Top 10 Best Portable Work Lights in 2018 Reviews

Work lights are “special” types of lighting system designed for use at job sites. They are made to withstand daily rigorous use, with some equipped with waterproof coating and impact-resistant glass lenses. Furthermore, work lights come in a variety of sizes to make sure there is something for everyone. They also use different types of bulbs including recessed and standard bulbs. Well, it is these differences that can make it complicated to get the best unit. So, we help you narrow down your options by unveiling the following top 10 best portable work lights in reviews. Keep reading.

List the Best Portable Work Lights

10. Designers Edge 1000-Watt Work Light (L14SLED)

10. Designers Edge 1000-Watt Work Light (L14SLED) Buy now from Amazon

Featuring a portable sled base and tripod base, the Designers Edge 1000-Watt Work Light is the perfect unit you will ever come across. It has a heavy-duty handle with a comfort grip to enable you to transport or carry it for long hours without tiring your arms. The model also features legs that are adjustable, so you can extend them to ensure customized results. Ideally, this work light is backed by a limited 2-year warranty to protect against original defects. And it is easy to use, as well as boasts waterproof on/off switches.

9. Woods 0166 300-Watt SJTW Clamp Lamp

9. Woods 0166 300-Watt SJTW Clamp Lamp Buy now from Amazon

This versatile clamp lamp is suitable for warming chicks, pigs, and other small farm animals. It is also ideal for use in the workshop and garage. Plus it comes equipped with a 10” adjustable reflector as well as a bulb protector that helps improve the longevity of the bulb. In addition, the unit accepts bulbs up to 300 watts, meaning you will find it handy for providing enough illumination in the room. It also has a 6’ cord that offers focused light in areas needed, as well as a built-in hook hanger that ensures convenient hanging. Other features include non-marring clamp grips and sleek design.

8. CAT LED Work Light (324122)

8. CAT LED Work Light (324122) Buy now from Amazon

Ever come across a top quality rechargeable work light? If no, then this is a great opportunity you won’t want to miss. CAT is more than happy to introduce to you the CAT 324122 model. Well, the work light is designed for both indoor and outdoor use to help bring in superior versatility. Besides, it is rechargeable to make sure you are not inconvenienced at all. The lithium-ion battery and charger will allow you to use the work light immediately upon arrival.

7. Milwaukee M18 LED Worklight (2735)

7. Milwaukee M18 LED Worklight (2735) Buy now from Amazon

Let there be light! And all you need to achieve this is the Milwaukee M18 LED Worklight (2735). It is an intelligently designed model that’s super easy to use and made of durable materials that help enhance its longevity. Moreover, it has a 160 lumen LED that enables it to offer a bright, white light. The Milwaukee M18 LED Worklight (2735) also features a shock-resistant handle and sealed aluminum head. Plus it is equipped with an integrated hook to ensure hands-free performance. The unit is highly affordable but it delivers exceptional results.

6. Vaincre 15W Outdoor Floodlight

6. Vaincre 15W Outdoor Floodlight Buy now from Amazon

The Vaincre 15W Outdoor Floodlight has 24 LEDs, which provide enough light and keep the darkness at bay. It also features 2 switches where one works on 20 LEDs and controls white light, High, Off, and Low, while the other works on 4 LEDs and turns on the red/blue flashing light. As if that’s not enough, the Vaincre 15W Outdoor Floodlight comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and 2 USB output ports. Additionally, it is easy to carry; thanks to its super lightweight design. Use this floodlight for camping, hiking or fishing.

5. Stanley LED Work Light (BF0109)

5. Stanley LED Work Light (BF0109) Buy now from Amazon

Light up your workspace with this powerful work light from Stanley. It is designed to illuminate dark areas and will quickly become your go-to product whenever darkness threatens to engulf your yet-to-be concluded projects. It has 26 bright LEDs that provide great light, as well as a compact design that brings the much-needed convenience. This work light also boasts a convenient rubber over molded handle, which offers a safe, secure grip. Plus it features an intelligent pivoting and flexible functionality, which allows it to offer light in all directions. The Stanley LED Work Light is rechargeable; thanks to its innovative battery that goes up to 6 hours on a single charge.

