Top 10 Best Home Theater Projector in 2019 Reviews

Home entertainment is always evolving as more and more advanced gadgets come into the market. It is now possible to get the same if not a better experience of what you would get at the theater. And although the modern LED televisions sets with some advanced features are mostly responsible for this, home theatre projectors are also another gadget that offers you an authentic theatre experience.

New home theatre projectors are always coming into the market, and the new models seem to build on and improve on the shortcomings of the older models. And as these projectors become affordable, they are almost a must-have for anyone that values image quality and wants to enhance home entertainment.

But the popularity and increase in the types and models of home theatre projectors only make it hard for you to pick the right one for your home. And so in the piece, we review some of the top models and also provide a buying guide to help you out.

1. DBPOWER T20 1800 Lumens Mini Projector

1. DBPOWER T20 1800 Lumens Mini Projector Buy now from Amazon
The mini DBPOWER T20 is a relatively affordable home theatre projector that supports a variety of devices, and it also offers more connectivity options than many others. It is up to 50% brighter than the regular projectors to ensure that you always get top notch home cinema experience. And it also has an efficient cooling system that reduces fan activity to minimize the system’s noise.

2. GooDee Mini Portable Project

2. GooDee Mini Portable Project Buy now from Amazon
An inexpensive mini projector like this one is in most cases enough to give you the entertainment that you need. Like many other modern home theatre projectors, it supports both HDMI and USB. However, the high resolution and great colors are what sets it apart from the many others in the market. And besides, from providing an amazing watching experience, this home theatre projector is also portable for use in various locations in and away from the house.

3. Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector

3. Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector Buy now from Amazon
Here is another great mini projector that is both portable and also quite affordable. It is a perfect mini projector choice when you need something to connect HDMI-enabled devices. The projector will display videos, pictures, and music and it is also perfect for gaming. Other features on this projector that make it great include mobile HDD and USB flash drive compatibility

4. DBPOWER RD-810 LED Portable Projector

4. DBPOWER RD-810 LED Portable Projector Buy now from Amazon
You do not have to pay a small fortune to get a reliable home theatre projector because a cheap one like this still works fine. It gives you more value for cash than most others, and it is also a versatile home projector that you can use for everything from playing music to watching videos and displaying pictures. And with its impressive image size of 50 to 150-inch, you can always be certain of getting an amazing viewing experience.

5. Optoma HD142X 3000 Lumen Home Theatre Projector

5. Optoma HD142X 3000 Lumen Home Theatre Projector Buy now from Amazon
If you would rather buy a high-end home theatre projector and are willing to spend the extra cash, the Optoma HD142X will be a great pick. The 3000 lumens projector performs highly in all aspects, and it is one of the most durable that you can get. Some of the projector’s impressive features include the 107-inch screen size that you can get when the projector is 12-feet away, 23,000:1 contrast ratio, 8,000 hours lamp life, and 10-watt built-in speaker.

6. TENKER Q5 1,500 Lumens Mini Projector

6. TENKER Q5 1,500 Lumens Mini Projector Buy now from Amazon
This affordable LED multimedia projector will work well for most home users as it is not only straightforward to setup and use but also has all the features of a modern projector. It will supply a variety of connections to ensure that you can use it with all your devices including smartphones and game consoles. And it also uses an innovative cooling system for reduced fan noise when in operation.

7. Optoma HD29Darbee 3200 Lumen Home Theatre Projector

7. Optoma HD29Darbee 3200 Lumen Home Theatre Projector Buy now from Amazon
The 3200 lumens brightness on this projector is one of the best that you can get, and it ensures that you always get sharp images. Although it is also a relatively pricey home theatre projector, it is worth every coin. And it includes next-generation vision image processor that will enhance the image quality, 30,000:1 contrast ratio, a multimedia interface, and a lamp life of 8,000 hours for extended projector durability.

8. Epson VS250 SVGA Home Theatre projector

8. Epson VS250 SVGA Home Theatre projector Buy now from Amazon
The Epson VS250 is a cheap alternative for those that are looking for a reliable 3,200 lumens home theatre projector. But, it still performs well and is durable enough. The projector has an SVGA resolution and a remarkable color accuracy that will make your viewing experience even more fantastic. It supports HDMI to ensure that you can use it with most of your media player and the setup should be fast and easy.

9. iRULU BL20 LED Video Projector

9. iRULU BL20 LED Video Projector Buy now from Amazon
The dual HDMI ports on this home theatre projector will make connectivity to your devices quick and simple. This affordable home theatre projector will allow for both manual and remote control, and it has a maximum projection distance of 6 meters. Also, it has a couple of USB ports that will allow you to connect a mouse and keyboard. And the lamp has a life of more than 20,000 hours.

10. Epson Home Cinema 2045 Projector

10. Epson Home Cinema 2045 Projector Buy now from Amazon
Many things make the Epson 2045 worth buying, but the widescreen, full HD 1080p and 3D performance are what will impress most users. The color brightness of 2,200 lumens will also ensure that you get some fantastic images. And it uses the 3LCD technology to ensure that you always get reliable performance and some vibrant images.

Buying Guide The Best Home Theater Projector

If you value home entertainment, want to bring that theatre movie experience to your house, or even want to spice up your video gaming, a home theatre projector will be a worthy investment. But, how do you select the best model from the many out there? Here are some important factors to consider when shopping.


The resolution is one of the essential factors to consider when shopping for home theatre projectors and all the other types. And it is just the total number of pixels that the projector can display. Higher resolution is vital for home theatre projectors because you will have to sit close to the screen when viewing and you would not want to see pixilated images.


Brightness is an obvious factor to consider when buying a home theatre projector, but things are not always that straightforward. You will have to examine the white and color brightness and before picking your projector. When buying a home theatre projector brighter is not evermore the best choice. Instead, you should aim at getting something that strikes a perfect balance between white and color brightness, and also it is not too bright to the extends that it washes out the dark scenes in your movies.

Lamp Life

You do not want frequent downtimes or have to replace the projector lamp after every few months or weeks. And so the lamp life is an essential factor to consider as you shop for a projector. Luckily, most will come with lamps that will last for thousands or even tens of thousands of hours.


Connectivity is another factor that you can never ignore when shopping for a home theatre projector. You will want something that gives you enough connectivity options that should include USB, wireless HDMI, and even Bluetooth. These options will make it easy to link your projector to other devices like phones and tablets without having several wires crisscrossing in the room.

A home theatre projector is an easy way to upgrade your viewing experience, and in most cases, it is way much better than televisions. But this is only so if you get a high-quality one with a fantastic resolution and some remarkable modern features. And if you combine this with a high-quality projector screen you can always be sure of getting an unforgettable viewing experience. Picking the right home theatre projector for your home should also not be hard with our reviews and buying guide above to help you out.

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