Top 10 Best Ironing Board Covers in 2017 Reviews

Everyone admires to have a decent cover to put on top when ironing clothes. For that reason, we have designed the best ironing board covers of the year to satisfy your desires. Our covers are made of pure cotton and can withstand high temperatures. They are made to last for more than ten years and even look very new. If you want to iron your clothes with easy, make an order today and get your cover.

10. Whitmor Deluxe Scorch Resistant Ironing Board Cover

10. Deluxe Resistant Cover

It is made of 100% cotton. The cotton cover is made to be thick, and it’s sewn in fiber pad. It comes with a scorch coat application that protects you against stains and scorch. It comes with a tailored nose pocket that is designed for easier installation. It is constructed with a heavy duty stretch cord binding that keeps your cover securely in place. The product is backed up by a three-year limited warranty on the product.

9. Premium Scorch Resistant Padded Ironing Board Cover

9. Premium Scorch Padded Cover

This is a 15 by 54 inches cover that fits all standard sized ironing boards. It has elasticized edges that keep the cover and the pad on properly with Velcro straps to ensure a secure nonslip fit. It comes with a scorch resistance and silicone coating that provide an extra measure of protection against scorching and stains. It reflects iron heat so you can achieve wrinkles free clothes in no time. The cover is padded generously to iron away from the creases faster.

8. Houseables Ironing Blanket, Magnetic Mat Laundry Pad

8. Iron Board Alternative Cover

It is a magnetic ironing mat that instantly transforms most flat surface into a convenient ironing board. Its padding is made from a high-quality quilted polyester cotton fabric that can withstand high heats up to 5000F. Each corner of the mat contains a heavy duty magnet that attaches itself to any magnetic body for a secure hold while you iron. The cover is light weight, but a flexible design allows it to be rolled up, folded or hung up between uses for space saving storage. It also doubles as a convenient padding protector for your washer keeping the surface safe from dust. The ironing mat can handle any sized ironing job.

7. Premium Heavy Duty Cover

7. Premium Heavy Duty Cover

This cover is made to outlast all the other covers. The cover can go for more than ten years and still be strong in the work of ironing. It comes with innovative elasticized edges bungee cord style drawstring for easy installation and total tension that fit tightly to any board drum. It is designed using exclusive fabric design with generous super thick padding that holds and reflects the heat to cut your ironing time down.

6. MYLIFEUNIT Protective Ironing Scorch Mesh Cloth

6. MYLIFEUNIT Ironing Scorch Mesh Cloth

This product protects your clothing from scorch and shine marks. It is also made to give maximum protection to your iron plate from zippers and snaps. It is very easy to clean this cloth as you are needed to toss it in your laundry to clean simply. It is designed using a see-through design to enable you to see your Garment.

5. Homz T-Leg Adjustable Height Foam Pad Ironing Board with Cotton Cover

5. Homz T-Leg Ironing Cover

It is made in the US with 100% cotton material. The 53″ by 13″ is a perforated board top for a solid ironing service. It comes with a 100% cotton cover with a foam pad underneath to ensure smooth ironing experience. Its height fully adjusts up to 35″ tall. It has a durable T-leg with patented leg lock for secure ironing experience. It also comes with a blue cover with white leg base to match any household.

4. Heat Resistant Chevron Style Ironing Cover

4. Heat Resistant Chevron Style Ironing Cover

It comes with a premium and beautiful fabric with extra thick felt pad. It has a tailored nose pocket, easy to install and well locked by the pocket. It is made to be elastic to hold and endure the cover under the board without drawstring that guarantees it to last. It comes with four elastic fasteners to hold the cover even more and also has a large protective mesh cloth to avoid shining.

3. Tabletop Small Ironing Boards Cover

3. Tabletop Small Ironing Boards Cover

It has a fiber pad and 100% cotton cover with a mini top. One piece construction has been used in the coming up of this product. It has been designed using tailored design and bungee cord binding for a secure fit. It is coated using silicon to make it stain resistance and highly durable.

2. Homz Over the Door Cover and Pad

2. Homz Over the Door Cover

The over the door covers and pads are 14 inches wide and 42 inches long with a five-year guarantee life. It is made of 100% cotton with a blue fern leaf pattern made in one piece construction. It features heavy duty sewn elastic binding with reinforced grommets, stain guard fabric protector and scorch shield protection for years of efficient ironing board use.

1. Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover

1. Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover

This is a cheap quality cover that will fit your board and does not let the metal mesh marks onto your clothes. It makes you iron your precious garments with easy as the with it, the days of slaving over the ironing are over. It comes with a thick padding that reflects the heat to your ironing time and also comes with an industrial strength elasticized cord for a tight drum fit. It is designed to be one size that fits all your boards.

Our products cannot be compared to those of our competitors because of they original from manufacturers and no imitations. We supervise the production process by ensuring that the production personnel consists of highly qualified people with great experience. With what we sell, you will never regret because the service they will give you is even beyond your expectations.



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