Top 10 Best Electric Chain Saws in 2018 Reviews

A chainsaw is an efficient and effective power tool designed to cut branches and logs. They are important tools that should not miss from any household. Chainsaws come in numerous types with the most common ones being the gas-powered, battery-powered, and electric-powered chainsaws. Well, electric chainsaws are somewhat the best, given that a good number of them have powerful motors. Most of them also come equipped with long-lasting batteries to enable them to provide reliable performance even when there is a power outage.

Moreover, some electric-powered chainsaws are cordless and this helps bring in ultimate convenience. Plus, they are super versatile and can be used for not just cutting logs and branches but also clearing bushes. Best of all, electric chainsaws are easy to use; meaning they are perfect for everyone including first-timers. The following top 10 best electric chainsaws for sale in reviews will help you get the best product effortlessly.

Check out the Best Electric Chain Saws

1. WORX Electric Chainsaw (WG303)

1. WORX Electric Chainsaw (WG303) Buy now from Amazon

Who said you need to be a lumberjack in order to use the WORX WG303 model? This machine works well and will help you finish tasks quickly and easily. Ideally, it comes equipped with high functional features, and it is lightweight enough to be carried anywhere.


  • Ergonomically designed front handle: It promotes maximum comfort and outstanding performance.
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty: It protects against original defects.
  • Built-in chain brake: It adds safety.
  • 14.5 Amp motor output: It delivers an optimum cutting performance.
  • Auto-tension chain system: It protects the chainsaw against over-tightening.

2. BLACK+DECKER 12” LCS1240 Chainsaw

2. BLACK+DECKER 12” LCS1240 Chainsaw Buy now from Amazon

If you are looking for an electric chainsaw that lasts longer, the BLACK+DECKER 12” LCS1240 Chainsaw is the unit to go for. It is comfortable to use and you will instantly love it. Moreover, it provides great reliability and convenience.


  • Automatic oiling system: It allows for continuous lubrication of the bar and chain.
  • Lightweight design: It makes the chainsaw easy to use and maneuver.
  • Low-kickback bar & chain: It offers fast and smooth cuts.
  • Lithium Ion Battery: When charged, it lasts up to 5 times longer.

3. WORX WG304.1 Electric Chainsaw

3. WORX WG304.1 Electric Chainsaw Buy now from Amazon

Meet this robust power tool that is ready to help you do quick jobs without much fuss! The WORX WG304.1 Electric Chainsaw has it all. And it is the go-to product for anyone looking for a machine for clearing bushes, trimming trees, and cutting firewood.


  • Versatile functionality: The chainsaw is ideal for cutting firewood, trimming trees, and clearing bushes.
  • Built-in oiler: It constantly lubricates the bar and chain.
  • Auto-tensioning system: It eliminates the life of the bar and chain.
  • Built-in chain brake: It adds safety.

4. Husqvarna 450 Gas Powered Chain Saw

4. Husqvarna 450 Gas Powered Chain Saw Buy now from Amazon

Are you a landowner? Then this gas-powered chainsaw should be a frontier for you. It is without a doubt the perfect package for people who cut and trim trees on a regular basis. In addition, the Husqvarna 450 complies to CARB, meaning you will use it with confidence knowing it is an approved and trusted product.


  • 3.2 Horsepower X-Torq engine: It minimizes dangerous exhaust emissions as well as increases fuel efficiency.
  • Ergonomic design: It promotes comfort and optimum performance.
  • 2-year Parts & Labor Warranty: It protects against manufacturer’s defects and workmanship.

5. Remington Electric Chainsaw (RM1425)

5. Remington Electric Chainsaw (RM1425) Buy now from Amazon

The fact that the Remington RM1425 model arrives when it’s fully assembled means you will be able to use it immediately. It is super affordable yet it delivers optimum performance. With it, you will be able to go about your businesses without much fuss.


  • 8-amp electric motor: It ensures powerful trimming.
  • External chain tension adjuster: It makes tensioning effortless for trimming.
  • Push-button oiler: Allows you to add the right amount of oil to the chain.
  • Compact and lightweight design: It makes the chainsaw easy to use.

6. GreenWorks Cordless Chainsaw (20312 G-MAX)

6. GreenWorks Cordless Chainsaw (20312 G-MAX) Buy now from Amazon

Say goodbye to maintenance, cords, and gas, because the market now has the GreenWorks Cordless Chainsaw. It is designed with convenience in mind, and this means you will find it very easy to use.


  • Brushless motor technology: It provides up to 30-percent more torque and up to 80-percent longer life.
  • Chain brake: It is combined with the low kickback to help add user safety.
  • Automatic oiler: It constantly lubricates the chain.
  • Lightweight design: It makes the chainsaw extremely easy to use.

