Top 10 Best Monoculars for Bird Watching in 2019 Reviews

There are many things that you can do while outdoors but bird watching ranks among the most popular and also the most interesting ones. Millions of people across the world are regular “birders” and many of them will invest a lot of time and resources to watch these beautiful creatures. But whether you are an occasional birder or a regular one a monocular always comes in handy when you want to spot and identify different kinds of birds.

Monoculars are lighter and more affordable than regular telescopes and binoculars but still offer many of the features that you get from the latter. But, there are also various types of monoculars in the market from different companies. And they will differ in much more than the brand and price. Finding the right one for your bird watching adventures will require you to understand what sets the different brands apart and also have an idea of some of the best on the market.

Check out The Best Monoculars for Bird Watching

#1. Wingspan Optics Explorer 12X50 Monocular

1. Wingspan Optics Explorer 12X50 Monocular Buy now from Amazon
This Wingspan Optics monocular will let you see things up to 12 times closer and so you will see the birds clearer. It is one of the most powerful monoculars in the market and it is also tough and long lasting thanks to the sturdy external amour that also provides a secure and non-slip grip. The ergonomic design of this monocular makes it easy to focus on your target and also accurately while using just one hand. Also, it is both water and fog proof to prevent dust, moisture, and debris.

#2. Vortex Optics VMX-3T Magnifier

2. Vortex Optics VMX-3T Magnifier Buy now from Amazon
Although this is not a typical monocular, VMX-3Twill still serve the purpose well. It provides simple and fast focusing on a specific target and up to 3x magnification. And it is also mountable on a rifle in case you might also be hunting the birds. The magnifier is also nitrogen purged to make it completely water and fog proof to ensure you always get an excellent vision. Also, it uses a dot centering screw and it will not require any special sight-in.

#3. Cosbity 12×50 Monocular Telescopes

3. Cosbity 12x50 Monocular Telescopes Buy now from Amazon
This highly powerful monocular also offers up to 12x magnification and it uses a 50mm object lens that ensures you always get some bright and clear images. It also has low night vision for bird watching under low light conditions and it also comes in a user-friendly overall design. Also, the monocular has a rubber finish for shock absorption and a firm and comfortable grip. It is also durable and when you buy it you will also get a stable and extendable tripod and phone clip.

#4. Gosky Titan 12×50 Prism Monocular

4. Gosky Titan 12x50 Prism Monocular Buy now from Amazon
The quick smartphone holder and the high-powered prism design are some of the many things that make this a top-notch monocular. It also provides a12x magnification that brings the birds closer and makes the images clearer and brighter. There is also a shock absorbing rubber armor and a solid framework that make this a rugged and highly durable monocular. And it is also shockproof, dustproof and waterproof thanks to the nitrogen filling and o-ring that also keeps moisture, debris, and dust out.

#5. Miluo Tech 16×52 Monocular

5. Miluo Tech 16x52 Monocular Buy now from Amazon
If you want a monocular that provides high magnification so that you always get even clearer and brighter images this one from Miluo Tech will be a good buy thanks to the 16x magnification and 52mm objective diameter. Also, it has rubber armor that not only gives it a solid grip but also makes it rugged enough to withstand regular field abuse. And it also has dual focus capability and multicoated optics.

#6. SGODDE 16×52 Dual Focus Monocular

6. SGODDE 16x52 Dual Focus Monocular Buy now from Amazon
Here is another monocular that provides 16x magnification and comes with the 52mm objective diameter. It is also a relatively affordable monocular despite the impressive image quality and it provides wide angle and HD wide view. Like most other monoculars it is waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof. And it comes in convenient slip-on design and with a tough rubber armor that makes it rigged for regular use out in the field. There is also a mounting adapter for your phone and highly durable tripod.

#7. Eagwell Dual Focus Monocular

7. Eagwell Dual Focus Monocular Buy now from Amazon
If cost is a major consideration for you here is one of the cheapest but high-quality monoculars out there. The improved night vision mulit is one of its most impressive features as it makes it easy to watch birds even under low light conditions. But, it also provides both lens and eyepiece focus and 40x magnification. And like most other monoculars it is both shock and waterproof and it will come in a compact and easy to carry design.

#8. Femic 8×42 High Powered Monocular

8. Femic 8x42 High Powered Monocular Buy now from Amazon
Wide angle and the HD view are two features that can make a monocular stand out and they are enough to convince any bird watcher to buy this particular one. It is a highly durable monocular made from some
high-quality materials and it is a shock, water, and dust proof to ensure maximum durability. Also, it comes in a compact design and is convenient to use with one hand and the easy focusing design makes it ideal for a variety of applications.

#9. Gosky Titan 12×50 Monocular

9. Gosky Titan 12x50 Monocular Buy now from Amazon
With the 12×50 high-powered magnification and handy smartphone older you get to enjoy bird watching like never before. This fantastic monocular also includes multi-coated leans coating and it is compatible with most versions of the iPhone and many other smartphone models. The monocular also comes with rugged rubber armor and a solid framework that makes it highly durable and it is also dust, water, and shockproof.

#10. Landove 20-60×80 Waterproof Spotting Scope

10. Landove 20-60x80 Waterproof Spotting Scope Buy now from Amazon
For the bird watchers that do not mind spending a few extra bucks on a professional style spotting scope here is one of the best choices in the market. With its fully coated optics and variable magnification (20x to 60x), it will provide one of the best image qualities. And it is 100% water, shock and dustproof. This fantastic scope will also come with a handheld mount, tabletop tripod, and a handy cell phone adapter to make it even more convenient to use.

Choosing The Best Bird Watching Monoculars

When it comes to picking a monocular, most of the time the right one for you will depend on your personal preferences and budget. But, you also need to consider the following important points when shopping for monoculars

Quality Optics

Quality optics are essential for the performance of any monocular and so they should always be one of the first factors to consider when choosing one. What makes good optics important is the fact that you do not want to view birds and find it hard to differentiate the species as this beats the logic of bird watching. And since different devices will use varying kind of optics the right idea is always to go for the best optics that you can afford.


In most instances, bird watching require you to move around with your monocular. Whether you are in the park or out in the world you will need to walks around with your monocular at some point. Hence, it is important to make sure that you choose something portable. And when it comes to portability the size and weight of the monocular are vital. A lightweight monocular with a compact design is always the most portable and convenient to walk around with.


Monoculars might not be as pricey as binoculars and telescopes but you still do not want to have to buy a new one after every few bird-watching excursions. You should make sure that whatever you chose has a sturdy case and also all the internal components including lens are high-quality and durable enough. A rugged construction that makes it possible for the monocular to withstand accidental falls is always more preferred.

Bird watching is one of those outdoor activities that will always leave you with some satisfaction that is hard to explain. But, it is even more rewarding when viewing the bird from their natural habitat. However, this will require you to have the right equipment such as the monocular. And in this piece, we help you pick the best from the various models by reviewing some of the top rated ones and also highlighting a few vital things to look out for when shopping for one.

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