Top 10 Best Kitchen Faucets Home Depot in 2018 Reviews

Top Best Kitchen Faucets Home Depot in 2018 Reviews

Getting that upscale and stylish look that you desire in your kitchen can be hard if the faucets are not up to par. These small fixtures are one of those things that many people will overlook when remodeling or finishing their new kitchens. But this mistake almost always ends up ruining your kitchen’s decor. And so the right idea is to go for the best kitchen faucets that you can afford instead of settling for something just because it is inexpensive.
When it comes to shopping for faucets, there are various styles to choose from, and you can also get them in different materials and sizes. Although in the end, your choice of kitchen faucets will all be a matter of personal preferences, it is essential to know what to look for in a kitchen faucet. In this piece, we will showcase some of the best kitchen faucets on the market and also provide a simple buying guide to help you out.

List the Best Kitchen Faucets Home Depot

1. Comllen Stainless Steel Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

1 Comllen Stainless Steel Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Buy now from Amazon
If you have a one-hole sink, this kitchen faucet will be perfect for use as it does not include an escutcheon. Installing it is very straightforward, and you will not even need to hire a professional to do it. The single handle kitchen faucet provides easy control for hot and cold water, and it also features a high arch spout that can rotate 360 degrees to provide superior clearance and enough room for cleaning and filling your large pots.

2. Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST

2 Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Buy now from Amazon
One of the greatest shortcomings with many kitchen faucets is the inability to provide an efficient mechanism for storing the sprayer when not in use. But, this should be the list of your worries with the 9178-AR-DST model from Delta as it uses a strong integrated magnet to snap the spray wand in place and keep it docked when not in use. But, apart from this the single handle and pull down faucet also features Diamond Seal Technology that makes it easy to install and also reduces the leak points. This faucet comes in an arctic stainless finish but is also available in chrome and Venetian bronze.

3. Moen Arbor Motionsense High Arc Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

3 Moen Arbor Motionsense High Arc Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Buy now from Amazon
If you are ready to spend a few extra dollars to get a premium kitchen faucet here is an excellent option for you. It features a Spot Resist stainless still finish that resists water spots and fingerprints. This modern kitchen faucet also comes with a Reflex System that ensures smooth operation and easy movement while also providing for secure docking of the sprayer. But what makes it standout is the Motion Sense technology that offers convenient hands-free operation and Duralock quick connect system that will make installation easy.

4. Delta Faucet 9113T-AR-DST

4 Delta Faucet 9113T-AR-DST Buy now from Amazon
Delta is famous for making sturdy and durable kitchen faucets, and their 9113T-AR-DST model is another impressive unit. It features the Touch2O Technology that Delta uses on its premium kitchen faucets. With this technology, you only need to touch it for water to start running and touch it again to turn it off. It also has an LED light that changes the color when water temperature changes, magnetic dock to pull the spray wand into place when not in use and it comes with six AA batteries.

5. Moen Arbor 1-Handle High Arc Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

5 Moen Arbor 1-Handle High Arc Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Buy now from Amazon
Fingerprints and water spots make your kitchen faucet look old and ugly, but the Spot Resist stainless finish of this one from Moen prevents both. The design makes it possible to install it through a single-hole or three-hole sink, and the escutcheon is also part of the package. Like most other Moen faucets, this one-handle unit also features a Duralock quick connect system for easy installation and Reflex system for easy movement, smooth operation and to ensure that the sprayer docks securely.

6. VCCUCINE Commercial Brushed Nickel Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

6 VCCUCINE Commercial Brushed Nickel Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Buy now from Amazon
The brushed nickel finish is always very stunning but what you will like most about it is that it is also useful for corrosion and scratch resistance. This affordable faucet is very convenient for daily or regular use as it features only one handle that makes controlling hot and cold water easy. And to add to the convenience it has a high arch design and it can rotate 360 degrees to leave enough room for your sink activities.

7. Comllen Single Handle and Single Lever Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet

7 Comllen Single Handle and Single Lever Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet Buy now from Amazon
If you are on the market for the best stainless steel kitchen sink, here is a fantastic kitchen faucet to go with it. It is a kitchen faucet for installing in one hole, and the installation is also very straightforward. The single handle design makes control of hot and cold water easy and convenient. It also features an appealing and durable brushed nickel finish that makes it resist tarnish and corrosion. And the high arch spout can also make a 360-degree rotation.

