Top 10 Best Height Adjustable Standing Desk in 2019 Reviews

Your desk is one of the essential fixtures of any office both at home and at work. It is not only just a piece of furniture that holds your desktop or laptop but it also makes working on these machines more comfortable. And when it comes to picking a workstation or desk the height adjustable standing desks are by far the best options. These desks are great for using when both seated and standing and they are always very convenient.

These desks are very popular thanks to their convenience and the comfortable work positions that they provide. And what this means is that almost every other office and home furniture manufacturer now produces them. While this is a great advantage since you get plenty of options to pick from, sometimes things can be a little confusing as you cannot always be sure what to pick.

In this guide, we help you choose the best height adjustable standing desk by removing some of the best in the market and with our resourceful buying guide.

Check out Best Height-Adjustable Standing Desks Reviews

1. Halter ED-258 Height Adjustable Desk

1. Halter ED-258 Height Adjustable Desk Buy now from Amazon
The Halter ED-258 is ready for use when you get it from the packaging and you will not even need to do any setup as it is preassembled. All you will need to do is to place it on top of the table and you are ready to go. But, what makes it a special standing desk is that it is also effortless to adjust as you only need to squeeze the conveniently located handles. It will fit most standard office desks and it can switch from the sitting to standing position in seconds.

2. Vivo Adjustable Standing Desk

2. Vivo Adjustable Standing Desk Buy now from Amazon
If you want a convenient standing desk with enough space to accommodate a couple of computers here is a great option for you. And besides from providing a spacious work area, it also transitions from sitting to a standing position fast thanks to the simple touch locking mechanism. This desk will require minimal assembly and you should be able to set it up in just a few minutes and without requiring any special tools.

3. The House of Trade Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

3. The House of Trade Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Buy now from Amazon
It only takes seconds to adjust this design from 6.5 inches all the way to 16 inches which makes it one of the most comfortable to use whether you are standing or sitting. And it also has one of the sturdiest constructions thanks to the aluminum steel frame and some unique zinc allow joints that provide superior strength and make this a highly durable desk. This desk has a large workspace that will accommodate two monitors and also a trendy retractable keyboard tray. And it will not require any assembly as it is ready for use straight from the packaging.

4. LeCrozz L-Shaped Corner Desk

4. LeCrozz L-Shaped Corner Desk Buy now from Amazon
If you have that corner in the house that you are still trying to figure out how you can utilize the space with an office desk here is the perfect one for you. It is a highly affordable 3-piece and L-shaped that saves you a lot of space and it is also highly durable thanks to the sturdy steel frame with a powder-coated finish and tempered safety glass. And although it requires some assembly the manufacturer provides some easy to follow and step by step instructions

5. Halter ED-600 Height-Adjustable Desk-Preassembled

5. Halter ED-600 Height-Adjustable Desk-Preassembled Buy now from Amazon
Assembling desks might be a simple task but if you can avoid it the better. The Halter ED-600 is another great preassembled height adjustable desk that is ready to use immediately you get it and it has sufficient space to accommodate two monitors and still leave a lot of room. It is also an easy-to-adjust desk thanks to the squeeze handles and gas spring technology. And it will fit most office desks.

6. Stand Up Desk Store Standing Desk Converter

6. Stand Up Desk Store Standing Desk Converter Buy now from Amazon
Here is a perfect height adjustable desk for those that prefer to use something with an appealing and trendy look. It comes with a pneumatic air cylinder for simple and quick rising and lowering and a highly durable steel base. The desk also does not require any assembly and you will not need to do any office retrofitting. And you get to chose from a few color options including all white.

7. Defy Desk Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

7. Defy Desk Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Buy now from Amazon
The durable steel base on this desk combines with the pneumatic air cylinder to provide smooth rising and lowering for comfortable work positions when both standing and sitting. Also, with this desk, you can choose from up to 200 height positions and it is fully assembled when you get it, meaning that it can be ready to use in under five minutes. And it also provides a large surface area and a weight capacity of up to 30 pounds.

8. Defy Desk Height-Adjustable Standing Desk (with 37-inch gas spring)

8. Defy Desk Height-Adjustable Standing Desk (with 37-inch gas spring) Buy now from Amazon
Defy Desk makes this height adjustable standing desk for someone looking for an extremely easy to operate office desk. And like most of their other height adjustable standing desks, it will provide an ergonomic height range to make it easy to get a comfortable work position whether you are sitting or standing. This desk comes in a two-tier design that includes a spacious surface are for two monitors and a removable lower deck section for keyboard and mouse.

9. Best Choice Products 36-Inch Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

9. Best Choice Products 36-Inch Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Buy now from Amazon
This stylish desk will not only look good in your office but is also useful for creating a healthy workspace by making it possible to balance between sitting and standing. And it also comes in a two-tier design with space for the monitor and keyboard. The desk also has an easy lift mechanism that features a smooth gas-spring lift that will allow you to pick from eight different height settings.

10. FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter

10. FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter Buy now from Amazon
Although this Fezibo desk will cost a few dollars more than the typical height adjustable standing desks it is worth the extra cost as it is not only very convenient but also looks amazing. This fantastic desk provides an easy transition from sit to stand and it has a dual-tier design with space for two monitors at the top and a keyboard tray. Also, there is a handy tablet holder and the desk comes preassembled and ready for use.

Choosing the Best Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

There is a great height adjustable desk out there for everyone and this is regardless of your need or preferences. But, to get one that suits you or will work well for your office or for use at home you should consider the following crucial points.


The material should able one of the first and probably the most important factor to consider as you do not want to buy a new one after every few months. And here whatever material you pick depends on your budget and preferences. Also, make sure that the desk has a top-notch construction and that the material is also aesthetically appealing.

Surface Area

The surface area or the space that the desk provides is also vital as you want something that will accommodate your desktop and all its peripherals. Some extra space is always great as you might want to add another desktop in future. But, almost make sure that the dimensions will fit the space that you have in the office.

Weight Capacity

Besides from just providing enough space for your device, a good desk should also e able to withstand the weight. The larger or heavier the machine is the more the weight capacity that the standing desk should have. And the good news is that there is a wide variety of desks out there as you can get ones with a capacity of as little as 20 pounds to others that can carry upwards of 350 pounds.

Ease of Adjusting

Adjustability is the highlight of these desks and so it is important to go for something that makes it quick and easy. Although different desks will use different adjustment mechanism you should make sure that whatever you buy has a convenient one and that it is also not noisy.


If you are looking to create a comfortable work environment both in the office and a home you need to buy a height-adjustable standing desk. And if you keep the four points above in mind and use our reviews for inspiration you should have an easy time getting the perfect one for you. But also remember to try it out before buying the desk if possible and try to get something within a reasonable budget.

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