Top 10 Best LED Security Light in 2019 Reviews

Using LED security lights to keep your home secure is more convenient than many options. This is because LED security lights are affordable; hence, acquiring them will not be a hassle. They are also energy efficient yet this does not hinder their ability to produce a concentrated beam. Well, since they produce a bright light, LED security lights illuminate large areas, thereby, deterring unwanted activities from taking place. In addition, most LED security lights are equipped with motion sensors that enable the lights to turn on automatically when motion is detected. To further break down this topic for you, we have unveiled the following top 10 best LED security lights in 2019 reviews. Check them out.

List the Best LED Security Light in Reviews

1. Hyperikon 30W LED Security Light

1. Hyperikon 30W LED Security Light Buy now from Amazon
With 90 lumens/watts, the Hyperikon 30W LED Security Light is incredibly light, and, will no doubt deter any unwanted activity. Still on security; this light comes equipped with a built-in motion sensor that enables it to detect motion. It also has the dusk-to-dawn sensor to eliminate the inconvenience of having to put it on at dusk and off at dawn. Installing this light is fairly easy, considering that you only need to follow a few and simple wiring steps to conveniently mount it on a wall.


  • Very easy to install and set up
  • Produces bright light that deters unwanted activities
  • Well made and works well


  • A bit overpriced

2. SANSI 30W LED Security Outdoor Lights

2. SANSI 30W LED Security Outdoor Lights Buy now from Amazon
What’s so great about these outdoor lights is that they can sense motion up to 50 feet away and at an angle of up to 180 degrees. We also like the fact that these lights are waterproof, and, therefore, will conveniently work even in rainy weather. Plus they are rated at 3400 lumens, meaning they offer efficient lighting for the exterior living environment. About installation, these lights come with everything including 3 wire connectors, a bar-shaped mounting plate, waterproof gasket, and many more.


  • Parts are protected by a 5-year warranty
  • Lights are super bright
  • Illuminates a large surface area
  • Easy to install and position


  • Motion sensor/detector could be better

3. Sunforce 82153 150-LED Triple Head Light

3. Sunforce 82153 150-LED Triple Head Light Buy now from Amazon
We have been moved by the two adjustable settings of this triple-headed light. Well, the two settings are detection distance and light duration, and their work is to make the light much easier to use. We also like the amorphous solar panel that charges in all daylight conditions. In other words, the solar panel of this light does not need direct sunlight to charge. After you have installed this fixture, you will be able to move it horizontally, downward or upward because the head is adjustable.


  • Perfect for entryways, sheds, remote places etc
  • Provides decent light
  • The long wire for the solar panel is great


  • Not the greatest motion sensor

4. SANSI 30W LED Security Outdoor Lights

4. SANSI 30W LED Security Outdoor Lights Buy now from Amazon
These lights can turn on automatically when it detects motion that is as far as 50 feet. They are high-functioning security outdoor lights that will help beef up security at your place. Their adjustable design features three working modes that include Manual Mode, Motion Sensor, and Test Mode. For this reason, you will be able to find the right mode that best suits your needs. These lights are waterproof; hence, expect them to withstand the adverse outdoor conditions.


  • Lights install quickly and easily
  • Give a concentrated beam
  • The sensor body and lamp heads are easy to rotate into position


  • The motion sensor needs improvement

5. Brinks 7120B 110-Degree Security Light

5. Brinks 7120B 110-Degree Security Light Buy now from Amazon
Brinks has designed this security light in such a way that it activates automatically at dusk and goes off automatically at dawn. This eliminates the inconvenience that comes with security lights. The manufacturer has also equipped the lighting system with a powerful motion sensor that detects motion up to 35 feet away. What’s more, they have made the security light with non-corrosive materials, so it can hold up well in the hostile outdoor environment. The motion sensor and arms are adjustable to allow you to focus light wherever.


  • The price is right
  • Installs easily and works great
  • The sensor motion is sensitive


  • It is made primarily of plastic

6. SANSI 27W LED Security Lights

6. SANSI 27W LED Security Lights Buy now from Amazon
These security lights come with a 5-year warranty that will give you confidence in buying and using the product. Besides, these lights have the dusk-to-dawn photocell that powers off during the day and activates at night. The lights also light on automatically when they detect motion at night and goes off automatically after pre-determined time when there is no further motion detection. They produce up to 2700 lumens, meaning they are relatively bright.


