Top 10 Best Baseball Shoes for Youth in 2019 Reviews

Baseball is one of those sports that appeal to all ages. And many kids will start playing it when they are relatively younger than most other games. If your child is into baseball, it is essential to offer them the help and support they need as they learn and improve their baseball skills. And one of the best ways to do this is by ensuring that the youth players have the right baseball shoes or cleats.

Cleats are one of the essentials that every baseball player will need regardless of age as they provide the traction that they need when playing or training. Your choice of cleats will always affect your performance when on the field and so you cannot afford to go wrong. Luckily, there are more than enough baseball cleats models and brands out there. And with the right information, you can be confident of getting top-notch youth baseball shoes/cleats.

1. New Balance 3000v3 Turf Shoes

1. New Balance 3000v3 Turf Shoes Buy now from Amazon Baseball training will involve both on the field and indoor training. When training on an indoor turf, you do not need shoes with metal or molded cleats as they will not offer the right traction. The design of the 3000v3 from New Balance is just the perfect turf training pair. These shoes have a durable textile and synthetic upper section and shock absorbing rubber sole to ensure maximum comfort and performance. Their debris-free construction is also an excellent addition, and you can get them in a variety of colors.

2. New Balance T4040V3 Turf Shoes

2. New Balance T4040V3 Turf Shoes Buy now from Amazon Here is another fantastic pair of turf basketball shoes. They have a durable synthetic upper construction and a sturdy rubber sole that will provide excellent traction on the turf. And the mid-top baseball shoes will also come with glossy synthetic overlays to enhance their appearance and comfortable full-length REVlite Midsole. You can get them in various colors and various sizes for both youths and adults.

3. Mizuno Players Trainer Turf Shoes

3. Mizuno Players Trainer Turf Shoes Buy now from Amazon No matter what surface you might be training on these Mizuno turf shoes will ensure that you always get excellent traction. They are also a comfortable pair of baseball shoes and durable enough thanks to their fabric and synthetic upper section and tough rubber outsole. You can get the pair in various colors, and both the tongue and collar have some padding for extra comfort. Also, Mizuno uses a unique u4ic forefoot cushioning to enhance the feel and comfort.

4. New Balance L4040V3 Baseball Cleats

4. New Balance L4040V3 Baseball Cleats Buy now from Amazon Any youth baseball player out there looking for some high-quality metal baseball cleats can always trust New Balance to have a good pair for them. The L4040V3 has a durable enough synthetic upper section and fantastic rubber outsoles, but the debris free tongue and full-length REVlite foam midsole are what makes it a very comfortable pair. And you can get it in dozens of different colors.

5. Mizuno Heist IQ Baseball Cleats

5. Mizuno Heist IQ Baseball Cleats Buy now from Amazon These metal cleats from Mizuno will ensure that you always get excellent traction no matter the field condition. And they are also quite a durable pair that comes with a breathable synthetic and mesh upper section. They also have an IQ outsole for greater flexibility and the full-length u4ic midsole for comfort and cushioning. And if looks also matter to you the variety of color options makes this a perfect pair of baseball shoes.

6. Mizuno 9-Spike Erupt 3 Softball Cleat

6. Mizuno 9-Spike Erupt 3 Softball Cleat Buy now from Amazon The design and appearance of these baseball shoes are not what you would expect to see in a traditional style pair of baseball cleats. But they are still an amazing pair that is as comfortable as it can get and durable enough. They have a synthetic upper section and tough rubber sole that will also provide excellent traction on various surfaces. And if you also factor in the full-length midsole you have the perfect baseball shoes. But you can also use them for many other sports.

7. New Balance 3000V3 TPU Cleats

7. New Balance 3000V3 TPU Cleats Buy now from Amazon If you have a youth player whose league does not allow metal cleats here is a molded plastic pair that will work great for them. The pair also has textile and a synthetic upper section that makes them tough and durable and rubber sole that is also very long lasting. They also include the REVlite midsole, toe protector, comfort collar and debris-free construction.

8. New Balance L3000v3 Metal Cleats

8. New Balance L3000v3 Metal Cleats Buy now from Amazon New Balance is the industry leader in the manufacture of baseball shoes, and they always seem to have a pair to suit all players. The L3000v3 is for the youth players that prefer to use the metal cleats type. And like most other baseball shoes they have a synthetic and textile upper section, rubber outsole and other fantastic features such as debris free tongue design and a padded collar. You can get this pair in a variety of colors to make it easy to get something that matches your team colors.

9. Under Armor Ultimate Turf Shoes

9. Under Armor Ultimate Turf Shoes Buy now from Amazon Appearance always matters when choosing youth baseball cleats because every player also wants to look good when on the field. Under Armor makes these baseball turf shoes with both the appearance and performance in mind. And besides, from the impressive color combination and design, it is also a tough synthetic pair with a rubber outsole. It also has a high-rebound foam insole for optimal comfort and shock absorption and Micro G midsole that is full length to deliver stability and comfort.

10. Under Armor Mid Baseball Cleats

10. Under Armor Mid Baseball Cleats Buy now from Amazon This pair of baseball cleats from New Balance will also be an ideal choice for the players that value the appearance. But, it is also a high-quality pair of cleats that have a synthetic upper construction and a tough rubber sole with some metal cleats. And with its full-length midsole, EVA sockliner and mesh tongue you can always be confident of maximum comfort, cushioning and support when wearing them for extended periods.

Buying Guide: The Baseball Shoes for Youth

When you start shopping for baseball cleat for youth players, you will realize that just like with the ones for adults there are plenty of options available. But, if you know the essential things to look for you should not have any problem picking from the many brands and models. All in all to make sure that you get the best cleats for a youth player here are some of the crucial elements to keep in mind.

Cleat Types

The cleat type is one of the first factors to consider when buying baseball shoes for youth players. Here you have to pick between metal, molded plastic and the turf cleats. Each type has merits and demerits and understanding them is the only way to ensures that you choose the best. Also, check with the league to determine the type that they allow players to have.


For your cleats to be comfortable the fit has to be right. Although the fit depends on the preferences of the player the right idea is to get something that is not too tight and also does not leave a lot of room for the feet to wiggle a lot.


You do not want to keep buying new baseball shoes every other week, and so it is vital to make sure that you get a high-quality pair. And the only way to ensures this is by choosing something with durable construction. A combination of leather and mesh seems to be the best option for the upper section as it is not only durable but also highly breathable. Rubber outsoles are the best as they offer a lot of flexibility and are also long-lasting.


Although the price or cost is always an essential factor to consider when buying sporting equipment, it is even more vital when it comes to baseball shoes for youth. It is crucial to make sure that you do not overspend or burn a fortune on the cleats because the youth players tend to grow fast and they can outgrow them in just a few months. However, this does not also mean that you should compromise on the quality just to save some bucks.


Whether your kids play baseball in a local league or just like playing it for fun, you need to make sure that they have the right gear. And one of the most critical items to have for both adult and youth players is a pair of high-quality baseball cleats. While adults already know what they want the youth players can have a harder time picking the right baseball shoes. But, our reviews an buying guide above will make things easier.

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