Top 10 Best Label Makers to Buy in 2019 Reviews

The best way to improve convenience in your office or at home is to have your items labeled. This you can do manually using freehand, but nothing produces the best labels than label markers. Unlike doing it yourself, a label marker is loaded with innovative features to help you create multiple labels in a variety of styles, colors, and fonts. In fact, a label marker is easy to use and can produce several labels compared to if you had to do it freehand. Well, if you want to upgrade how things work around your office, you should get one or two label markers. And we believe the following top 10 best label markers to buy in 2019 reviews will come in handy.

Checkout the Best Label Makers in Reviews

1. DYMO LabelManager 280 (1815990)

1. DYMO LabelManager 280 (1815990) Buy now from Amazon
The DYMO LabelManager 280 is portable with a rechargeable battery to help you avoid costs. It uses thermal printing to create labels with no toner or ink. This label marker creates labels with over 200 symbols, clip art images, 7 text styles, and 6 font sizes. It has a qwerty-style keyboard that allows you to enter and edit text. Similarly, you can as well connect it to your PC for additional graphics, texts, and barcode printing options. This label marker is compatible with Windows 7 or later and Mac OS Xv10.8 or later.


  • Offers quick and easy text formatting
  • Provides powerful customization via computer connectivity
  • It can write multiple lines on a single strip


  • No button for special characters

2. Brother P-Touch Label Marker (PT-D210)

2. Brother P-Touch Label Marker (PT-D210) Buy now from Amazon
For a label marker that provides quick access to symbols, frames, and fonts, consider the Brother P-Touch (PT-D210). It has a graphical display that allows you to see how the label will look like before printing it. The label marker has over 600 symbols, 14 font styles, and 95 frames to provide you with various ways to personalize your labels. The battery-powered marker uses 3 AAA batteries (not included). Besides, it has a simple-access memory that can keep up to 30 labels for quick printing.


  • It is easy to use to create good-looking labels
  • Offers an endless array of uses around your home or office
  • The labels are water and fade-resistant


  • Tends to waste a lot of tapes

3. DYMO Letra Tag Label Marker (21455)

3. DYMO Letra Tag Label Marker (21455) Buy now from Amazon
With a compact design, the DYMO Letra Tag will provide you with a hand-held portability you can take anywhere. It is equipped with a wide array of label colors and text styles to help you print the right label for every situation. The label marker boasts 13 clear characters on an LCD display for easy use. It has an ABC keyboard that offers speedy and simple label marking. Moreover, the label marker allows you to select your preferred language between French, English, and Spanish.


  • It has larger numbers and letters that are easy to see and press
  • The marker has a button for special characters
  • The automatic-off feature saves power


  • The quality of the labels is not very good

4. Epson LabelWorks LW-300

4. Epson LabelWorks LW-300 Buy now from Amazon
Designed with a large built-in memory, the Epson LabelWorks LW-300 can store up to 30 files. It has 14 fonts, 300 symbols, 10 styles, and over 75 frames to help you produce amazing labels for different kinds of situations. This label marker is very efficient since it has smaller margins compared to other brands. It automatically prints with a split back for fast and easy peeling.


  • The replacement tape is inexpensive
  • The marker is easy to set up and use
  • Comes with a starter roll of tape that is efficient
  • It has a quality feel for a reasonable price


  • It prints a little slower than other models

5. Brother P-Touch Label Marker (PTD600)

5. Brother P-Touch Label Marker (PTD600) Buy now from Amazon
If you want a quick and easy way to create a variety of labels, the Brother P-Touch (PTD600) should be your go-to product. It has a large QWERTY-style keyboard that is easy to use for professional labels. The marker comes with a USB cable that enables you to connect it to your PC for more printing options. It is equipped with an automatic tape cutter and fast print speed that are well-suited for large labeling jobs.


  • The full-color graphic displays real-time updates
  • Flexible powering options allow you to use the machine almost anywhere
  • Works with a variety of tapes


  • Switching between tapes sizes seem to confuse the machine at times

6. Brother P-Touch Label Marker (PTD400AD)

6. Brother P-Touch Label Marker (PTD400AD) Buy now from Amazon
Create personalized labels with up to 18mm wide using the Brother P-Touch (PTD400AD). It has 10 styles, 99 frames, 14 fonts, and over 600 symbols to allow you to create professional labels for your office. The keyboard features large keys and an angled design for comfortable typing. The label marker has one-touch formatting keys to help you save time when adding frames to change other formatting options. Furthermore, it is powered by an AC power adapter to give you the ability to make labels at your desk or on the go.


