Top 10 Best Men’s Snowboard Boots in 2019 Reviews

Snowboarding is always a fun way to spend a weekend when the weather allows it. And you do not have to be a pro to enjoy it because the thrill that comes from skiing dos the mountain or in the terrain park will impress anyone that can balance on a snowboard.

The charms of the sport are hard to resist, and for a beginner that wants to try it out for the first time, the idea is always to go for the best snowboard. But, before you decide to use some bucks on a snowboard you need to buy some snowboard boots. Experts and pros will always recommend that you buy the footwear first and then use them to pick the right bindings and snowboard for you.

Getting the right snowboard boots is by far harder than just going online and ordering a pair in your size. There are some vital things and elements that you need to understand to make sure that you are making the right pick. But, our reviews and snowboard boots buyer’s guide below will help you know how to choose the right pair.

List the Best Men’s Snowboard Boots

1. DC Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boards

1. DC Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boards Buy now from Amazon
Quality of the materials should always be a top priority when shopping for snowboard boards. And the fact that this pair features a genuine leather construction should be enough to convince you that this is a top-notch pair. Also, it features a traditional lace system that makes it easy to tighten, and it has a snow basic insole, a sturdy outsole and you can get it in close to a dozen colors.

2. Burton Snowboard Boots

2. Burton Snowboard Boots Buy now from Amazon
If you want some high-quality snowboard shoes that are also effective in keeping you warm here is a good chose for you. The boots come with a unique insole that will customize to your fit to make the boots more comfortable and speed zone lacing that makes it easy to tie the boots. Also, these snowboard boots feature sleeping bag reflective lines, and they are available in all standard male sizes.

3. DC S out Snowboard Boots

3. DC S out Snowboard Boots Buy now from Amazon
For those snowboarders that prefer to wear boots from famous brands here is a high-quality pair from DC that will be just perfect. But, there is more to the boots than the fact that they are from a famous company. They feature a BOA closure system that eliminates the need to keep tightening laces, an EVA outsole, red lining and you can get them in four attractive color designs.

4. ThirtyTwo Binary BOA Boots

4. ThirtyTwo Binary BOA Boots Buy now from Amazon
Here is another high-quality pair of the BOA style snowboards. And it features a fabric and leather construction for a durable upper section, a performance outsole, a comfy tongue and integrated internal lacing to make the fit even more comfortable. These shoes also have an attractive overall appearance, and they also have a grip and rip heel hold to make them perfect for most riding styles.

5. Burton Invader Men’s Snowboard Boots

5. Burton Invader Men’s Snowboard Boots Buy now from Amazon
The traditional lacing system might have some shortcomings, but it is still one of the things that make these snowboard boots perfect. And besides from the lacing they also feature a shrinkage footprint reduction design to ensure they are still comfortable even as they age, a soft flex tongue to enhance the comfort and a molded EVA footbed that will make it feel great on your foot.

6. ThirtyTwo Lashed Bradshaw Boots

6. ThirtyTwo Lashed Bradshaw Boots Buy now from Amazon
Whether you are riding in the part or out in the open these shoes will take your snowboarding experience a notch higher. The fact that the boots are some of the best selling snowboard shoes should be enough to convince you to buy them, but they also feature a lightweight construction, comfortable level 2 intuition liners and EVA foam that will never hold you down.

7. DC Control Double Boa Boots

7. DC Control Double Boa Boots Buy now from Amazon
Sometimes all it takes to get top-notch snowboard boots is spending a few extra bucks. And if you are willing to pay a couple of hundred dollars on your snowboard boots this pair from DC is one of the best choice out there. It not only looks good but is also comfortable, sturdy and feels great on your feet thanks to the fabric and leather construction, impact S insole and foundation Unilite sole.

8. Salomon Faction Snowboard Boots

8. Salomon Faction Snowboard Boots Buy now from Amazon
Salomon might not be the most famous snowboard boots brands, but they still make some high-quality pairs. This particular one features a BOA lacing system, and it comes with an ortholite C1 insole that is very comfortable EVA outsole for durability and a gold lever liner. And despite the fact that it does not have lost oh colors it still looks attractive enough.

9. DC Lynx Traditional Lacing Snowboard Boots

9. DC Lynx Traditional Lacing Snowboard Boots Buy now from Amazon
There is always a DC pair of boots for all snowboarder, and this one is for those that prefer to wear traditional lacing ones. They are also durable bots that feature a nubuck and leather upper section, rubber outsole for an excellent grip and durability, impact S insole and internal ankle harness. These are also some of the most breathable snowboard boots thanks to the Aerotech ventilation system

10. Ride Lasso Men’s Snowboard Boots

10. Ride Lasso Men’s Snowboard Boots Buy now from Amazon
The tongue-tied lacing is just one of the many things that make these shoes stand out. However, they also feature Intuition Mobile form liner that provides a perfect balance between flexibility and they also have an antimicrobial treatment to ensure they always smell fresh. Other features include pre-shaped and a 3D formed tongue and articulate cuff to eliminate distortion of the shell.

The Best Snowboard Boots: Buying Guide

Whether you plan is to start snowboarding with the hopes of going pro at some point or just want to add it to your winter activities the first step is always to get the right boots. And although there are more than enough snowboard options out there, you need to consider the following essential things to ensure you get the best. These boots will also come with the traditional lacing system.


A good pair of snowboard should have a snug fit. However, they should not be too snug or to a point where they make your feet sore or painful. All boots will have a tight fit when they are new, but they should form to their correct size after a few days. And so you should also keep this fact in mind when choosing the right fit.

Riding Style

Your ride category will determine the right shoes for you, and so you also need to consider it when shopping. If you are a freeride boarder or all mountain and like speed, some more responsive boots will be the best choice while softer and easy to maneuver shoes will be ideal for recreational snowboarders and park rides.

Lacing System

When it comes to the lacing system, you will need to pick between the traditional, boa and quick-pull lacing. While all the three will work well, each has some merits and demerits which you should understand to make the right choice


Your choice of snowboard boots can make or break your snowboarding experience and so you cannot afford to go wrong. Taking some time to shop around and compare different ideas is always a good idea. And with our snowboard boots reviews and buying guide to help you out you will have an easy time picking your pair.

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