Top 10 Best Warmest Snow Boots for Women in 2018 Reviews

Top Best Warmest Snow Boots for Women in 2018 Reviews

Whether you hate winter or it is your favorite time of the year, you need to be ready for it as it can come with many challenges. And key among them is the fact that you can no longer just wear anything because you need something that is appropriate for the season. While you might already have enough winter clothes, footwear always poses a significant challenge to most people. For many ladies, choosing the right winter boots is not the simplest thing to do.

A pair of some warm winter boots is a must-have if you want to protect your feet from the cold. But, the many models and brands out there can make things a little confusing. And while many ladies will prefer something stylish to keep up with the fashion there is more to a good pair of winter boots than this. And so to help you pick the warmest and most stylish winter boots, we review some of the most popular ones and also provide some handy shopping tips.

List the Best Warmest Snow Boots for Women in Reviews

1. Columbia Women’s Maiden II Boots

1. Columbia Women’s Maiden II Boots Buy now from Amazon The leather and textile combination on the upper section of these boots ensures that they are not only highly durable but also very comfortable and warm. These lovely winter boots feature a 9-inch tall shaft to ensure that they give your feet adequate cover and they are also waterproof. Their non-marking rubber sole with Omni-grip makes them perfect for walking in snow, and they have up to 200 grams of insulation for maximum warmth. You can get them in six different dark colors.


2. Kingshow Globalwin Winter Boots

2. Kingshow Globalwin Winter Boots Buy now from Amazon For the ladies that are looking for some affordable but warm winter boots, this pair is a good choice. It is a PU leather boot that is not only warm enough but also waterproof to keep the feet dry and comfortable. And they also come with a fully cushioned collar that keeps the ankles comfortable all day long and a traditional lace-up design that will ensure that each woman gets a custom fit.

3. Polar Tall Nylon Winter Boots

3. Polar Tall Nylon Winter Boots Buy now from Amazon These winter boots are for ladies that prefer something tall and comfortable. They are lovely synthetic boots with a durable rubber sole that will always provide an excellent grip. The mid-calf lace-up design makes them easy to wear and also provides a perfect fit, and the interior has a lining throughout to keep the feet warm and dry. Also, you can get these affordable boots in various fashionable shades.

4. Kamik Snowvalley Women’s Boots

4. Kamik Snowvalley Women’s Boots Buy now from Amazon Here is a pair of sturdy winter boots that is a product of man-made materials but is still tough and long-lasting enough. These boots come in various lovely colors and with a soft faux fur lining that makes them one of the most comfortable pairs. Their 10-inch tall shaft will protect most of your feet and the entire upper section including the tongue is also waterproof.

Kamik Women's Snowvalley Boot
Kamik - B(M) US - Grey
from $69.95

5. UGG Adirondack II Women’s Winter Boots

5. UGG Adirondack II Women’s Winter Boots Buy now from Amazon As a woman, you do not always need to go for the famous and expensive brands to get some high-quality boots. This long-lasting and stylish pair proves this. And it has cow leather and synthetic upper section to make it both durable and attractive. It is a fully waterproof pair with some non-wicking nylon laces and a unique rubber outsole that provides maximum traction and flexibility at the important points.

UGG Women's Adirondack II Winter Boot
UGG - Women - Brown
from $149.97

6. Global Win 1632 Women’s Winter Boots

6. Global Win 1632 Women’s Winter Boots Buy now from Amazon Some winter boots like this pair from Global Win can also work well for night outs in autumn besides from providing warmth in winter. And this is because the design also emphasizes on making them look as stylish as possible. They are synthetic leather boots with fur collar and lining and a rubber lug outsole that provide excellent traction. Also, they have a comfortable and removable EVA footbed.

Global Win Globalwin Women's 1632 Black Grey Snow Boots
Global Win - 1727black
from $25.99

7. Sorel Winter Carnival Boots

7. Sorel Winter Carnival Boots Buy now from Amazon Here is another great pair of winter boots for the women that like stepping out in style. Although these are nylon boots they are still comfortable, durable and warm enough thanks to the removable felt inner section. They also come with vulcanized rubber outsole and the fantastic D-ring lacing system.

Sorel Women's Winter Carnival Snow Boot
from $52.99

8. Susanny Suede Flat Platform Snow Boots

8. Susanny Suede Flat Platform Snow Boots Buy now from Amazon This pair of flat platform boots will work for all seasons, and so it will be a great addition to your closest. The suede velvet design gives it a very appealing and trendy look, and it will look good on any woman. Also, it has an antiskid and durable rubber outsole that will prevent slips on the snow and a wool lining for maximum warmth.

9. London Fog Melton Cold Weather Boots

9. London Fog Melton Cold Weather Boots Buy now from Amazon Just by looking at this pair of boots you can tell that it is warm and comfortable enough. The faux leather boots are also quite long lasting, and they have a shaft height of an impressive 13 inches to ensure that they protect most of your feet. And if you also factor in some of its other impressive features such as warm lining, waterproof construction and non-slip outsole you have the perfect pair of boots for winter and other cold days.

10. Sorel Out N About Snow Boots

10. Sorel Out N About Snow Boots Buy now from Amazon Tall snow boots are always the best as they cover most of the foot to keep it warm under the harsh winter cold. This pair from Sorel has a shaft that is about 11.5 inches tall which will be enough for most ladies. But besides from the tall shaft they have a textile and leather upper section construction for comfort and durability, a non-slip and flexible rubber outsole and a removable insole.

Winter Boots for Women Buying Guide

Most ladies will always go for winter boots that have the most stylish appearance or ones that come in their favorite colors. While looks also matter they are not the essential thing to consider when shopping for winter boots. And so to make sure that you get the best quality and the warmest from the many options it is crucial to look for the following things.


One of the first and most important things to consider when shopping for winter boots for ladies is the material. The choice of materials determines not only the durability but also the warmth that they will provide. Leather makes the best boots but it is also essential to make sure that they are waterproof, but you can also use a waterproof spray.


The lining is another vital part of the boot that you should keep in mind as you shop for your new pair. A good winter boot lining will not only provide the insulation that your feet need for warmth but also enhances breathability. Also, the best winter boot linings should have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to keep bacteria out and prevent foot odor.


The quality of the outsole on your winter boots is also crucial. And besides from being flexible and durable enough it should also provide adequate traction to make it possible to walk in the snow without slipping and falling after every few steps. Rubber makes the best outsoles for winter boots but also check on the type and amount of grip and traction that it will provide because this depends on the design of the rubber outsole.


The height of the shat matters a lot when it comes to winter boots, and so you should also consider it. While each lady seems to have a particular height preference, the right idea is always to go for a pair that is at least at the mid-calf or even higher. These tall boots will keep snow out of your feet when trekking through thick buildups.


Whether your locality experiences some light winter or harsh ones you need to make sure that you have the right footwear to keep your feet warm and also to prevent serious problems like frostbite. And while there are many types of winter boots out there not all will suit you or provide the warmth that you need. But, with our detailed reviews of some of the best winter boots for women and buying guide, it should be easy for a woman to pick something that is not only warm enough but also stylish and comfortable.

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