Top 10 Best Snowboard Bindings in 2019 Reviews

Snowboarding is a thrilling sport that will always leave you with an adrenaline rush. But as you get into the game just for fun or with hopes of going pro you need to ensure that you have the right gear. And although the snowboard is the first thing that comes to mind there are many other things that you will need to buy such as the bindings. Bindings are what will link your feet to the board, and this alone is enough to show their importance.

With the right set of snowboard bindings, you will not only be sure of safe riding, but you can also improve your performance and take the entire experience a notch higher. And finding some good bindings should not be hard because you only need to understand what to look for when shopping. Our best snowboard binding’s reviews and shopping guide below will be handy for this.

Check out The Best Snowboard Bindings

1. Flow Alpha 2018 Snowboard Bindings

1. Flow Alpha 2018 Snowboard Bindings Buy now from Amazon
The super-easy rear entry design on these bindings will eliminate the need to sit down to wear them and so they are very convenient. And they are also top-notch quality to ensure that it will be a long time before you need a replacement. These bindings also feature a full adjustability design to ensure that you always get a comfortable fit, EVA padded footbeds and locking micro ratchets. The design of these bindings and the choice of material will always ensure efficient transfer of power to the board.

2. System MTN Flow Style Bindings with Rear Entry

2. System MTN Flow Style Bindings with Rear Entry Buy now from Amazon
Rear entry bindings are very convenient as they ensure that you do not waste any time trying to wear them. And besides from the rear entry design, these also feature a fully compatible multidisc plate that makes it possible to use the bindings with almost all snowboards. The 3D molded ankle straps that also have high-quality polyurethane cover ensure that you always get maximum comfort and instant response. Also these binding have high density dampening in their footbed and high-quality EVA padding on the high-back.

3. Burton Men’s Freestyle Snowboard Bindings

3. Burton Men's Freestyle Snowboard Bindings Buy now from Amazon
If you are a freestyle rider and are looking for top-notch quality bindings, these will be a great pick for you. They feature a single-component baseplate to create a consistent feel and response in all terrain, zero-lean high-back design, and a bomb-proof polycarbonate. Also, these bindings will provide quicker heel-edge turns, and you can get them in three sizes and six colors.

4. Flow Alpha Stormtrooper Snowboard Bindings

4. Flow Alpha Stormtrooper Snowboard Bindings Buy now from Amazon
These binding are for an all-mountain snowboarder that wants to create some unforgettable moments up in the hills. They are both comfortable and convenient, and you will not want to replace them for a long time. What makes them that good and irresistible is the fact that they feature a supportive and comfortable ExoFit strap, EVA toe and heel inserts and a molded composite base plate and mini-ratchets.

5. Burton Men’s Snowboard Bindings

5. Burton Men’s Snowboard Bindings Buy now from Amazon
Here is another fantastic bindings option that uses one material throughout to provide a consistent feel and response. The lightweight bindings are suitable for use in all terrains, and they also feature bomb-proof polycarbonate that will provide a laid-back and relaxed cruising. They will also come with 3D curved lushstrap and a few other top-notch features like micro-adjustability and fullbed cushioning system.

6. 5thh Element Stealth Snowboard Bindings

6. 5thh Element Stealth Snowboard Bindings Buy now from Amazon
As a new or inexperienced snowboarder, you will not want to jump into the game and spend a fortune on gear. And so some affordable snowboard bindings like these will be an excellent option. But, they are still high-quality and efficient as they feature convertible toe straps that will keep the feet locked down, padded baseplate for minimum vibrations and forward-lean adjustment to get just the right stance. And you can get the bindings in the three primary sizes and in white or black.

7. Flow NX2 Hybrid Men’s Snowboard Bindings

7. Flow NX2 Hybrid Men’s Snowboard Bindings Buy now from Amazon
If you are an on-hill rider here is another great set of bindings that will work well for you. These snowboard bindings might be a little pricey, but their quality makes them worth it. They feature glass-filled modback high-back, aluminum alloy rockered base plate and it uses active strap technology that will ensure that you always get a comfortable and secure fit.

8. Flow Alpha Men’s Snowboard Bindings

8. Flow Alpha Men’s Snowboard Bindings Buy now from Amazon
Whether you are an established pro or a new rider, these snowboard bindings will work well for you. They not only look good and high-quality, but they also have almost all the good features that you can want in your bindings. These features include molded composite baseplate, ExoFit powerstrap, mini-ratchets for the buckles and some full EVA inserts for the heel and toe. The bindings have a flex rate of 3 and are available in large and extra large.

9. Flow Micron Kids Snowboard Bindings

9. Flow Micron Kids Snowboard Bindings Buy now from Amazon
Kids also love snowboarding, but it is even more important to ensure that they have the right bindings. The Flow Micron bindings will be perfect for training kids as they learn the sport. And they feature a super soft flexing that is just right for inexperienced riders. Other features that make the snowboard bindings stand out include the quick-entry design, EVA pads, mini ratchets and UniFit powerstrap.

10. Ride KX Snowboard Bindings

10. Ride KX Snowboard Bindings Buy now from Amazon
Ride KX provides some impressive features that few other snowboard bindings out there can match. They include the spectrum chassis system that is lightweight enough and also provides a stance correct heel cup and Slimeback DE for absorbing shock and dampening vibrations when riding in the hills. The sleek looking and durable aluminum ratchets and convertible strap design are also a great addition to the bindings. You can get these snowboard bindings in five fantastic colors that include glow and red.

The Best Snowboard Bindings Buying Guide

Every experienced snowboarder seems to have a favorite pair of bindings but if you are a beginner or want to change what you use it will be essential to know how to make your pick. But you should be okay if you keep the following vital things in mind when shopping for snowboard bindings.


Most snowboard bindings will come with a flex rating of between 1 and 10. When buying them for the first time, this number might not make sense. But to explain it simply, 1 is for the softest bindings while 10 represents the stiffest ones. Recreational park riders will prefer something with a low flex while a stiff one is the best for the pros.


Most modern bindings will have a lightweight material to enhance the performance. But when it comes to the material the simple rule is always to look for the best quality ratchets and straps.


The types are also an essential factor that you need to take into account, and in general, you will have to pick between speed entry and strap bindings the strap bindings are the most common types, and they will feature straps that ratchet down to hold your boots in place. The speed entry bindings, on the other hand, are those with reclining highbacks for quick in and out boot access.


Bindings are one of the crucial things that you need when snowboarding because they provide the link between your shoes and board. Since they affect both performance and safety, you cannot afford to make the wrong pick. But with our reviews of some of the best in the market and buying guide, you should have an easy time picking the right bindings, and this is regardless of whether you are starting out or are a pro.

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