable trigger interval. It also captures 5-60 seconds long high definition videos of the passing game for a more detailed scrutiny. Thanks to its remarkable trigger speed, the camera delivers minimal blurry images and blank shots. It is also compatible with 32 GB SD card and runs on 8 AA batteries.

2. Moultrie M-Series Game Cameras (2017)

2. Moultrie M-Series Game Cameras (2017) Buy now from Amazon

Moultrie Management Series has a resolution of 16MP and hence enables you to take crisp photos and record, 1080p, high-quality videos. Remarkably, and unlike many other cameras in the market, its resolution does not charge irrespective of whether you’re recording a video or taking a photo, and regardless of the time of day or night. It thus ensures you get crystal clear images anytime anywhere. Since its trigger speed is 0.3 seconds, you can easily capture events at their most opportune moments. It also boasts of a night adjustment features that include 32 LED Infrared Flash technologies capable of detecting and capturing motions 80 feet away.

1. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 14MP Wireless Trail Camera

1. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 14MP Wireless Trail Camera Buy now from Amazon

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD shoots and sends pictures automatically. Just turn it on, and the camera’s tried-and-tested features will deliver everything you need to execute your dream shot wherever your smartphone is. The camera’s latest features include a 14MP resolution that provides track-sharp images, working GPS that sends location updates on a daily basis and enhanced nighttime photo capabilities. The camera accords you premium control and command with free Android and iPhone App, and expanded coverage. Bushnell Trophy is, therefore, your dependable on-the-ground view, on call round the clock.

How To Choose Best Game and Trail Cameras

  • Image Quality
    Image quality, also called resolution, is measured in MP (megapixels). Settle for the game camera with highest MP because of the higher the value, the better the image quality. Note that average Trail cameras feature a resolution of between 5 and 7 MP. The entire range is however huge; the best models come with up to 20 MP while the inexpensive ones come with 2 MP only. The trick is to buy the product with the highest number of MP in the price range.
  • Battery/Power options
    A game can last for days, and the last thing you want to experience is dying power in your camera. Consequently, you must consider battery life while shopping for one. Most brands have a battery range of between 6 and 12 months. Settle for the camera with the longest battery life. Bear in mind the fact actual life is slightly less than rated value because some features of the camera drain the battery and if you use more of the same, your battery will last substantially shorter.
  • Trigger time
    The shorter the trigger times, the better the Trail camera. It is advisable to buy the model whose trigger time is less than one second. However, if you intend to use your device to monitor stationary games, those with longer trigger times are appropriate. The Trigger Speed ranges from 0.14 seconds and 2 seconds. You should settle for the brand whose value tends to 0.14 seconds.

What we recommend

We strongly recommend Bushnell Trophy Cam High Definition Aggressor 14MP Wireless Trail Camera due to the fact it features all the features of other scouting cameras and much more. It’s enhanced Nighttime abilities, GPS (capable of sending daily location updates) and Android and iPhone App are simply revolutionary.

In the preceding Best Game and Trail Cameras list are best rated and hence widely preferred game and Trail cameras. These brands come with essential features guaranteed to enhance your hunting or wildlife scouting experience. So, buying any of the cameras on the list is a sure way of getting value for money. Remember to pay attention to factors such as sturdiness of the design, image quality and short trigger times and you will never go wrong with your selection.



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