Top 10 Best Hair Perms & Straighteners 2018 in Reviews

If you feel that your hair needs a little touch-up, you should consider a hair perm or straightener. These innovative units have effective formulas that help promote healthier and better conditioned hair. They give hair the much-needed shine and even helps eliminate frizz and curls. They also straighten hair to give it professional looks. Hair perms and straighteners work on all hair types including normal hair, color-treated hair, and delicate hair. Despite their affordability, they are still one of the best hair-styling products on the market. Take a look at our top 10 best hair perms and straighteners in reviews to know which unit to go for, should you be in need of any.

#1. ISO Perm – professional option 1 perms

1. ISO Perm – professional option 1 permsamazon button
Volumize, shape, curl and style your hair with the ISO Perm professional option 1 perms. It is a superior product produced by ISO; an innovator and leader in texture technology. It works without causing any damage, and this makes it preferred by many people. You will like the fact that it is a versatile hair perm perfect for both normal and previously permed hair. It will totally transform your hair.


  • ISO Option One: It is ideal for previously and normal permed hair.
  • ISO Option Two: It is for all types of color-treated hair.
  • ISO Option Three: It is for extra-firm curl on resistant and normal hair.

#2. Zotos Texture EFX Color Treated Perm

2. Zotos Texture EFX Color Treated Perm

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The Zotos Texture EFX Color Treated Perm is designed to give you sexy, fun, and fresh texture. It works by creating soft curls and beautiful texture as well as leaving the hair better conditioned and healthier than ever before. It is made for both resistant and normal hair. That’s why many people use it. Additionally, the color-treated perm comes loaded with essential features that make it handy for anyone who wants beautiful and healthy hair.


  • Leave-In Hair Fortifying Splash: It neutralizes perm odor and adds strength.
  • Innovative formula: It gently and effortlessly penetrates the hair shaft, thereby, leaving the cuticle damage-free.
  • Keratide: It is a powerful protein complex, which straightens hair.

#3. Caju Hair Straightener Ceramic Brush

3. Caju Hair Straightener Ceramic Brush

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According to Caju, the Caju Hair Straightener Ceramic Brush is the best brush on Amazon. It offers a safer and easier solution to have silky, smooth and tangle-free hair. Aside from being equipped with advanced technologies, this hair straightener ceramic brush is a combination of detangling brush, anion hair massager, and ceramic iron straightener. It is a must-have in the care industry, as it promises to deliver unrivaled results on a consistent basis.


  • Unique 3D ceramic surface design: It combines with springy bristles to let you straighten your hair in only a few minutes.
  • Lightweight handle: It offers a comfortable use.
  • Anti-scald design: It will not burn your hands or hair.

#4. Zotos Quantum Thermal Straightener

4. Zotos Quantum Thermal Straightener

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Made for clients with resistant or normal hair, the Zotos Quantum Thermal Straightener will definitely bring your hair back to life. It promises to instantly transform curly or wavy tresses into shiny, smooth, and silky hair. It works professionally and you will love it for this. Moreover, its price is not exaggerated, meaning you can get it in a snap. You should not let your hair spoil your day; not when the Zotos Quantum Thermal Straightener is on Amazon.


  • Equalizer 3: It eliminates static and flyaways, smoothens the cuticle, prevents damage, and improves body and texture.
  • Quantum method: It combines the proven Quantum know-how and Japanese-style technology to create a 4-step system, which instantly offers dramatic and long-lasting results.
  • Aroma-Fresh Odor Block: It has Keratin, and it makes hair stronger and healthier.

#5. Developlus Salon Blowout Results (6 oz & 1 oz)

5. Developlus Salon Blowout Results (6 oz & 1 oz)

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One fascinating thing about Developlus Salon Blowout Results (6 oz & 1 oz) is that it works on all types of hair. Additionally, it lasts up to 20 shampoos and requires only one easy application. The product does not have vapors or formaldehyde, and this makes it safe and healthy for anyone who decides to use it. Take advantage of its versatility and use it to eliminate curls and frizz as well as to promote shine, hydration, and softness.


  • Breakthrough formula: It aligns bonds in the hair to make them ultra-straight and reflect light for incredible shine.
  • Natural oil: It protects the hair during and after application.
  • Flexible design: Enables the straightener to work on all hair types.

#6. KINGA Anion Ceramic Hair Straightener

6. KINGA Anion Ceramic Hair Straightener

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If you are on a budget, you may want to try out the KINGA Anion Ceramic Hair Straightener. It is an affordable and versatile hair straightener that’s ready to give you the results you need. Additionally, it is very easy to use, meaning you will get outstanding results in no time. Simply plug it in and start straightening your hair.