4. Bayco 11-Feet Light Bulb Changer Kit (LBC-600SDLB)

4. Bayco 11-Feet Light Bulb Changer Kit (LBC-600SDLB) Buy now from Amazon

One great thing about this light bulb changer kit is that its durability and safety have been tested. And this means it is proven to overcome any tough situation. For this reason, the bulb changer kit is perfect for use in outdoor, tactical, and recreation levels. It consists of 4 pieces that allow you to change most bulbs quickly and effortlessly plus a durable 3-section pole that’s coated with powder steel to ensure improved performance. The Bayco Light Bulb Changer Kit is perfect for changing floodlight, standard, and recessed bulbs.

3. Ustellar 30W LED Work Light

3. Ustellar 30W LED Work Light Buy now from Amazon

Ustellar is one of the most innovative companies on the market today. They are known for their ability to produce top quality products at affordable prices. Well, one of these products is the Ustellar 30W LED Work Light. It is a highly functional unit with 2400 lumens that produce super bright light to overcome the darkness. It also has adjustable angle knobs that allow you to tilt it effortlessly to meet your personal needs. Plus it features a sealed on/off switch, which is waterproof and perfect for indoor/outdoor use. The Ustellar 30W LED Work Light is easy to mount and can be installed anywhere.

2. PowerSmith Two-Head LED Work Light (PWL21100TS)

2. PowerSmith Two-Head LED Work Light (PWL21100TS) Buy now from Amazon

If you are looking for a work light for indoor or outdoor use, look no further than the PowerSmith Two-Head LED Work Light (PWL21100TS). It has a heavy-duty tripod that increases stability and makes it perfect for job use. Ideally, it is equipped with impact-resistant glass lenses that will not be damaged, thereby, offering unmatched reliability. The sealed aluminum frames and switches are also durable and will last longer. This work light is no doubt one of the best work lights you will ever come across today.

1. Snap On 2000 Lumens LED Work Light (922261)

1. Snap On 2000 Lumens LED Work Light (922261) Buy now from Amazon

With an output of 2000 lumens, the Snap On 922261 model provides enough illumination that will brighten up the entire space. It also has a revolutionary design that enables it to remain cool to the touch. Plus its lighting systems do not radiate heat, making it perfect for use in an enclosed room. The Snap On 922261 model also features an ergonomic padded carry handle and it’s durable enough to offer superior reliability. The time to bring in unrivaled illumination is now, and this thoughtfully engineered work light will help you achieve that.

How to Choose the Best Portable Work Light

  • Portability: Choosing a work light that is well made and designed to work anywhere is crucial. As such, consider those models that are lightweight and features compact design. You can also go for a model that can be mounted effortlessly and is rechargeable for ultimate convenience.
  • Brightness: Everyone will smile at a work light that provides enough illumination and brightens up every corner of the room. Well, you can determine whether a work light is bright by checking on the number of lumens or LEDs. In most cases, you will notice that the higher the lumens/LEDs, the brighter the work light.
  • Adjustability: Having a work light with a flexible or pivoting head is highly recommended. This is because this light will help meet your specific needs. You may also want to consider a work light with extendable tripod feature since they enhance customization as well.

What We Recommend: Snap On 2000 Lumens LED Work Light (922261)

One major reason why the Snap On 922261 model is ahead of others is that it has numerous lumens. This work light has up to 2000 lumens, meaning it produces enough illumination. Surprisingly, it is incredibly affordable to make sure that money does not become a hindrance when it comes to buying it. The Snap On 922261 model also features an ergonomic padded carry handle that brings in the much-needed comfort, as well as a revolutionary design for enhanced performance. Ideally, many customers across the globe have praised its functionality and durability; implying it is the best in its class.


Is your place of work insufficiently illuminated? Then the above work lights are for you. They are specially designed to help illuminate every corner of your workspace and make sure that darkness is not a problem. Furthermore, a good number of them are adjustable to meet your specific needs. Plus they are all within an affordable range yet they deliver top quality performance to ensure 100-percent satisfaction. Work lights listed here are also versatile; hence can as well be used for fishing, hiking, and camping. They are the perfect package for anyone who values convenience. Therefore, be sure to reach out for at least one.



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