Top 10 Best Standing Baker’s Racks in 2018 Reviews

Today, most people would want to utilize every inch of floor space available in our houses. Having a baker’s rack in your kitchen will help you do exactly this. Installing this equipment in your kitchen will give you additional space to store your microwave, cups, plates as well as other appliances you need. Besides, this unit will give you a place where you can place baking implements, cookbook, and even work surface. It is also easy to find bakers racks for decoration or use them to fill the kitchen space that would be otherwise empty.

When purchasing the best model, you should be concerned on some of the traits that enable the unit to offer you with the best performance. However, most individuals will visit a store and pick the cheapest model. However, the cheapest models often do not give you the service you need. To help you in making an appropriate choice, we have reviewed the top best models on the market and listed some tips to assist you in buying the best model. Here are our Top 10 Best Standing Baker’s Racks in 2018 Reviews

List the Best Standing Baker’s Racks

1. Finnhomy 4-Tiers Adjustable Kitchen Bakers Rack Kitchen Cart Microwave Stand

1. Finnhomy 4-Tiers Adjustable Kitchen Bakers Rack Kitchen Cart Microwave Standamazon button
If you live in a small apartment, this compact kitchen rack will be perfect for you. It is constructed using high-quality material and a bamboo top for durability. The rack also comes with adjustable shelves that offer you with additional storage. The bottom shelves will help you in storing kitchen appliances such as microwave ovens, rice cookers and many others. Additionally, the unit is fitted with high-quality anti rust shelves that allow you to store fresh vegetables, meat, and fish.

2. Amagabeli three Tier Wire Shelf Shelving Unit

2. Amagabeli three Tier Wire Shelf Shelving Unit amazon button
This is an excellent choice for anyone who would want to organize his or her house. You can use this versatile rack for storing potted plants, a shoe rack, a bathroom or kitchen organizer or an organizer bookcase for your office. The unit is easy to assemble, as no tools are needed. The shelf is also constructed using iron which is powder coated making it rust and scratch resistant. This makes it a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, this unit is lightweight making it easy to move from one place to another.

3. Four tier Marble Finish Shelf Kitchen Bakers Rack

3. Four tier Marble Finish Shelf Kitchen Bakers Rack amazon button
Organizing your kitchen may be hard especially if you do not have enough kitchen cabinet and a large countertop. Even if you do, you would want to free the kitchen space for more flexibility. This unit is specifically designed to help you organize your kitchen easily. The rack comes with a black and faux marble finish that looks great in all types of kitchens. The unit is also made using coated metal and hardwood MDF for durability.

4. Yaheetech 61” four Tiers Adjustable Kitchen Bakers Rack

4. Yaheetech 61'' four Tiers Adjustable Kitchen Bakers Rack amazon button
Keeping your kitchen organized will make it easier for you to cook your meals faster. This Adjustable Kitchen Bakers Rack will allow you to arrange all the essential items you need, making them easier to access than when they are in a cabinet. This is a multifunction kitchen workstation that is constructed using eco-friendly and chemical free materials that are safe to use in your kitchen. The sturdy construction allows it to accommodate heavy items. Besides this unit come with a hanging rail, a top shelf as well as adjustable shelves.

5. Five tier Black Metal Glass Shelves Bakers Rack

5. Five tier Black Metal Glass Shelves Bakers Rack amazon button
Arranging a small kitchen is not simple. However, with this kitchen rack, you can arrange most of the kitchen appliances with ease. It is a five-tier kitchen rack, giving you a lot of space to arrange most of the items in the kitchen. We love the solid and sturdy construction that enables you to keep even heavier items in the top shelves without risk of the rack toppling. Additionally, this unit has a black finish and stylish design that makes it a great addition to modern kitchens.

6. Manilla 3-Drawer Bakers Rack

6. Manilla 3-Drawer Bakers Rack amazon button
This kitchen rack does not only come with a classy look, but it is also very sturdy. We also love the space saving a vertical design that includes three baskets, two open shelves as well as a closed fixed shelf. The elegant scrollwork invokes a traditional elegance making your kitchen to have a classy look. The unit also has a transitional styling with warm and medium browns and a black frame, which is very sturdy. It is light in weight and simple to assemble as it comes with all the necessary assembly tools.