  • 6 Heat Levels: They boast a temperature range of 130 – 200 degrees Celsius.
  • Built-in LED screen: Makes it easy to set to the desired temperature level.
  • PTC heating technology: It is for uniform distribution and quick temperature recovery.
  • Built-in professional iron: It offers more shine and less frizz.
  • Auto-off function: It adds safety and helps conserve energy.

#7. Ogilvie Gentle Straightener

7. Ogilvie Gentle Straightener

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The Ogilvie Gentle Straightener is a specially-formulated product meant for color-treated, medium, and fine hair. It is an easy-to-use product that will no doubt give you straight, smooth, and silky hair. It works by taming frizz as well as gently transforming the structure of curls to help you achieve and maintain the much-needed professional, salon results. Use it to keep your hair smooth and manageable. Unlike most hair perms and straighteners, the Ogilvie Gentle Straightener is gentle, and, therefore, it does not hurt.


  • New formula: It is for color-treated, medium, and fine hair.
  • Versatile design: Makes the straightener ideal for several uses.
  • Lightweight engineering: Allows you to comfortably use the straightener.

#8. Ogilvie 0.93 Ounce Perm for Normal Hair

8. Ogilvie 0.93 Ounce Perm for Normal Hair

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Haircare experts who make the Ogilvie 0.93 Ounce Home Perm are dedicated to satisfying customers’ needs. Their product safeguards hair from frizzies and dryness while making sure it has lasting curls and shine. The Ogilvie Hair Perm is ideal for natural perm. So, if you are looking for a functional model for your natural hair, this may be the chance to get one. Use it to get effective salon results in the comfort of your home.


  • B4 pre-perm conditioner: It prepares hair for a natural perm.
  • After-perm conditioners: They balance the moisture level of the hair to ensure lasting manageable curls and silkier hair.
  • New Fresh Scent: It keeps hair fragranced.

#9. Ogilvie 0.94 lb. Perm for Color Treated Hair

9. Ogilvie 0.94 lb. Perm for Color Treated Hair

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Get lasting smooth waves and curls with the Ogilvie 0.94 lb. Perm for Color Treated Hair. It is an effective product that makes hair shine and silky in no time. It is specially made for color-treated hair, and it is affordable enough for easy buying experience. You will love the ingredients included in this product, as each of them contributes to its performance. The hair perm is made in the USA where the manufacturer only uses safe methods to create it.


  • Step-by-step instructions: They provide a clear guideline on how to use the hair perm.
  • Pre-perm conditioner: It gently prepares hair for a natural-looking perm.
  • Effective formula: It offers gentler salon results at home.

#10. Ogilvie Straightener for All Hair Types (0.89 Pound)

10. Ogilvie Straightener for All Hair Types (0.89 Pound)

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Ogilvie has something for everyone; their Ogilvie Straighter for All Hair Types (0.89 Pound) says it all. The manufacturer understands that people have different types of hair. That’s why they have come up with a straightener, which is suitable for all types of hair. The straightener works fast and will leave behind smooth, manageable, and straight hair. It conditions the hair while making it straight to give salon styles and shine.


  • Fast-acting salon formula: It gives straight, touchable hair.
  • Flexible design: The straightener is ideal for all hair types.
  • Drip guard: It helps improve the performance of the straightener.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Hair Perm and Straightener

That’s all for the reviews. And now we move to the next section, which highlights a number of factors to consider before buying a hair perm or straightener.

Know the Difference between Value and Price

Contrary to what most people believe, an expensive product is not necessarily premium quality. This means that at no point should you use the price to determine the quality of the product you are set to buy. When you are in the market for the best hair perm or straightener, take your time to make sure you only land the best quality product within your budget range.

Do not forget the Temperature

While high temperatures give faster and more effective straightening, they cannot be used on all hair types. You should, therefore, go for a unit with an adjustable temperature setting. Apart from helping you get the desired temperature, these units will significantly reduce damage by ensuring comfortable and easy hair straightening experience.

Consider Versatility

A versatile hair perm/straightener will undoubtedly bring in the much-needed convenience. For instance, you can use it to eliminate curls and frizz as well as to promote shine, hydration, and softness. They also tend to work on all hair types. Basically, versatile hair perms/straighteners have lots of benefits. They will help you save time and even money.


Your hair says a lot about you. That’s why you need to keep it shiny, healthy, and attractive always. However, that can be difficult if you do not have the right tools. This article has listed and reviewed the best hair perms and straighteners to give you an array of options on which brand to choose. The article has also talked about a number of factors to consider before purchasing a hair perm or straightener. You will definitely find it useful as far as choosing a desirable product is concerned.

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