Top 10 Best Floor Jacks for Trucks in 2019 Reviews

Top Best Truck Floor Jack in 2019

Floor jacks have made lifting vehicles for maintenance and/or repair much easier than ever before. These machines have mechanisms that enable them to lift vehicles up to a desirable height where you can get access to all the parts and troubleshoot the problem. Because of how they work, floor jacks are a must-have for truck owners. With them in the trunk, you will not have any problems accessing the bottom sections of your truck. There are several types of floor jacks, and they include hydraulic, scissor, and bottle/piston floor jacks. Regardless of the one you are interested in, we have it here in these top 10 best floor jacks for trucks in 2019 reviews.

List the Best Floor Jacks for Trucks in Reviews

1. Alltrade 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack (620422E)

1. Alltrade 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack (620422E) Buy now from Amazon
This is a highly durable unit that is very easy to use. It has a patented design that combines a jack stand and a bottle jack in a single unit to lift and hold. Additionally, this machine is heavy duty enough to lift vehicles that are up to 4000 pounds. It combines this with the wide lift range of 8-5/8 inches to 18-5/8 inches to work perfectly with most vehicles. The triple lift jack meets/exceeds ASME/ANSI standards to give you all the reasons to have confidence in it.


  • Makes operating under the vehicle easier
  • Works quicker and easier than most models
  • Very stable and has decent quality


  • Not the best for bikes
Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack
Alltrade Tools - Automotive

2. Torin 1.5 Ton Steel Scissor Jack

2. Torin 1.5 Ton Steel Scissor Jack Buy now from Amazon
It is versatile, and that’s what has made us include it on this list. The floor jack can be used as an extra utility jack or a rugged replacement jack. And when you are done using it, simply keep it in the trunk of your car; thanks to its compact design. Furthermore, this steel scissor jack has an admirable lift range of 4-1/8” to 15-1/8”; hence, it is compatible with most vehicles. Plus it boasts an oversized base width of 4-1/2 inches to enable it to provide maximum support.


  • Works with several models
  • Has great stability and works great
  • The price is not exaggerated


  • The metal hand crank needs some improvement

3. Pro Lift Low Profile Floor Jack

3. Pro Lift Low Profile Floor Jack Buy now from Amazon
If you want to get the maximum out of a floor jack, having one with a low profile is the best. And that’s what brings the Pro Lift Low Profile Floor Jack into play. It has a lifting range of 3-1/2” to 14”, which is simply the perfect height for several vehicles. What’s more, this floor jack is a convenient unit that has all safety features you can think of. It is equipped with an integrated safety valve, which offers overload protection. Besides, this floor jack ensures safe operations by providing protection against over pumping.


  • Stable and very easy to use
  • Light enough to carry in the trunk
  • Great for what it is advertised for


  • The handle/arm is short

4. Arcan 3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack (ALJ3T)

4. Arcan 3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack (ALJ3T) Buy now from Amazon
Not every floor jack has piston dust shields, which prevent the hydraulic from being contaminated. That’s why we are very happy to introduce the Arcan ALJ3T to you. Well, it is not just piston dust shields that make the floor jack one of the best; it also has great features like dual pump pistons, which enable it to rise very fast from 3.6” – 19.4”. Another feature that contributes to its performance is the reinforced lift arm, which adds strength.


  • The lift is good and steady
  • The aluminum construction is lightweight
  • Easy to bring down and works very smoothly
  • Built tough to overcome everyday abuse


  • A little heavy to carry

5. Arcan 2 Ton Steel Service Jack (XL20)

5. Arcan 2 Ton Steel Service Jack (XL20) Buy now from Amazon
Weekend warriors and professionals love to use the Arcan XL20 because it is low profile; hence, very easy to use. To be precise, the low profile design will let you get under nearly any vehicle. This steel service jack also has other important features like a dual pump for fast lifting; a universal joint release mechanism for precise control, and a safety valve for overload prevention. The floor jack meets ASME PALD 2009 standards, meaning it is quality and very easy.


  • Perfect for lowered vehicles
  • Rolls effortlessly on the garage floor
  • Jacks vehicles pretty fast
  • Built well to withstand heavy use


  • Has a few quality control issues

6. LiftMaster 2 Ton Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack

6. LiftMaster 2 Ton Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack Buy now from Amazon
The range of this hydraulic trolley floor jack is from 5 – 13 inches, and in our opinion, this is simply perfect. Another thing that has attracted us to this hydraulic floor jack is the rust-resistant finish, which promises to enable the floor jack to last for a pretty long time. Also, there is a 360-degree swivel saddle that is for solid load contact. The floor jack is very light, and this will let you position and maneuver it quickly.