8. Avola Lead-Free Kitchen Faucet

8 Avola Lead-Free Kitchen Faucet Buy now from Amazon
The Avola pull-down kitchen faucet features a lead-free construction to ensure it does not contaminate your water. And it has a metal single lever handle that make it easy for the user to control the water temperature. But, the dual function pull-out ABS sprayer is what many users will live most as it makes it convenient by allowing one to shift between an aerated stream and cleaning rinse. This kitchen faucet is for one-hole installation, and it comes with cold and hot water hoses.

9. Delta Faucet 9159-CZ-DST

9 Delta Faucet 9159-CZ-DST Buy now from Amazon
The champagne bronze finish on this kitchen faucet is just incredible, and it might be all you need to spice up or add some style to your kitchen. But, you can also get it in other finishes like matte black and chrome. This kitchen faucet is ideal for one or three-hole installation, but you will need to order an escutcheon for the latter. Like many other Delta faucets, it uses the Diamond Seal Technology that ensures that it can last for up to five million uses. It also features a 360-degree rotating high arch spout and touch-clean spray holes for easy cleaning of mineral build-up.

10. KOHLER K-596-VS Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

10 KOHLER K-596-VS Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Buy now from Amazon
This simple kitchen faucet will bring a sleek look to your kitchen with its fluid lines that will blend with any décor. It has a high arch spout that swivels 360 degrees, and it combines with the one installation design to ensure there is minimal clutter around the sink and counter. The compact spray head has three functions which are spray, aerated flow, and the handy pause function. This kitchen faucet also features a MasterClean spray face design that minimizes build-up of minerals to make cleaning easy.

Buying Guide: The Best Kitchen Faucets Home Depot

Kitchen faucets are not only for delivering water to the sink, but they also add some style to the kitchen. And so besides from choosing one that is effective in its primary role of providing water it should have a stylish appearance and also be durable enough. Many other traits define a high-quality kitchen faucet beside from its material. But to help you pick the best one here are some important factors to consider when shopping.

  • Handles
    Typically, kitchen faucets will have one handle that rotates in different directions for changing the water temperature or two handles that you use to mix the cold and hot water. These faucets will also come with a pull-out/pull-down sprayer or one that sits on the side. And besides, from the traditional one or two hand styles, you can also get modern faucets that feature hands-free operation. These faucet types will either be motion oriented or touch orientated and they will not only add a contemporary dimension to the kitchen but are also safer for those that have kids.
  • No of Holes on Your Sink
    As you are shopping for the best stainless steel kitchen sinks, you will probably not put much thought to the number of holes that the unit has. Provided it is high-quality, looks sturdy and has a beautiful finish it is okay. But when it comes to buying kitchen faucets you have to consider the number of holes on your sink. A kitchen faucet with two handles and other extras like a soap dispenser and side dispenser requires a kitchen sink with multiple holes.
  • Arch Height
    For the arch height, you can choose between high and low arch heights. If you work with large pots and other big kitchenwares you need a faucet with a high arch for simple cleaning and filling easy. Those that have a window or cabinet that limits the height of the spout arch can stick with the traditional low arch faucets.
  • Mounting Mechanism
    The mounting mechanism is another essential factor to consider, and you should always go for something that meets your particular needs. Here you can choose from different styles that include deck plate mounting that uses a plate to cover the extra holes in the sink, non-deck plate mounting, and the wall mounting.
  • Finishing
    Like everything else in your kitchen looks also matter when it comes to buying the faucets. Luckily, there are more than enough faucet finishing options to choose from, and they include chrome, polished nickel, oil rubbed bronze, ivory, and glacier. Your personal preference and the kitchen decor that you want to complement should guide you when choosing the finishing.


When trying to determine the best kitchen faucet for your home, the reviews above and simple buying guide will be handy. But, apart from getting the best kitchen faucets, it is also essential to make sure that you install it correctly. Whether you choose to do it on your own or hire a professional, just make sure that you get it right.

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