  • Directions are clear, making installation a breeze
  • The motion sensor is sensitive
  • Lights produce great illumination


  • It is a little difficult to adjust the lights

7. LEPOWER 28W 2500LM LED Security Light

7. LEPOWER 28W 2500LM LED Security Light Buy now from Amazon
If you want something that will keep your home safe without making your electricity bill skyrocket, the LEPOWER 28W 2500LM Light is for you. It produces high brightness output of up to 2500 lumens, and it boasts great dissipation of heat. Moreover, the light will save your electricity bill by up to 80-percent. Its 180-degree wide sensing angle combines well with the 49-foot sensing range to give you the desired results. Still on performance, the motion sensor, lens hood, and light heads are all adjustable to different angles.


  • Great for entryways, workshops, stairs, yards etc
  • ETL certified for outstanding quality
  • Parts are protected by a 1-year warranty


  • Has a tendency of flashing on and off

8. LEPOWER 950LM Solar LED Security Light

8. LEPOWER 950LM Solar LED Security Light Buy now from Amazon
The two heads of this high performing security light are made of an ABS material, which is known for unwavering durability. As if that’s not enough, the light features an amorphous silicon solar panel, which charges all day long even when the sunlight is not direct. Once you are done installing this light, take advantage of the adjustable design and adjust the light heads, motion sensor, and/or lens hoods to suitable angles. This light produces up to 950 lumens and saves electricity bills by up to 80-percent.


  • Easy to install and works as described
  • The motion sensor is capable of detecting motion in long distance
  • Bright enough to illuminate a wide area


  • Has a limited directional capability

9. SOLLA 39W LED Security Light

9. SOLLA 39W LED Security Light Buy now from Amazon
If you were thrilled with the idea of your security light saving electricity bill by up to 80-percent, you will be carried away with this 39-watt light, which cuts electricity costs by up to 86-percent. And it achieves that by consuming 39 watts only, which is equivalent to 200 watts in a halogen bulb. Best of all, the light does not sacrifice brightness in favor of low energy consumption. Its 3 heads produce 3000 lumens that will brightly illuminate your living environment.


  • Installs easily and works great after installation
  • Gives a powerful illumination
  • The motion sensor works great
  • Compact and adjusts effortlessly


  • The center screw could be longer in order to work better

10. STASUN 100W LED Security Lights

10. STASUN 100W LED Security Lights Buy now from Amazon
STASUN 100W LED Lights have a waterproof rating of IP65, meaning they can work in wet locations. That being said, these lights are perfect for walkways, parking areas, driveways, patios, and yards, among others. To further enable them to work conveniently outdoors, these security lights feature robust die-cast aluminum housing. They also have shockproof PC lens for long-lasting performance. Furthermore, they produce up to 9000 lumens, which is equivalent to 600 watts in incandescent bulbs. This, therefore, means these lights save a lot of energy.


  • Lights arrive fast and in good condition
  • They produce a wide range of bright light
  • The bracket is well built


  • May arrive with a few issues, but the manufacturer always assists

Buyer’s Guide for the Best LED Security Light

We have come up with the following factors to give you a clue about how to land the best LED security light.


If the installation is not easy, it is likely to be done improperly, and this can compromise the performance of an LED security light. Therefore, make sure that the package you are buying has simple instructions and comes with complete hardware for straightforward installation.


Since you are buying a security light, it is imperative that you go for a bright fixture. This is because lights that are bright produce enough illumination that covers a wide area. By so doing, they improve security at home.


The outdoor environment is harsh; hence, it is advisable that the security lights you bring home have what it takes to overcome it. With this in mind, consider lights made of sturdy and non-corrosive housing such as aluminum and ABS materials. The LED lights you are set to buy should also be waterproof, so it can work even when it’s raining.

Smart Features

Smart features make an LED security light extremely easy to use. In most cases, they enable the light to function automatically. For instance, motion sensors allow lights to turn on when motion is detected. There is also the dusk-to-dawn photocell technology, which enables LED security lights to automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. So, make sure the light you are choosing has these features as well.

Keeping your residential or commercial place safe is important. And one of the best ways to achieve that is to have LED security lights installed in these areas. The lights are bright, and, therefore, they produce enough illumination that will discourage anyone with bad intentions from getting access to your property.

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