Top 10 Best Skiing Boot Bags in 2017 Reviews

Skiing boot bags are no ordinary backpacks or luggage sets. They are specially designed for people 
looking for places to keep skiing boots and helmets when traveling. Well, it is 
not uncommon to misplace your skiing boots and other accessories when you are 
either going or coming from skiing. Therefore, to help you out, some 
manufacturers have thought it wise to introduce innovative bags for carrying 
all of your gear.

These bags promote 
convenience and make work easier, as all you need to do is to focus on one 
package. They are also durable and guarantee to stand up to anything the 
environment throws at them. Nevertheless, not all skiing boot bags are premium 
quality. And that explains why we have decided to come up with the following 
top 10 best skiing boot bags in reviews as well as a comprehensive guideline. 
Keep reading to have in-depth knowledge on what the market has.

List the Best Skiing Boot Bags

1. Shred 
Soles Snowboard Ski Boot Bag

1. Shred 
Soles Snowboard Ski Boot Bagamazon button
Carry and organize your 
goggles, boots, helmet, and other accessories with the Shred Soles Snowboard 
Ski Boot Bag. Well, this bag has several compartments that make it easy to 
carry all of your belonging. Moreover, it helps eliminate the habit of losing 
boots and other essential gear on the flight. The bag also comes with a 
changing mat to help you put on and take off your boots without stepping on the 


  • Removable carry strap: Allows you to 
easily pack your belongings on the go.
  • Goggle pocket: It keeps goggles and 
spare lenses in a separate compartment for easy accessibility.
  • Helmet pocket: It will keep your helmet 
in a separate compartment for easy reach.
  • Vented boot compartment: It provides 
enough ventilation to keep your boots dry.

Ski Boot Bag Backpack

Ski Boot Bag Backpackamazon button
The BRUBAKER Ski Boot 
Bag Backpack measures 44-by-41-by-24 cm, meaning it will provide you with 
enough space to keep all of your belongings. It is perfect for keeping hats, 
clothing, helmet, and gloves, among other gear. Ideally, this quality backpack 
is designed with durability in mind, and it promises years of ultimate 
reliability. It will be your go-to product whenever you have a trip to go to.


  • “Claw feet” bottom: It protects the 
backpack against slipping on ice or snow.
  • Polyester 600D material: It is super 
durable and guarantees lifetime performance.
  • Adjustable backpack straps: They allow 
you to get the perfect fit.
  • Several different colors: They allow you 
to choose a suitable color that matches your aesthetic.
  • Padded handle: They promote ultimate 

3. Sportube 
Cabin Cruiser Wheeled

3. Sportube 
Cabin Cruiser Wheeledamazon button
Sportube likes it when 
you are less inconvenienced. And that’s why they are more than thrilled to 
introduce to you the Sportube Cabin Cruiser Wheeled. Durable and compact, this 
bag is easy to carry around when going for any trip. In fact, it is the best perfect 
companion for anyone who likes hiking, camping, and more. The bag also promises 
to last longer by withstanding adverse weather conditions.


  • 840D polyester ballistic fabric: It is 
extremely durable, and, therefore, enables the bag to last longer.
  • Inline skate wheels: They make it easy 
to move the bag on the ground.
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty: It 
protects against manufacturer’s defects and workmanship.
  • Padded boot compartment: It keeps boots 
safe and well protected.
  • Three different colors: The bag comes in 
black, blue/black, and plaid.

4. Transpack 

4. Transpack 
TRV Proamazon button
Store your boots and 
other items with this innovative boot bag from Transpack. It is the go-to product 
for athletes and adults who like going places. Moreover, it comes equipped with 
everything you need to make sure that you are fully satisfied with its 
performance and versatility. If you really like convenience, then this is the 
bag to go for. It is perfect for both adults and young people.


  • Rubber top handle: It is comfortable and 
allows you to hold the bag for an extended period of time.
  • Stow-away compartment: It is for waist 
belt and shoulder straps.
  • Side boot pockets: They are ideal for 
carrying shin guards and boots.
  • Side pockets: They have air and water 
drainage grommets.
  • Two different colors: They include 
Black/Yellow and Black.

5. Dakine 
Boot Bag

5. Dakine 
Boot Bagamazon button
It is time to say 
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to losing items left, right, and center. And all you need to 
make this happen is to acquire the Dakine Boot Bag. Designed for convenience, 
this skiing boot bag will perfectly fit your snowboard or ski boots. 
Furthermore, it has a lot of space for keeping other items. With it, you will 
be able to keep all of your stuff in one go.


  • Zippered front pocket: It stores all 
kinds of items.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap: It makes the 
boot bag extremely easy to carry.
  • Polyester material: It is durable and promises 
a long-lasting performance.
  • Several different colors: They make it 
easy to choose a different color that best matches your aesthetics.
  • Versatile capability: The bag is ideal 
for snowboard boots and skiing boots.