  • Allows you to print up to 5 lines on a paper
  • Prints larger texts that extend nearly edge to edge
  • It has split back for easy application


  • There’s a lot of blank space when printing

7. DYMO RHINO 4200 Label Marker (1801611)

7. DYMO RHINO 4200 Label Marker (1801611) Buy now from Amazon
The DYMO RHINO 4200 Label Marker (1801611) is loaded with innovative features to help you save time and money. The integrated rubber bumpers, for instance, help prevent damage from on-the-job drops and falls. The marker has hotkey shortcut to enable you to create and format texts quickly. Similarly, it has a favorite key that provides a single-key access to your most frequently used symbols, labels and terms. Furthermore, the marker has Rhino 4200 to help you print labels up to 3/4” wide in permanent polyester and flexible nylon.


  • Performs very well and the menu system works just fine
  • The user-interface is very simple and easy to navigate
  • It is easy to save labels in the memory; it remembers the size, rotation, and justification


  • The print quality is average

8. Brother P-Touch Label Marker (PTM95)

8. Brother P-Touch Label Marker (PTM95) Buy now from Amazon
Featuring a QWERTY-style keyboard, the Brother P-Touch Label Marker (PTM95) is easy to use. It has 10 framing options, 9 type styles, and over 200 symbols to help you create customized labels each time. The tapes come in 9mm and 12mm in widths with a range of colors for you to add a personal touch. The label marker is powered by 4 AAA batteries to give you a portable unit you can use on your desk or on the go.


  • It has easy view display which is easy to use
  • Stores up to 3 labels for quick reprinting
  • The labels adhere well and are easy to read


  • Small in size but big on quality

9. Brady Handheld Label Printer BMP21-PLUS

9. Brady Handheld Label Printer BMP21-PLUS Buy now from Amazon
With a smart automatic formatting, the Brady Handheld Label Printer BMP21-PLUS is very simple to use. It combines a tough exterior with convenient printing capabilities for wires and cables to give you the best performance. The marker boasts a built-in label grabber device to prevent your cut labels from falling to the ground after it is cut. Also, this unit allows you to choose from 70 label parts across 8 durable materials including nylon cloth wire and self-laminating wire markers.


  • The machine feels solid and well-made
  • Has a display backlight that is beautiful
  • End margins are appropriate


  • The ABC keyboard is not so easy to use

10. Brother P-Touch Label Marker (PTH110)

10. Brother P-Touch Label Marker (PTH110) Buy now from Amazon
Designed with an easy-view graphical display, the Brother P-Touch (PTH110) will provide you with easy preview before printing. It comes with a variety of fonts, symbols, and frames to help you create personalized labels. The marker is compact to allow you to print professional labels anywhere. It comes with TZe tape which is laminated to make it durable indoors and outdoors. Similarly, the tapes come in different widths to provide you with limitless printing options.


  • Easy to use and helps keep things organized
  • Small enough for you to travel with
  • Makes a nice shiny factory looking label


  • Wastes tapes, thereby, forcing you to trim every label with scissors

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Label Marker

In addition to the price of the label marker, the following are some of the things you need to look for in the best product.


Since what will appear on your labels will first be shown on the display, it is important that you consider a marker with a clear display. Therefore, ensure the display has a high contrast to be visible from a distance and that what you key in can be read effortlessly.


The type of keyboard you use will determine how fast you complete a task. For easy and quick use, consider a label marker with a large keyboard. It makes things easier and helps minimize errors while typing. A QWERTY-style keyboard is easy to use; hence, it is more preferred compared to an alphabetically arranged keyboard.


For the best label marker, consider how the device is powered. Battery-powered label markers are the most common because they are more convenient in terms of portability. And they are rechargeable and provide extended usage. As a result, you can use it on the go or in the comfort of your desk.

Freehand labels have become quite ordinary and people are fast moving away from that backwardness. Being used as a replacement is a label marker. We know you don’t want to be left behind in the analog world. Thus, we’ve carried out thorough research before coming up with this compilation to help you find the best label marker effortlessly.

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