Top 10 Best Outdoor Hot Tubs in 2018 Reviews

Our modern lifestyles are very demanding and stressful, and this is regardless of whether you are working or studying. We are always on the move, and it is almost like there is something to do every minute of the day. And what this means is that the day always ends up with a tired, cramped and aching body. Worst still very few of us will find time to relax, and this means that we are always stressed and anxious.

Lack of time to chill and the busy schedules do not mean that you should live with the stress and anxiety because there are many remedies available. One of best and most relaxing is soaking in an outdoor bathtub for a while after a long day. A hot tub might not solve your problems, but it can help you deal with the anxiety and stress. Also, it is also useful for you health-wise.

There is much more to buying an outdoor hot tub than just going online and ordering. You need to pick the right hot tub for your needs so that you get to enjoy all the relaxing and health benefits that come with a hot tub. In this piece, we review some of the best outdoor hot tubs and highlight a few points to consider when buying one to help you with the purchase.

List the Best Outdoor Hot Tubs in Reviews

1. Intex 77-inch Portable Bubble Massage Spa

1. Intex 77-inch Portable Bubble Massage Spaamazon button
For those that are on the market for a portable outdoor hot tub, this 77-inch one from Intex is an excellent choice. It is an affordable bubble massage spa set that has a hard water treatment system to make the water gentle on your skin. This 4 people tub has a water capacity of 210 gallons and wide temperature range for comfortable spa sessions. And it also includes an insulated cover with a lock to preserve water temperatures and for safety.

2. Coleman Lazy Z Inflatable Tub

2. Coleman Lazy Z Inflatable Tubamazon button
This 4 to 6 person capacity inflatable tub is as convenient as it can get. It is an easy-to-setup tub, and it also folds to a compact size for effortless storage when not in use. The hot tub has some durable TriTech walls and lots of soothing jets to massage the entire body. And there is also an easy-to-use digital control panel, and you will not need any tools to set it up.

3. BestWay SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Tub

3. BestWay SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Tubamazon button
You will also not need any tools to set up this inflatable hot tub, and it is also easy to inflate. It has a rapid water heating system to ensure that you do not have to wait for the water to get hot and a filtration system to make the water gentle on your skin. This hot tub also has an actual water flow of up to 350 gallons per hour and a digital control panel that is effortless to operate.

4. BestWay Coleman SaluSpa 4-Person Hot Tub

4. BestWay Coleman SaluSpa 4-Person Hot Tubamazon button
The digitally controlled pump that also includes a soft touch control panel is the highlight of this hot tub as it makes it easy and convenient to use. But, it is also an easy to move tub thanks to the two easy-lift handles, and you can be sure of using it for a long time as it also has some durable fabric coated outer walls. Maintaining the hot tub is quite straightforward as the two filter cartridges are easy to replace.

5. MSPA M-009LS Square Outdoor Spa

5. MSPA M-009LS Square Outdoor Spaamazon button
If you prefer to use a square outdoor hot tub and are ready to spend a few extra bucks on it, the MSPA M-009LS is a good choice. It uses a whisper-quiet technology so that you can relax without any noises and it has 108 air jets that provide a relaxing massage for the entire body. This tub will accommodate up to 4 persons, and it also has an efficient built-in heater and an LED control panel.

6. Intex 85-Inch PureSpa Massage Spa Set

6. Intex 85-Inch PureSpa Massage Spa Setamazon button
Here is another top-notch Intex massage spa set that will be perfect for those with a lot of space or want something spacious. The outdoor spa accommodates up to 6 people, and it also has a built-in hard water treatment system, a water capacity of 290 gallons and a temperature range of between 68 and 104 degrees. And it also includes an insulated cover and other things such as a carry bag, floating chlorine dispenser and inflation hose.

7. Intex Pure Spa 28409E Heated Bubble Hot Tub

7. Intex Pure Spa 28409E Heated Bubble Hot Tubamazon button
You can always trust Intex to have the best outdoor hot tubs for all types of users. This 6-person model has an impressive 170 powerful jets and an easy to use control panel that makes it almost effortless to operate. It is ready to use in just 20 minutes, and you can also deflate it fast for convenient storage and transportation.

8. Intex PureSpa Plus Massage Set

8. Intex PureSpa Plus Massage Setamazon button
Although this Intex bubble massage set might look simple, it is still one of the best that you can get out there. It has enough space for four people, and it comes with a convenient control panel that will activate the bubble jets for a comfortable and relaxing spa session. The heating system on the tub is also simple to adjust to suit your temperature preferences while the fiber technology construction makes it sturdy and durable.

9. BestWay SaluSpa Siena Airjet Hot Tub

9. BestWay SaluSpa Siena Airjet Hot Tubamazon button
Cost is always an important factor when buying outdoor hot tubs but if you do not mind spending some extra bucks here is one of the best outdoor tubs that you can get. The inflated walls are of a comfortable and durable Tritech material, and the tub uses the soothing salu-massage system and with some 120 air jets. It has enough room for two people, and it is also easy to set up.

10. Coleman 71×26 4-Person Hot Tub

10. Coleman 71x26 4-Person Hot Tubamazon button
Like most other Coleman hot tub models this 4-person tub also uses a rapid heating system that ensures that you never have to wait for long as the water heats up. And it is also easy and fast to set up, and it has some built-in water filtration to make the water gentle enough for your skin. There are some 120 soothing jets in the tub, and the floor is also cushioned to make it even more comfortable.

The Best Outdoor Hot Tub Buying Guide

A hot tub is not something that you will buy after every few months or years. And no matter its size or type it is a significant investment and so you cannot afford to go wrong with your choice. The number of options in the market will overwhelm you, and this is regardless of whether you are buying one for the first time or not. But to make sure you make the right pick you should consider the following vital points.


The hot tub type is one of the first factors to consider because it will affect everything else. And here you will have to pick between the portable and permanent tubs. While the permanent ones (which are in most cases made out cement) are built into the ground, the portable ones are stand-alone and moveable units that will sit on the ground.


A good outdoor hot tub should have enough space for everyone in the family because you can be sure that no one will want to be left out as the rest of you enjoy the hot water. However, even as you consider the capacity also make sure that whatever you buy still fits the outdoor location that you choose to place it.


You do not want to end up with a hot water tub that breaks apart after a few months, and so it is essential to consider the material or construction. And in most cases, you will have to pick between acrylic and roto-molded hot tubs. Whatever you pick depends on your budget and preference because both are quite durable. As for the appearance, choose interior and exterior colors and styles that are not only appealing but will also complement the area around the tub.

The Jets

The more the jets on the hot tub, the better it will be because it means that you will get more massage. But even as you choose one with several jets for massaging and relaxing your muscles you also need to consider their location. Location is vital because you will want them to sooth the right spots. Luckily, most will come with adjustable jets to make it possible to alter the strength and direction of the water.

An outdoor hot tub provides one of the best ways to relax and calm your nerves after a long day. And although there are countless models from various companies in the market, our reviews of some of the top units and shopping guide should make it easy for you to pick the right one for your needs. But, also make sure that you shop around and compare different outdoor hot tubs before making up your mind.

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