6. Dakine 
Boot Locker Bag

6. Dakine 
Boot Locker Bagamazon button
If you keep on 
forgetting your belongings anytime you are traveling, the Dakine Boot Locker 
Bag is the unit to go for. It is a highly versatile bag that will help you 
organize all your items in one place. Furthermore, it is durable and capable of 
withstanding an adverse outdoor environment. You deserve better! And this 
locker bag should be a frontier for you.


  • Padded shoulder strap: It provides ultimate 
comfort, thereby, making the bag easy to carry.
  • Split level design: It makes it 
extremely easy to access the bag.
  • Tarp lined compartment: It can be used 
as a changing mat, meaning you won’t need to place the boots on the ground when 
putting them on or taking them off.
  • Polyester material: It is durable, and, 
therefore, enables the skiing boot bags to last longer.

7. Transpack 
Heated Boot Pro

7. Transpack 
Heated Boot Proamazon button
Packing skiing boots 
has never been easier than ever before; thanks to the Transpack Heated Boot 
Pro. It is a product of Transpack; one of the leading manufacturers across the 
globe. And this means you should expect peerless performance from it. Additionally, 
the Transpack Heated Boot Pro is durable and will last longer. You will really 
love it, especially during those moments when you are planning to go for hiking 
or snowboarding.


  • Four different colors: The bag is 
available in Black w/Yellow, Black w/Silver, Black/Lime, and Black-Blue 
  • Three heat settings: They offer the 
perfect temperature and even warm toes.
  • Unique styling: It enhances the 
appearance of the bag.
  • Sturdy handles: They make it easy to 
hold the bag.

8. Swix 
Tripack (Norwegian National Team)

8. Swix 
Tripack (Norwegian National Team)amazon button
One main reason why you 
should go for the Swix Tripack is that it can keep up to size 13 boots. As if 
that’s not enough, the bag still leaves space for keeping other items. Plus it 
does not achieve all of these at the expense of durability, as it remains one 
of the most durable skiing boot bags across the globe.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps: It is 
S-shaped and adjustable to help you find the perfect fit.
  • Air mesh back panel: It is padded, and 
it provides ventilation as well as support.
  • Front zip accessory pocket: It is for 
keeping chargers, iPad, and wax, among others.
  • Zipping stash pockets: They are smaller 
and perfect for storage.
  • Two-side zip compartments: They have 
ventilation and drainage grommets to help keep your boots dry.

9. Athalon 
Heated Boot Bag

9. Athalon 
Heated Boot Bagamazon button
Make sure your ski 
boots are warm and well protected with the Athalon Heated Boot Bag. It is 
lightweight yet durable enough to stand up to rigorous uses and adverse 
environments. Apart from boots, the bag is perfect for keeping accessories, and 
it works with a standard electrical outlet. In addition, it is affordably 
priced despite its highly functional features and performance.


  • External front helmet pocket: It expands 
and can be used to keep extra clothing and ski accessories.
  • Heating system: It wraps boots around to 
help keep them warm.
  • Three temperature settings: They allow 
you to select a desirable temperature level.
  • 1200 Denier Poly/Nylon Blend: It is 
durable for unending performance.
  • Versatile functionality: The bag is not 
just perfect for keeping the helmet but also ideal for storing other accessories.

10. Rossignol 
Hero Boot Pro

10. Rossignol 
Hero Boot Proamazon button
If you are looking for 
an affordable yet highly functional skiing boot bag, look no further than the 
Rossignol Hero Boot Pro. It measures 23 inches long by 17 inches wide by 12 
inches deep, meaning it has enough space to keep all of your belongings. It is 
time to go for something reliable without having to break the bank! And the 
Rossignol Hero Boot Pro will help you achieve that.


  • Back padding: It provides the 
much-needed comfort.
  • Shoulder straps: They make it easy to 
carry the boot pro from place to place.
  • Large main compartment: It is for 
keeping extra gear and clothing.
  • High-grade, durable materials: The bag 
is made of PVC coating and 600D polyester.
  • Two external storage pockets: They are 
perfect for keeping frequently used items.

How to choose the Best 
Skiing Boot Bags

  • Consider the Number of 
Compartments: The more the compartments, the more the items you are likely to 
store. Remember, skiing boot bags are not just meant for keeping skiing boots 
but also they can be used for keeping other gear. It is, therefore, important 
to go for one with several compartments to ensure ultimate convenience.
  • Check the Material: 
Skiing boot bags made of such materials as polyester, PVC coating, and to some 
extent nylon are worth going for. This is because these materials are durable 
and will stand up to extreme hiking and skiing conditions. They are also easy 
to clean and take care of in general.
  • Look at the Padding and 
Ventilation: You will be carrying these bags for a pretty long time; hence, it 
is important to focus on comfort. Make sure the bag you are about to buy has 
enough padding on the shoulder and back for ultimate comfort. It should also 
have ventilation to keep you dry all through.


If you love skiing, 
then a skiing boot bag should be a frontier for you. Although designed for 
keeping skiing boots, these bags can also be used to keep other accessories. 
They help you stay organized as well as make your life easier when you are out 
to have some good time. In this compilation, we have compiled the best brands 
on the market to ensure that you don’t have an arduous time getting what best 
suits you. So, go ahead and read it.


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