7. Husqvarna Gas-Powered Chain Saw (455 Rancher)

7. Husqvarna Gas-Powered Chain Saw (455 Rancher) Buy now from Amazon

Husqvarna knows what you like and it brings you just that; the Husqvarna Gas-Powered Chain Saw. This model is designed for part-time users and landowners who need a powerful tool that can help them complete every cutting task quickly and easily.


  • Centrifugal air cleaning system: It gets rid of larger dust and debris before they can reach the air filter.
  • X-torq engine technology: It minimizes fuel consumption up to 20%.
  • Low vibration: It allows you to work effectively without interruptions.
  • Ergonomic design: Brings in ultimate comfort and performance.

8. GreenWorks Cordless Chainsaw (20292 G-MAX)

8. GreenWorks Cordless Chainsaw (20292 G-MAX) Buy now from Amazon

You need a powerful chainsaw if you want to complete tasks within a cinch. And the 20292 G-MAX from GreenWorks is one of these reliable units. It is powerful and robust enough to take you through in almost all cutting tasks.


  • 40V Li-ion Battery: It powers several tools for optimum convenience.
  • 12” Oregon chain & bar: It is ideal for cutting limbs and branches.
  • Translucent oil tank: Allows you to clearly view oil level.
  • Automatic oiler: It lubricates the chain, thereby, promoting durability.

9. Black & Decker Electric Chain Saw (LP1000)

9. Black & Decker Electric Chain Saw (LP1000) Buy now from Amazon

Whether you are a veteran in using a chainsaw or just starting to use a chainsaw, the Black & Decker LP1000 model is the product for you. It is built with convenience in mind, meaning it is extremely easy to use.


  • Heavy-duty cutting bar & chain: They deliver fast cutting of logs and thick branches.
  • Lightweight design: Allows you to easily maneuver the chainsaw when doing the cutting.
  • Powerful 4.5-amp motor: It improves the overall performance of the chainsaw.
  • Limited two-year warranty: It protects against original defects.

10. BLACK+DECKER 10” Chainsaw (LCS1020)

10. BLACK+DECKER 10” Chainsaw (LCS1020) Buy now from Amazon

There are many reasons why you need to go for the BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 model. First, this unit is durable and will remain in service for years to come. Second, it is top performing and super versatile for ultimate convenience.


  • Wrap around bale handle: It promotes extra comfort and control.
  • Improved oiling system: It has a clear window for gauging oil level.
  • 20v Max lithium battery: It has a long lifespan and stays charged up to 5 times longer.
  • Tool-free blade tension system: It ensures improved quick adjustments and ease of use.

A Buyer Guide for the Best Power Chainsaws

Consider the following before you buy an electric chainsaw;

  • The Length of the Guide Bar: The length of the guide bar is the distance between the tip of the chain and where it (the chain) enters the housing. It is the active cutting area; hence, it is important to choose it carefully. Long guide bars are likely to cut thick branches and logs with only one pass, and this means they are the best option.
  • The Strength of the Motor: A chainsaw with a powerful motor is worth going for. And this is because they tend to be versatile and capable of completing tasks within a cinch. Look for those motors with large amps and horsepower since they are the ones that deliver exceptional performance.
  • Safety: Yes, you should not overlook your safety when buying an electric chainsaw. And this does not just apply to first-time users; it also applies to veterans and experienced personnel who have been using chainsaws for quite some time. Look for a chainsaw with a safety feature like a built-in chain brake.

Which is the best chainsaw?

The Best Chainsaw is one that has a powerful motor to enable you to work on nearly all cutting tasks. Ideally, it should be backed by a tangible warranty to help protect its parts and labor. It should also come equipped with safety features to make sure that the user is safe when handling it.

Which chainsaw brand is the best?

Most manufacturers are committed to producing the best chainsaws, but BLACK+DECKER is so far the best manufacturer of chainsaws. This manufacturing company was founded in 1910, and, therefore, boasts vast experience and technical know-how in producing chainsaws. According to most customers, chainsaws from BLACK+DECKER will hardly disappoint.

How do you use a chainsaw?

Before you start using a chainsaw, make sure you are in protective clothing. After this, start the chainsaw while making sure your left hand is on the front handle and right foot is on the rear handle. Next, direct the chainsaw to whatever area of the branch/log you want to cut. Also, ensure your legs are apart for stability.


Whether you are a gardener, landowner or lawn care enthusiast, an electric power chainsaw is a must-have. These units are specially designed to help you carry out cutting tasks without much effort. And they will make your work easier, considering their unmatched efficiency and effectiveness. In the above compilation, we help you identify the best electric chainsaw by providing you with everything related to the topic. We have not just unveiled the best chainsaws on the market but also brought you a comprehensive guideline as well as FAQs to make sure you have an informed decision on how to choose the best electric chainsaw. So, go ahead and read the compilation.


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