Top 10 Best Oxford Shoes Men in 2019 Reviews

Footwear is always one of the elements that define a man. And in most instances, it will be what sets apart the trendy and classy gentlemen from regular guys. While there are many shoes out there that you can wear as a man, nothing beats a pair of oxfords when it comes to formal looks.

Whether you work in an office or attend several formal events oxfords are one of the best shoes that you can wear as they are not only comfortable but also provide some class and sophistication. But with these types of shoes, the trick is always to pick your shoes wisely. You do not want to go for something just because it is a pair of oxfords. Instead, you should go for the most stylish, comfortable and durable shoes.

You will have more than enough options out there to pick from when buying oxfords and you can get them in various price ranges. But, in this piece, we make it easy to choose the best from the many options by reviewing some of the top brands and providing a buying guide.

1. Dockers Gordon Cap-Toe Oxford

1. Dockers Gordon Cap-Toe Oxford Buy now from Amazon You do not have to break the bank to spice up your wardrobe with some classy oxfords shoes because you can get an affordable pair like this one from Dockers. It is a genuine leather oxford pair that also comes with a flexible, supportive and shock absorbing rubber outsole. And it has petite stitching around the vamp for an appealing finish. You can get these lovely dress shoes in four different colors.

2. Rockport Northfield Oxford

2. Rockport Northfield Oxford Buy now from Amazon These oxfords from Rockport will work for both casual and formal looks. They have some minimalistic stitching that makes them ideal for men that prefer footwear without too much detail, and you can get them in half a dozen colors. Also, they are genuine leather shoes with a rubber outsole and with kinetic air circulation technology to keep them cool and dry.

3. Clarks Tilden Cap Oxford Shoes

3. Clarks Tilden Cap Oxford Shoes Buy now from Amazon When it comes to oxford shoes, many men will pay a lot of attention to the upper section and outsole, but the interior is also vital. These Clarks oxfords come with in-built ortholites insoles to keep the interior comfortable and supportive enough and free of odor, moisture, and fungus. And besides from this they also have a long-lasting leather upper section and rubber outsole, and you can get them in four colors.

4. Clarks Cotrell Edge Oxford

4. Clarks Cotrell Edge Oxford Buy now from Amazon The shape and design of these shoes might not be what many people associate with typical oxfords, but they still look fantastic. They will be perfect for both formal and casual wear and are also long lasting shoes thanks to the full grain upper section and rubber outsole. With these Clarks shoes, you get some comfortable removable outsoles and a choice of four colors.

5. Seakee Leisure Lace-Up Flat Oxfords

5. Seakee Leisure Lace-Up Flat Oxfords Buy now from Amazon Full grain leather makes the best oxford dress shoes, but it is not the only option. This pair uses PU leather, and it still looks attractive and long-lasting enough. And it also comes with a rubber sole in a contrasting color to give it a more appealing appearance. It is an excellent oxford pair for both formal and semi-formal looks, and it will look good on your feet regardless of the season.

6. DREAM PAIRS Classic Wingtip Oxford

6. DREAM PAIRS Classic Wingtip Oxford Buy now from Amazon Here is another beautiful pair of dress shoes that uses man-made materials instead of the traditional full grain leather. It comes in a wingtip style and with some detailed stitching to give it an impressive overall appearance. The outsole is a non-skid and flexible rubber but with a durable wooden heel. And the shoe also features some light latex cushioning on the footbed for maximum comfort.

7. Stacy Adams Cap-Toe Oxford

7. Stacy Adams Cap-Toe Oxford Buy now from Amazon Cap-toe oxfords seem to work for most men, and they will also go well with most formal outfits. This pair has a traditional full-grain leather upper section and with a flexible and long-lasting non-leather outsole. These cap-toe oxford dress shoes will also feature some perforated brogue trims and blind-eyelet lacing to give them an impressive overall appearance. And the insole is fully cushioned memory foam with sufficient support and comfort.

8. Kenneth Cole Half Time Oxford Shoes

8. Kenneth Cole Half Time Oxford Shoes Buy now from Amazon Faux leather oxford shoes like these still look good enough, and the construction is also high-quality to ensure that you get to wear them for long enough. The sole is also faux leather for maximum flexibility and with a chunky heel for stylish appearance and comfort. And since these are faux leather shoes they are also quite affordable.

9. Cole Haan Original Grand Shortwing Oxford

9. Cole Haan Original Grand Shortwing Oxford Buy now from Amazon There are several (more than a dozen) color options for these oxfords, and so you can be confident of getting a pair to go with any outfit. They come with an upper leather construction and thick rubber sole with a flat design. The wingtip oxford dress shoes also use an EVA midsole to provide extra comfort and Grand OS Technology throughout the shoe’s footbed.

10. Marino Oxford Dress Shoes

10. Marino Oxford Dress Shoes Buy now from Amazon Whether you prefer to wear your oxford shoes with casual outfits or formal suits here is a pair that will be excellent for both. They are cap-toe oxford shoes that will provide a correct fit provided you get the size right. And with their genuine leather upper section and rubber sole that will prevent slips you can also be sure that your shoes will last for a long time. You can get these lovely shoes in all the typical dress shoe colors.

Choosing the Best Oxford Shoes Men

Well, now that you have decided to add some elegance and class to your closet by getting a pair of oxfords the next important thing is to know how to pick ones that suit you. While tastes will differ from one man to the other, there are some vital things that you need to consider when shopping. And they include the following five.


Oxfords will come in various types, and so it is always essential that you first determine what you want. Although the many types still look stylish enough, most men seem to have a particular one that they prefer. The most common types of oxfords are wingtip, plain-toe, Balmoral, whole-cut and saddle oxfords.


As a man, you do not only want to wear some high-quality oxfords but also want something from a famous name. Also, brand matters because some companies are famous for making high-quality and durable oxford dress shoes. But, just like with the type, every man seems to have a brand that they prefer. However, some of the most reputable ones are Marks & Spencer and Church’s.


The material determines both the appearance and durability of the oxford shoes and so it is a vital factor to consider. However, leather has always been the traditional option as it is not only durable but gives them a classy look. But, it is also possible to get some cheap oxford shoes that combine leather with vinyl-based synthetics.

Outsole Construction

Just like with any other shoe type the quality of the outsole matters a lot when buying oxford dress shoes. And here both the type and how it connects to the upper section matters. Rubber and leather are the two most common outsole materials for oxfords but regardless of what your shoes use it is vital to make sure that they are stitched to the upper section instead of glued as this makes them long lasting


Every man needs to have one or more pairs of oxford dress shoes in his closet as they are the real definition of sophistication, class, and elegance. But, the many options out there can make it hard to pick just the right pair. However, our shopping guide above and brief reviews of some fantastic oxford shoes in the market should make things less tedious. But, also remember to try out a few pairs before choosing and also take good care of the oxfords.

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