  • Very easy to move and store when it’s not in use
  • Makes a great gift for mechanics and DIYers
  • Works great for the price
  • Releases pressure well


  • Quality could be better

7. Blackhawk Black/Red 3.5 Ton Service Jack (B6350)

7. Blackhawk Black/Red 3.5 Ton Service Jack (B6350) Buy now from Amazon
Since this service jack is made of heavy-duty construction, expect it to hold up well to the high demands of heavy use. Also, the unit comes equipped with an integrated internal safety valve to help provide extra safety. Another feature that makes this service jack a great purchase is the swivel saddle, which works with the rear caster to ensure easy positioning. In addition, the service jack has rolled side frames that add rigidity and strength in order to reduce twisting.


  • Works great and appears to be well made
  • Provides smooth lift and descend
  • Wheels roll smoothly even on uneven surfaces


  • A little heavier than other models

8. Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Steel Floor Jack

8. Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Steel Floor Jack Buy now from Amazon
For a floor jack to work well, it must be heavy-duty. And that’s what this steel floor jack is all about. It has an amazing weight capacity of 3 tons; thus, it can be used to lift several vehicles. Additionally, this steel floor jack has a rapid pump that makes it convenient to use. Still on convenience; this floor jack boasts a low profile design, which makes it ideal for lowered vehicles. In our opinion, you should consider it, given that it has all the essential features.


  • The hydraulic valve system works great
  • Works well on small, low-to-ground cars
  • Lifts cars effortlessly and much faster


  • Squeaks when pumped, but this is nothing

9. Pro Lift 3000lbs Grey Hydraulic Trolley Jack (F-2315PE)

9. Pro Lift 3000lbs Grey Hydraulic Trolley Jack (F-2315PE) Buy now from Amazon
The true definition of heavy duty and durability are best depicted by this trolley jack. With all-welded steel frame construction, this hydraulic trolley jack looks more than set to be your everyday floor jack. Moreover, it is rust resistant to further provide trustworthy and reliable performance. Its minimum lifting height is 4.92 inches, while its maximum height is 11.81 inches. As such, it works great with many different vehicles. The large steel casters work with swivel casters to make it extremely easy to maneuver.


  • Easy to carry in a trunk
  • Inexpensive; hence, very easy to acquire
  • Easy to use and feels safe
  • Great for small light lift jobs


  • The molded case is a bit flimsy

10. LiftMaster 3 Ton Lift Floor Trolley Jack

10. LiftMaster 3 Ton Lift Floor Trolley Jack Buy now from Amazon
If you have an off-road vehicle or SUV, the LiftMaster 3 Ton Lift Floor Trolley Jack is the unit to consider. It has a lifting range of 7.5 – 21 inches, and this makes it perfect for vehicles with high bottoms. Besides, LiftMaster has equipped this floor jack with a 3-ton capacity, so it can work with many different types of vehicles. Plus they have made sure that the unit meets the certifications of ANSI/CE to give you surety that you are using a premium quality product.


  • Has plenty of lifting power
  • The handle makes it easy to carry
  • Fits perfectly in the tool box


  • Has a few quality control issues

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Floor Jack

There is plenty to look for when it comes to choosing the best floor jack. And here we have the main ones, which include:

The Lift Range

Choose a floor jack depending on the height of your vehicle. For instance, most cars have low-to-ground bottoms. So, if you happen to own one, make sure the floor jack you are buying has a low profile design and a lift range whose minimum height is very low. Ideally, it is recommended to buy a floor jack that has a wide lift range to make your work easier regardless of the type of vehicle you are working on.

Weight Capacity

If possible, go for a floor jack with at least a 3-ton weight capacity. This is because such jacks can overcome the weight of several vehicles. However, if you are unfortunate not to get a jack with at least a 3-ton capacity, consider choosing one with weight capacity higher than the weight capacity of your car.


A good floor jack should be made of incredibly strong materials, given that they are for heavy-duty use. Strong materials also enable them to stand up to frequent uses. With this in mind, go for floor jacks made of aluminum and/or steel. However, avoid being preoccupied with strong construction to the extent that you end up with an overly heavy floor jack.

Safety Features

Apart from making sure that the floor jack you go for is ANSI and/or ASME certified, it is important to consider the safety features that come with it. Well, some of these features include built-in safety valve for extra safety and bypass device for preventing over pumping.

A floor jack is a lifesaver for mechanics and vehicle owners. It is easy to use and makes lifting trucks a breeze. However, choosing the best floor jack can take you ages, considering the several factors to consider. That’s why we have come up with this piece. Well, we have exhausted everything, and, therefore, reading it will really be helpful.

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