Top 5 Best Portable Monitor for Gaming in 2019 Reviews

The best portable monitor for gaming is the perfect purchase for a gaming enthusiast who is always on the go. It eliminates the need to carry gaming laptops and PCs, which might be bulkier than expected. They come with carrying cases for optimum portability. Besides, premium portable monitors for gaming have slim designs that easily slide into a backpack or the included case. They are also lightweight, and, therefore, you will have zero problems carrying them to work or when you are traveling. They make gaming very convenient and life much easier. Without further ado, here are their reviews.

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1. ASUS MB168B 15.6” USB Portable Monitor

1. ASUS MB168B 15.6” USB Portable Monitor
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There is no portable monitor for gaming that is as convenient to use as the ASUS MB168B model. It requires just one USB cable for both its power and video signal. It boasts a higher bandwidth of USB 3.0 that delivers a fast experience to ensure 100-percent satisfaction. The portable monitor also works with a notebook or desktop USB 2.0 port. It is 15.6 inches and has a super light, pencil-thin design to make portability much easier than initially anticipated.

In addition to its ultra-slim design, the portable monitor delivers up to 1366 x 768 HD resolution. It comes equipped with automatic lighting sensor that combines with an auto-rotating orientation to provide you with responsive, smart usage. Despite being super slim, the portable monitor is made with a durable metallic finish for long-lasting performance. Its durability is further provided by a carrying case, which is protective and can as well be used as an adjustable stand when operating the monitor on a tabletop.

The monitor will adjust to your needs to provide you with the excellent results you are looking for. It automatically senses its orientation and switches the display between portrait and landscape depending on its position. Its backlight brightness also adjusts depending on the environmental lighting. This means the monitor’s display will automatically be brighter in a well-lit environment and dimmer in a dark environment.

When you buy the portable monitor, you will get a Support CD, Quick start guide, ASUS Smart Case, and USB 3.0 Cable. You get virtually everything for easy use of the portable monitor. Its automatic lighting ensures safe viewing as well as improving energy savings. Plus there is the manufacturer’s EzLink technology that offloads graphics processing from the computer to dedicated hardware in the monitor.


  • Slips in the bag with ease for optimum portability
  • Useful for software developers and other programmers
  • The finish and fit are amazing
  • The protected magnetic cover holds the monitor quite well


  • Durability is suspect

2. AOC e1659Fwu 16-Inch Monitor w/Case

2. AOC e1659Fwu 16-Inch Monitor w/Case
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You are here for an improved USB monitor, right? Well, the AOC e1659Fwu model is packed with all the greatest features and technologies one can ever imagine. It is sleeker in design, so you can take it out of your bag and use it confidently anywhere at any time. It is also fast, given that it has a USB 3.0 connection. There are a total of 6 wires in the data cable that enable the USB 3.0 to achieve high transfer rates and deliver high quality images.

Besides, this portable monitor for gaming has a piano-black glossy finish, which further improves its appearance. It also has a 15.6-inch diagonally viewable image, and it offers a 5ms response time, 500:1 contrast ratio, and a 1366 x 768 resolution at 60Hz. This monitor also has a foldable flexi-stand to let you view either in portrait or landscape mode.

Since it is designed for portability, this monitor is lightweight and thin enough to be effortlessly carried from place to place. Its portability makes it a great purchase for a frequent traveler as well as ideal for photo presentations, dual monitor setups, and photo frame applications on the go. To further improve its portability, the manufacturer provides a carry case.

You can also slip the monitor into your own backpack. The built-in DisplayLink technology means you will achieve multiple USB monitors connection. The portable monitor is available in many different styles including HD (USB 3.0), Full HD (USB-C), and Full HD (USB 3.0). It is compatible with Windows 8 and 10, although you will need DisplayLink drivers if you want to use it with Windows 10.


  • Ideal for mobile workstations
  • The cover doubles up as the stand
  • Produces good pictures and has no lag
  • Convenient to use; only one cable needed for both the video signal and the power


  • The build quality is not the best

3. GAEMS G155 Sentry Personal Gaming Environment

3. GAEMS G155 Sentry Personal Gaming Environment
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This portable monitor for gaming is TSA approved, so you can travel with it and use it wherever you want. It is designed with everyone in mind, meaning it is great for barracks, dorm rooms, or for families that want to monitor their kids’ gaming time. It offers a perfect solution for traveling with your PS3 slim or Xbox 360. With it, you will be immersed in a world of entertainment; thanks to its unique in-fiction design.

It comes with several accessories including a custom fit EVA foam base, accessory storage bags, 7” HDMI cable, user’s manual, and 100-240v power supply. The custom fit EVA foam base fits 360S, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 Slim. All these items mean you will be able to use your portable monitor immediately you get it.

The GAEMS G155 model comes with an integrated 15.5-inch LED display to provide you with every detail of your favorite movie or game. It also has stereo speakers that produce good sound quality, so you can enjoy gaming to the maximum. Plus there are 3.5mm headphone jacks that come in handy for private listening. The 3.5mm headphone jacks will let you game quietly with a friend in the library or in any place where loud noise is prohibited.

