Top 10 Best Waterproof Boots for Work in 2018 Reviews

Whether your work entails standing for extended
periods, moving around a lot or even having to be on a wet and waterlogged
surface, you need to have a good pair of work boots. Your choice of footwear
will always determine whether you end up with sore and achy feet at the end of
the day or not. And it can also affect your performance and productivity at

Waterproof boots help to keep your feet warm, dry
and safe even when you have to stand in stagnated water for the entire day. And
if you already have a pair of these boots then you will have an idea of what to
buy. But, for the many individuals that might be buying one for the first time
picking from the many brands and designs out there will not be easy.

In the piece, we provide some brief reviews of some
of the best waterproof boots for work and a helpful shopping guide to make it easy
to pick the right pair for your needs.

Timberland White Ledge Waterproof Boots

Timberland White Ledge Waterproof Bootsamazon button
Timberland is famous for their trendy and
high-quality boots. This waterproof pair is ideal for a man that not only wants
to keep water out but also look stylish. And it is a genuine leather boot with
a rubber outsole for extended durability. These work boots also come with a
padded collar, gusseted tongue and a dual density EVA footbed that is

2. Arctiv8 Nortiv8 161202 Waterproof Work Boots

2. Arctiv8 Nortiv8 161202 Waterproof Work Bootsamazon button
For any man shopping for waterproof work boots but
is not willing to spend a lot of cash on the famous brands here is a great
alternative. It is an excellent pair for working in the snow as it also has
adequate insulation. The construction is top notch with human-made materials on
the upper section and rubber sole with multi-direction lugs to provide excellent
traction. And the work boots also have a cushioned EVA footbed for extra

 Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus IIamazon button
These work boots combine leather and synthetic for
the upper section to make them durable, comfortable and breathable. And they
come with a thick rubber sole that is efficient in absorbing shock while also
providing excellent traction. The lightweight techlite midsole offers superior
comfort and long-lasting cushioning to make these boots perfect for wearing for
extended periods.

 Timberland Flume Waterproof Boots

Timberland Flume Waterproof Bootsamazon button
The premium full grain leather upper section makes
these Timberland boots some of the most long-lasting work footwear. And like most
other high-quality work boots they also have a shock absorbing rubber outsole. They
look attractive enough thanks to the D-ring lacing and detailed stitching.
Also, they come with a removable EVA foam footbed, and the tongue is fully
gusseted to prevent debris from getting into your shoes.

 Skechers Verdict Waterproof Boots

Skechers Verdict Waterproof Bootsamazon button
Skechers is a reputable footwear brand, and it is
more famous for making some high-quality products. This particular pair comes
in traditional work boot design with a leather upper section and rubber
outsole. And it also has some cushioned insole, smooth fabric lining, padded
collar and tongue shock for maximum comfort.

 EVER BOOTS Premium Waterproof Work Boots

EVER BOOTS Premium Waterproof Work Bootsamazon button
These Ever Boots have a very appealing and stylish
look that will be ideal for any man that likes to go with the trends. It is
also a durable pair with a genuine leather upper section and a flexible rubber outsole.
The boots will come with a comfortable PU midsole and an insulated lining that
will keep your feet warm. And they will be a perfect choice for various work
sites from construction to gardening and landscaping.

 Timberland Women’s Flume Work Boots

Timberland Women’s Flume Work Bootsamazon button
For ladies that are looking for durable and
waterproof work boots, these ones by Timberland will be an excellent choice. Their
fit is true-to-size, and so you should not have any difficulties finding
something comfortable for you. And besides from the typical waterproof upper
section and rubber sole they also have a soft EVA footbed.

Timberland Heston Waterproof Boot

Timberland Heston Waterproof Bootamazon button
These Timberland work boots are the kind that you
can be sure will last for a long time. Although they cost more than many other
work boots, they are worth the extra spending. The full grain leather upper
section is not only useful for keeping water out but also quite long lasting.
And they also feature D-ring lacing hardware to enhance the appearance and a
wool trim on the collar for extra comfort.

 Quicksilk Waterproof Snow/Hiking Boots

Quicksilk Waterproof Snow/Hiking Bootsamazon button
Whether you are out working on the snow or hiking
into the woods, these will be the perfect boots for you. Although they are faux
leather, it is still waterproof and durable enough, and the work boots also
come with a unique rubber sole that provides fantastic traction. Also, these
lace-up front boots have a perfect fit and a padded collar that makes it more

 5.11 Tactical Range Waterproof Boot

5.11 Tactical Range Waterproof Bootamazon button
With a pair of boots like this, you will have the
perfect footwear not only for wet work environments but also for stepping out
in style. They have a very appealing look and a combination of textile and
leather for the upper section that makes them both durable and breathable
enough. And if you also add in other things like full-length CMEVA midsole and
OrthoLite insole you have the perfect pair of boots.

to Choose the Best Waterproof Boots

If you work in wet environments or outdoors a pair
of waterproof boots is one of those things you must have. But how do you know
the right ones for you? Although our reviews above should give you some idea of
what to buy it is always vital to consider the following points when purchasing
waterproof work boots.


Just like when buying any other kind of footwear the
construction should always be the first thing to consider when shopping for
waterproof work boots. And this is because it will affect everything else from
the comfort to durability. Besides from making sure that the material is
waterproof enough you also need to ensure that it is sturdy and for this full-grain
leather is always the best option.


Even if your boots have the best materials and are
waterproof enough, they might still not be comfortable if the fit is not right.
One of the common mistakes that many people will make when it comes to the fit
is just picking something just because it is their size. It is important to
note that different brands of boots have a different fit, and sometimes you
have to go half a size higher or lower to get something with a perfect fit.


Weight is a vital factor that you should not ignore
when buying waterproof work boots because you will be wearing them for many
hours. The right idea is to go for lightweight and comfortable boots but also
make sure that you do not compromise on the quality of the materials and


The upper section of the boots might keep your feet
dry and comfortable, but it is the outsole that will provide the traction that
you need on the wet surface. And so you should never compromise on the quality
of the boots’ sole. Although there are many fantastic sole options out there,
rubber provides the best traction on all surfaces and is also one of the most


Waterproof boots are safe and comfortable when
working in wet environments and they can also help to prevent common ailments that
are a result of exposing your feet to the cold water. And although there are
many brands of boots out there finding the right pair will require you to keep
the points above in mind when shopping. Also, when possible, it is always a
good idea to try out the boots before you buy to determine how they feel on
your feet.

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