7. SEI Dome Bakers Rack

7. SEI Dome Bakers Rackamazon button
If durability and stability are important to you when looking for the best baker’s rack, then this SEI Dome Bakers Rack is the best choice for you. The rack features a beautiful design that adds a modern touch of style. Besides its classic look, the unit offers you with large storage space that accommodates up to five bottles of wines. It also includes two adjustable nesting baskets as well as two fixed shelves. The frames feature a black finish while the light cherry stained countertop gives it an impressive look.

8. Southern Enterprises Trellis Bakers Rack with Scroll Work

8. Southern Enterprises Trellis Bakers Rack with Scroll Workamazon button
This is yet another chic baker’s rack from SEI brand that looks great in contemporary and modern styled kitchens. The unit comes with a five wine bottle holders as well as a laminated counter space. You can place it in your dining or kitchen to show off décor style. Another great thing we love about this rack is the oak finish that combines with ornate scrollwork giving you a soft country style. This beautiful furniture piece is also made with a square steel tube, flat metal sheet, as well as MDF.

9. Kings Brand Furniture Metal with Marble Finish 5-Tier Bakers Rack

9. Kings Brand Furniture Metal with Marble Finish 5-Tier Bakers Rackamazon button
This baker’s rack is easy to assemble and adds a touch of beauty to any kitchen. We love the space-saving design that is neither too large nor too small. It is a great choice for people with crowded apartments who would need to free more space to make it easy to maneuver. With five tiers, this rack gives you ample space that enables you to store and display items in your dining area and kitchen. To make it easier for you to access your items, this unit also comes with open shelves. Besides, the open shelves allow you to show off decorative plates as well as allowing you to set fleshly backed pies to cool.

10. High Deluxe 24 Deep by 30 Wide by 63-inch Chrome Bakers Rack

10. High Deluxe 24 Deep by 30 Wide by 63-inch Chrome Bakers Rackamazon button
This model has a well-thought design that creates a stylish and practical storage space in your kitchen. The unit boasts of a roomy interior that enables you to store various kitchen essentials with ease. It has a top shelf that you can organize cooking vegetables or spices, a butcher block and spacious racks where you can put your microwave and other appliances. Additionally, the open racks can also be utilized to cook freshly baked foodstuffs.

Buyers guide: The Best Standing Baker’s Racks

Similar to choosing other kitchen appliances, there are some considerations you need to have at the back of your mind when choosing the best baker’s racks. They include;

  • The design
    A baker’s rack is a great item to use dead space as well as helping you to organize your kitchen. It is understood that choosing a model with a stylish design will give your kitchen an impressive look. However, besides the aesthetics, you should look at the design in terms of how it will dress your walls and corners. Additionally, some models are only designed to hold wine bottles and other light kitchen accessories while others come with a sturdy construction that enables you to keep your microwave, cups, plate, as well as other kitchen appliances.
  • Materials
    Although there are many bakers’ racks on the market, not all of them are designed with the best materials. Ensure that the model you have selected is constructed with a sturdy frame preferably with coated metal and if it has a top counter, ensure it is made using durable wood.
  • Space available
    You should also consider the space available. Remember you may be looking for a model to utilize the dead kitchen space or to help you in organizing a crowded kitchen. The size of the rack will depend on the space you have and the units you would want to store in the rack
  • Price
    As mentioned early, choosing the cheapest model may mean that you have chosen a model that will not last for long. Instead of choosing the cheapest model, look at the features included and the construction materials and pick a model within your budget range.


There you have it. We hope that this detailed guide will help you in making a more informed decision when it comes to selecting a backer’s rack that will suit your specific style and demands. Remember, there is simply too much to compromise the help you will get from this rack. Instead of choosing the rack at random, using our guide will enable you in getting exactly what you need.

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