The monitor is fairly easy to use, as all you need to do is pop it open, plug it in, and play. Its rugged armored shell protects it while it is in transit, making it a reliable gaming console for years to come. It is time to stop fighting for game time on the family TV, given that this unit will provide you with the freedom to game anywhere, anytime.


  • Fits PS4 and Xbox One perfectly
  • Great for the price
  • Easy to set up and use
  • The screen delivers great pictures
  • The settings of the speaker can be adjusted


  • The latches and hinge, which opens the case, are not sturdy enough

4. UPERFECT Gaming 10.1 Inch Portable HDR Monitor

4. UPERFECT Gaming 10.1 Inch Portable HDR Monitor
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Spending your money on the UPERFECT Gaming 10.1” Portable HDR Monitor is not a bad idea at all. This is because the device comes with a 12-month warranty that offers protection against defects and workmanship. In addition to the warranty, there are other accessories, including a US plug, a USB cable, a monitor stand, an HDMI cable, and one 5V/3A adapter. This means you will get everything you need for a convenient gaming experience.

The portable monitor for gaming can be powered by a USB or even a powerbank, especially if you are on the go. Furthermore, it comes equipped with dual HDMI 2.0, which you can switch if you connect two devices; simply press “UP” key to switch HDR. The monitor is made for portability, and this can be justified by the lightweight and compact construction.

Its IPS LCD display delivers 2K resolution 2560 x 1600p. With that said, expect this gaming portable monitor to provide you with colorful, clear picture quality. The monitor also boasts an impressive contrast ratio of 1000:1, and its backlight is LED to further provide clearer images. Another exceptional feature is the average brightness, which is 400cd/m2. The portable monitor is equipped with CNC technology for enhanced performance.

It comes with a manual to provide you with clear guidelines on how to set it up as well as to operate it. What’s more, this monitor is compatible with PS3, PS4, NS, Xbox, Xbox 360, UAV monitor, MAC, and computer. Plus it features a standard 3.5mm headphone output interface for a quiet gaming experience. The monitor is not rechargeable, but this does not make it less portable in any way.


  • Great value for the price
  • Delivers extremely sharp and vivid pictures
  • Sets up quickly and easily
  • Works flawlessly once set up
  • Has a great size and a good weight


  • The overall construction is a little flimsy

5. Eviciv 4K HDR 15.6-inch Gaming Portable Monitor

5. Eviciv 4K HDR 15.6-inch Gaming Portable Monitor
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With a screen size of 15.6 inches wide, this portable monitor for gaming will no doubt provide you with greatly sized pictures. Besides, its QHD 4K monitor display delivers a wonderful resolution of 3200 x 1800 to provide you with crystal clear images. Its screen is LCD, and this contributes to its performance as well. It measures 14.96” by 9.4” by 0.45”.

Based on those dimensions, we can confidently say that this gaming portable monitor is compact enough to fit in any backpack or case. Well, combine its compact design with its lightweight construction and you have a highly portable monitor for gaming. That being said, your gaming will not be limited, given that the monitor can be carried and used anywhere.

The average brightness of the monitor is 400cd/m2, which in, our opinion, is just fine. Its contrast ratio is also okay, ranging at 1000:1. Moreover, this portable monitor for gaming features a USB port, DC port, and mini HDMI port, so you can enjoy its services to the maximum. It comes with a manual that provides detailed steps on how to use it. It also comes with a DC adapter, a monitor stand, and an HDMI cable.

It works great, and it is even protected by a 12-month warranty for worry-free buying. Therefore, get it and use it with your Xbox 360, PS4, Laptop, Computer or Raspberry Pi. The monitor is available in a variety of screen sizes (7”, 10.8”, and 12.3”) as well as many different styles (touch screen and normal screen) to choose from. It also has 15 language options with English as the default language.


  • Comes with a lot of accessories for convenient use
  • Compatible with all computers with HDMI ports
  • The dual speakers work nicely
  • Well made and has a clear screen
  • The power source is flexible
  • Works great for gaming


  • The price is quite on the higher side

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Portable Monitor for Gaming

The following will further help you choose a premium quality portable monitor.

Contrast Ratio and Colors

It is important that you choose a portable monitor for gaming with a good contrast ratio. Also, you must check how many colors a monitor you are about to buy offers. A good contrast ratio and several color options enable a monitor to produce crystal clear images.


Since you are looking for a portable gaming monitor, it is advisable that you consider a lightweight and compact model. In addition, the model should come with a case for easy carrying.


For convenience, try to settle for a portable monitor for gaming that is highly compatible. If possible, choose a unit that works with Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Mac, cameras, and other devices.


Like contrast ratio, resolution helps improve image quality. It is, therefore, recommended that you go for a portable monitor for gaming with the highest resolution. Some of the most impressive resolutions are 3200*1800, 2560*1600, and 1366*768.


Speakers may not be a crucial feature of a portable monitor. However, they are really useful in the event that you happen to forget your earphones at home.


A portable monitor for gaming is a convenient unit that every gamer who is always on the go should consider. They make gaming adventures much more convenient than ever before, considering that they are lightweight, compact, and well sized. The above portable monitors for gaming have grabbed our attention because of their impressive features. That being said, we hope you will find them interesting too.

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