Top 10 Best Vehicle GPS Tracking and Monitoring Modules in 2018 Reviews

Your car/truck is one of your most prized and expensive possessions and it probably only comes second to your home in the list of your most important investments. And so it is essential to find ways of to ensure the safety of your vehicle. While the mandatory insurance is always a good starting point, it is never enough.

What you need to do is to invest in a GPS tracking system and some monitoring modules. These anti-theft devices provide location monitoring so that you always know where the vehicle is at all times and this gives you some peace of mind and make it I easy to track and locate it in case you lose it.

But, there are now almost many devices in the market and companies that offer these services and so choosing the best for you vehicle can be a little hectic. However, with our reviews of some of the best GPS tracking and monitoring modules you should have an easy time finding the right product to for your vehicle.

Check out the Best Vehicle GPS Tracking and Monitoring Modules

1. Spy Tec STI GL300 Portable GPS Tracker

1. Spy Tec STI GL300 Portable GPS Tracker Buy now from Amazon
The mini Spy Tec GL300 is a portable GPS tracker with a slim profile that makes it easy to conceal in your vehicle. The compact size means that you can take it anywhere and besides from tracking cars you can also use it to track people and assets. You can access a real-time map over the internet (Google maps) and it also Geo Fencing capability.

2. Trakdot Luggage Tracker

2. Trakdot Luggage Tracker Buy now from Amazon
You cannot rest easy if you do not know the location of your luggage. But, this palm-size locator will change all this. You can use it to track the luggage across the world, and you will also be getting some notification when the luggage arrives at the intended destination. And you can use it to track inside trucks cars and metal containers. What this means is that it can also be a reliable and affordable way to track your vehicle.

3. Bartun GPS Car Tracker

3. Bartun GPS Car Tracker Buy now from Amazon
Waterproof GPS trackers are always the best because they ensure that you can keep track of your car in any weather. And besides from being waterproof, the Bartun GPS tracker also has a 60 days standby time to make it even more convenient. It works with the existing GSM/GPRS network to ensure that you can use it from anywhere and it also has SMS tracking, Geo-Fence, and Movement Alarm.

4. ABLEGRID Real Time Tracker

4. ABLEGRID Real Time Tracker Buy now from Amazon
The built-in GPS personal locator is one of the most impressive features of this device as it takes GPS tracking a notch higher. And you can use GSM, GPS and GPRS to do the tracking and hence making it a very convenient device and suitable for use from anywhere in the world. This tracker will work well anywhere including in areas where there is limited sky view.

5. ABLEGRID GT001 Vehicle Tracker

5. ABLEGRID GT001 Vehicle Tracker Buy now from Amazon
If you are looking for a vehicle tracker with extra long working hours the GT001 model from AbleGrid is an excellent choice. It can run for up to two weeks, and it also has a standby time of an impressive 180 days. The small and portable design means that you will not need to do any installation and it uses real-time Google map to ensure that you get reliable tracking data.

6. Vyncs Real Time 3G GPS Tracking

6 Vyncs Real Time 3G GPS Tracking Buy now from Amazon
With the state of the art GPS system in this small gadget, you can track your vehicle from anywhere in the world and do it accurately. It is a 3G GPS device, but it will also support 2G, and it also has real-time Geo Fence zone. The tracker will go to sleep when the engine goes off, and you can even set SMS request for things like rapid acceleration, trip history and driving score.

7. MotoSafety OBD Vehicle Tracker

7. MotoSafety OBD Vehicle Tracker Buy now from Amazon
Monitoring driving activity is effortless with this small gadget, and it is 100% accurate. When you buy it, you get a detailed teen driving instruction course. And this makes it easy to monitor the driving habits of your teenager. You can track from anywhere when using the tracking app and you will get real-time text messages and email alerts.

8. Linxup OBD Tracker with Real-Time 3G/GPS

8. Linxup OBD Tracker with Real-Time 3G/GPS Buy now from Amazon
For those that have a fleet of vehicles to track this GPS will work well for you. It makes it possible to monitor fleet driving habits, and it is 100% accurate as it uses the reliable Google maps. The tracker also has geofence capability and you will get various reports to make it easy to reduce the fleet’s fuel consumption and monitor driving habits closely for safety.

9. Brickhouse Security GPS SN5 Portable GPS Tracker

9. Brickhouse Security GPS SN5 Portable GPS Tracker Buy now from Amazon
Here is another top-notch portable GPS that will be ideal for tracking your vehicle or fleet. What you will like most about it is that it does not require any installation as you only need to move it from one car to the other if you have a fleet. Also, there are both Android and IOS apps to make it an even convenient device.

10. Carlock Advanced Real-Time Tracker

10. Carlock Advanced Real-Time Tracker Buy now from Amazon
In this age car trackers that provide alerts on your phone are always the best. The Carlock does just that as it will provide notifications on your phone when your car’s engine starts, or it moves. This tracker is also ideal for tacking your teenager, and besides from helping you know the location of the car it nd it will also act as a virtual mechanic to monitor the health of the vehicle and notify you if there are issues.

How to Choose Vehicle GPS Tracking and Monitoring Modules

Once you decide to invest in a vehicle tracking and monitoring system the variety of options out there can make things a little overwhelming. And while every gadget manufacturer claims to be the best or to have modules with the best features this is not always true. The only way to ensure that you make the right choice is by considering the following crucial points.

Location Accuracy

The location accuracy is one of the first things that you should consider when shopping for vehicle tracking and monitoring systems as you do not want to end up with something that gives you unreliable information. Also, the speed at which the devices provide the accurate vehicle location coordinates is essential.


There are various elements and factors that you will need to consider when it comes to the installation. First, you need to determine the method of installation of the module that you choose. Here you will have several options such as portable modules that you can place in the car and the wired ones that you have to connect to the vehicle’s in-network.
And besides, from the method of installation, you also need to consider how easy it is and pick what you find most convenient.

Working Time

If your system requires some charging, it is vital to consider its working time on a single charge. A reliable device is one that runs for long without having to keep recharging is the best as it is not only convenient, but it also minimizes the downtime or the times when it is not tracking your car in real-time.

Ease of Use

Some tracking and monitoring systems use some very complicated software, and so they can be hard to use. You should choose something with a simple dashboard and does not take a lot of time for you to learn how to use or will not require any technical skills.


Tracking and monitoring your vehicle is one of those things that you must do if you value it. And this is not only to prevent theft, but it also gives you some peace of mind. But, even as you decide to buy a GPS tracking and monitoring module you need to choose the right one for your vehicle. And for this our shopping tips and reviews of some of the best trackers in the market will be handy.

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